8 Sites Like Only Fans – Alternatives to Max Your Income in 2024

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Are you an Onlyfans model looking for sites like Onlyfans? Today I’m going to share with you my favorite Onlyfans alternatives.

It’s a really smart move to have more than one fan page, after all, if you are putting in effort to post content to your Onlyfans page, then you may as well copy and paste that to your other fan pages.

This method will also increase your monthly income as an adult content creator, as you are promoting yourself across several platforms.

Top 7 Onlyfans Alternatives are FanvueManyvids – Unlockd – Foxy.co – iFans  – LoyalFansMy.Club

These sites like Onlyfans are platforms packed with great features, reliable payouts and on-site traffic.

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Onlyfans Alternatives

I have compiled together the best alternatives to Onlyfans guide. Including all the payout information for each site, whether it provides you traffic and my personal review of each site.

I have also selected the best sites like Onlyfans for niche models that have a fetish customer base and sites that include more features like a clip store or live streaming. 

Knowing the best platform for the type of services you offer is the key to running a successful fan page

Top Sites Like Onlyfans 

Below I have created a comparison table so you can easily see each platform, the percentage they pay and if they have on-site traffic.

Each platform has their own features to help you earn the most money possible, the more features the better. 

I have tried and tested each of these fan pages and found that some interfaces are better than others and some have a faster payout than others.

Fan PageProvides TrafficPayout %Key Features
FanvueYes85% for 3 months, then 80%– Sell content
– PTV Features
– Customs
OnlyfansNo80%– PVT Features
– Live Cam
– Schedule Posts & Mails
ManyvidsYes (Big traffic)60-80%– Video Store
– Custom Vids
– Phone & Text
LoyalFansYes80%– Tiered Subscription
– Video Store
– Live Cam
– Onsite Traffic
Foxy.coYes81%– Video Store
– Video Chat
– Custom Video Ordering
UnlockdYes85%– Live Cam
– Sell Premium Snap
– PTV Features
iFans Yes80% – Live Cam
– Sell content
– PTV Features
– Tribute button
My.ClubYes80%– Crypto/Paypal payout
– Custom Domain
– Amazing analytics

Sites Like Onlyfans For Femdoms

As a Femdom adult content creator, it’s important to stick to platforms that have the most Femdom clients. 

This will save many frustrations when customers attempt to interact with you or when they are looking for services that you may not provide. 

After testing most of the Onlyfans alternative platforms, I have found Fanvue & Manyvids to be the best option for Femdom, Findom and Fetish models.

SitePercentage PayoutFeatures On Site
Fanvue85% for 3 months, then 80%– Subscriptions
– Pay-to-view
– Smart messaging
– AI features like 24/7 personalized messages
LoyalFans80%– Fan Page
– Video Store
– Live Camming
– Phone Calls
Iwantclips60-80%– Video Store
– Custom Videos
– Phone Calls
Manyvids60-80%– Video Store
– Live Camming
– Fan Page
Onlyfans 80%– Fan Page
– Live Camming

Sites Like Onlyfans To Sell Your Nude Snapchat

If you are looking for a platform to sell your NSFW Premium Snapchat, I have outlined the best platforms below that include this feature. 

Although you can sell your nude Snapchat on pretty much all platforms, some platforms like these, have a feature where guys can buy it with just a click of a button. Selling your Adult Content Premium Snapchat is a great way to earn passive income in 2024. 

SiteProvides TrafficPayout %Key Features
UnlockdYes85%– Live Cam
– Sell Premium Snap
– PTV Features


What is Fanvue?

Creators looking for a more technology-forward platform with lower initial fees might lean towards Fanvue.

How much does Fanvue pay?

For the first three months, you pocket 85% of what you make – yeah, you heard that right. After that, it’s a solid 80%, which is still pretty sweet. Some of the top creators are raking in over $10k a month!

Fanvue Features

Fanvue isn’t just about subscriptions; it’s got smart messaging, 24/7 support, advanced insights, and some neat AI features for personalized messages, voice note replies, and smart analytics.

What are Fanvue Payout Options?

Fanvue makes accessing your funds is as hassle-free as creating your content.

It has a way quicker payout period of 7 days, compared to OnlyFans’ 21-day payment cycle.

My review of Fanvue

The platform is user-friendly, making content creation more of a joy than a job. Unlike other sites, the customers here mean business, showing real support for creators.

What’s more, I’ve found a community that values quality, which speaks volumes about the type of audience you attract.

And the support team is absolutely stellar. They’re always ready to help, making you feel supported every step of the way.


What is Manyvids?

Manyvids is a platform where you can sell your adult content, the platform allows you to sell your NSFW videos, photos and monthly subscriptions. The platform is great for both vanilla models and Dommes too. 

I have been consistently making 4 figures per month on Manyvids, without promoting it anywhere. Although I do upload new videos every other day. I also live stream on a weekly basis, which gains me lots of sales.

The Manyvids platform is open for women, men, trans and non-binary people to make a fantastic income within the adult industry. 

Originally Manyvids started as a video content site only but over the years it has expanded its features, allowing its models to earn even more money. 

The best part of Manyvids is that it’s owned by a model and they are very advanced in being the first company to enhance their platform in any way possible. 

How much does Manyvids pay?

Manyvids payout ranges between 60-80%
For video sales, membership subscriptions and paid contest votes you will receive 60% payout. 

For store items, custom videos, VIP fanclub, texting and calling services and tributes, you will receive 80% payout. 

Manyvids Features

  • Membership fan page
  • Video store
  • Fantastic data statistics
  • Weekly contests
  • Has its own on-site traffic 
  • Find models by name or keyword
  • Calls and text feature
  • Sell Custom Vids
  • Live cam streaming 
  • Referral earnings from models 

What are Manyvids Payout Options?

Manyvids offers 4 payout options for models worldwide. 

  • Direct Deposit – Minimum payout $50 – $2 fee for US models and $5 fee for international models
  • Paxum – Minimum payout $50 – $1 fee for all models
  • Cosmopayment – Minimum payout $50
  • Bitsafe – Minimum payout $50 

My review of Manyvids

I have been selling on Manyvids since the site started, so I’ve seen the growth and how far they’ve come over the years. I love the fact that they have so many ways of making money. 

Manyvids is my favourite alternative to Onlyfans because it has SO MUCH traffic. I don’t recall ever promoting my Manyvids page anywhere. However, in order to get a steady stream of sales, you do need to upload new content regularly. (Live streaming helps to get lots of sales too).

Their video uploading process is very straightforward with a variety of options but it can be slow at times, I recommend uploading at non-busy times to help with this issue. 

Manyvids have live cam streaming which is really busy and has a lot of traffic at the right times.


Compared to other fan pages, ManyVids has LOADS of built-in traffic to get you new subscribers

Payouts range between 60-80%, depending on the type of content.

ManyVids are model-owned, meaning they are usually ahead of the rest in enhancing their platform with new features.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Loyalfans VS Onlyfans

What is LoyalFans?

Loyalfans is a fantastic adult fan page platform, that is mainly occupied by femdoms and fetish models. It’s a platform that has the lots of features above all the other fan pages, but traffic levels aren’t as high as Manyvids

Previously known as NexoCams, Loyalfans become a dommes top site after AVN stars decided to no longer accept adult payments.

How Much Do LoyalFans Pay? 

Loyalfans pays 80% of all services sold, to their creators. And the minimum payout on LoyalFans is $50, once reached you will be paid via your chosen payment method. LoyalFans pays 5% of all referrals for both model referrals and fan referrals. 

LoyalFans Features

  • Charge fans for sending you DM’s
  • Video store
  • Fantastic data statistics
  • Subscription & follow options 
  • Has its own on-site traffic 
  • Find models by name or keyword
  • Schedule your posts and mails 
  • Detailed spending statistic for each fan
  • Video call function for 1-2-1 cam shows
  • Schedule PTV mails 
  • Get paid for shoutouts
  • Charge subscriptions from $1 to $50
  • Live cam streaming 
  • Referral earnings from models AND fans 

What Are The LoyalFans Payout Options?

Loyalfans has 5 payout options for creators that are suitable for content creators worldwide. 

  • ACH/direct deposit (for US & Canada based creators) 
  • International wire (for Canada based creators) ($20 fee)
  • International wire – Everywhere else ($45 fee)
  • International SEPA (EU bank accounts) 
  • Paxum

My Review of LoyalFans

As a Femdom and fetish content producer, Loyalfans is one of my platforms where I sell my content.

This is the go-to fan page for most femdoms so it has my ideal customer base right there. But it does seem to be lacking in traffic, so it’s not one of my highest earning platforms. And even despite Onlyfans not having any on-site traffic, I still make most of my money on Onlyfans.

I’m a data nerd 🤓 and I love the fact that when I click on my subscribers name, I can see how long they’ve had their profile, the date they subscribed, the most popular times they’re logged on, how many items they’ve purchased, how much they have spent, the list truly goes on. 

Loyalfans has a great video store too, I like the fact that guys can just purchase whichever videos they want without needing me to be a part of the process, the more passive the income the better.


The best fan site for Femdom and fetish creators. The audience is already there.

You get lots of data on your subscribers' purchasing habits - helping you craft better content and make more money.

LoyalFans pays creators 80% of all transactions.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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Onlyfans Tips and Tricks

1.Pick Your Platforms

There’s so many fan pages 😫 how on earth do I pick which ones to use? I hear you, it’s overwhelming! 

When picking a sites like Onlyfans, it can be hard to narrow it down. 

I recommend having a minimum of 3 fan pages and no more than 4. Testing each fan page to see which ones bring you the most success is the best way to narrow down the best platforms that work for you. 

But it’s also important to figure out what matters most to you, I prefer platforms that have the best features that makes my workflow easier, especially for scheduling. 

The second most important factor for us is a site that has its own traffic, foot traffic on a site really helps build a following quicker. 

The third most important thing is payout percentage. We’re used to getting paid 80% on Onlyfans so sites that offer less are pretty off putting 😶, if they make up for it with onsite traffic and great features then it can be more forgiving. 

2.Fill Out Your Page

Turning up to an empty party can be a little……awkward 😳 so let’s avoid your fans turning up to an empty Onlyfans page!

The best thing to do is to fill out your fan page first. 

This will entice customers to subscribe to your Onlyfans. Don’t post full-length videos or your best content, gifs and previews and tame photos work best. 

You want to save your best content to sell in DM’s and PTV’s. 

You don’t need a ton of content uploaded, I recommend –

  • 10-20 Photos
  • 3-5 Video Previews
  • 3-5 Snippet Clips or GIFs

You will also need to write an enticing bio, so that guys know what to expect from your page, the type of services you offer and any fetishes you cover. 

Keep it short and to the point, because 90% of guys just won’t read this anyway.

3. Set up a Free Trial on Onlyfans 

When starting an OnlyFans we encourage you to run a promotion to entice guys in. 

Most fan pages offer a variety of options from free trials, to big discounts for guys that sign up for 3 months or more. 

I have found that $5 is the ideal price to charge for your Onlyfans

Most of your income will come from selling your content and PTV mails, so don’t be put off by the low subscription price. 

Femdoms can usually get away with charging $10+ per month subscription.

I have a detailed guide on creating a successful free trial for your Onlyfans here. 

4. Set a good welcome message on Onlyfans 

On most adult fan pages you can set an automatic welcome message to be sent to your subscribers or followers. This is a great way to introduce yourself and let your guys know what you do. 

To enable to welcome message function on Onlyfans, click on settings, then chats and click the toggle to “send a welcome message to new fans”. You can also upload a photo, video and set a price to view your welcome message.

If you have any specific requirements like “tribute and introduce yourself” this is the best place to include that information. 

It’s recommended that you include a picture with this welcome message too. 

The best way to get a conversation started that can lead to earning money, is to ask an enticing question in this message, it can be something as simple as “what are your kinks?” Or “What do you think of my butt in this lingerie?” 

When they respond you can then send paid PTV pictures or let them know they can 1-2-1 chat with you for a tip. 

Guys are often really nervous about speaking to a model first so it will have to be you who breaks the ice, because you don’t want to use all your time individually messaging your subscribers, a welcome message does it for you. 

The great thing about this is that you can set it to send the message instantly or within an hour of them subscribing, so you don’t appear too keen. 

5. Schedule Content

Consistency is key to running a successful Onlyfans page. 

You may think that the adult industry is pretty shallow and all about looks, or that only the most perfect models earn money or the girls who do the most sexual things are the ones who earn the most, but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. 

It’s always the models who work hard and are religiously consistent with their output, are earning the most money. 

The good news is, most platforms allow you to schedule your posts and this will really help you plan your content and get it all scheduled and in place weeks or even months ahead. 

Some models even have a whole year’s content scheduled (those damn hard working bitches 😂)but that’s not something you need to worry about as a new model. 

Some platforms also allow you to schedule your PTV mails too, this is a feature we love (because as 30+ year old women, the memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be 😳)

Even though these tools can make it seem like having an Onlyfans is passive income, it really isn’t. 

Because guys will start DM’ing you once they see you posting up or when they receive your mails and you need to be there to respond and start earning money out of these guys. 

Where To Promote Your Onlyfans 

promote onlyfans

1. Twitter

The best way to promote your Onlyfans on Twitter is to be very consistent with your tweeting, I recommend daily. 

And to always use hashtags when tweeting, something that relates to your services and the platforms that you offer your services. 

There are also a large number of NSFW promo pages on Twitter, if you tag them in your photos they will happily retweet your photos for free. 

There are also paid promo retweet pages, I’m unable to comment on how good they are as I’ve never used them. 

Another useful way to promote your Onlyfans on Twitter is to interact with models, follow models and just build connections with them by retweeting them and commenting on their tweets and pictures. 

This is especially useful to do with models that are happy to retweet models (you’ll know by looking at their feed). 

2. Reddit

Reddit is the best platform to promote your Onlyfans Page.

Reddit has dedicated pages for almost every aspect of adult topics and is 100% NSFW friendly

There are two types of pages on Reddit: those that require verification and those that don’t. You can post on any page that doesn’t require verification without any issues. 

Some pages do require verification and those pages will have their own requirements on how to do that. 

Some models say that the pages where verification is needed are a better quality page but I don’t notice the difference, the guys can freely join any page and they will usually join more than one anyway. 

Make sure that you check the rules of each page before posting as you can get banned from a page if you’re posting something that is against their rules. 

Some pages are openly fine with you posting links in the comments and actively selling your services but other pages are strictly against this. 

Because Reddit has such a large audience to market your Onlyfans to, you’ll see a big influx of followers but they won’t all be a quality audience.

Plenty of guys are freeloaders so be open for this if your Onlyfans page is a free subscription or if you’re offering a free trial. 

3. Pornhub

I have found Pornhub to be very effective for gaining lots of new subscribers. I also earn money on Pornhub via their model hub, where I upload my full length videos and charge for them. So it’s a win win. 

The best way to market yourself on NSFW tube sites is to post up 2-3 minute long video previews and have your link in the video that directs the guys to your Onlyfans. 

Using videos that get very high search volumes is best and if you’re happy to post a full-length video then that is also the best way.

You’ll also earn money per person who views the video too, it’s not a notable amount of money but it’s better than nothing. Because of the high influx of traffic these sites get, they are a very good marketing tool. If you offer a fetish that is very niche or you have a feature that’s rare (redheads, unshaven, long tongue) then put these keywords in the title.



With so many alternatives to OnlyFans it can be overwhelming to choose. As I mentioned I always recommend any OnlyFans models to have 2-3 platforms in total. Not every platform will work for you so it’s best to give them a try and narrow down which platforms make you the most money.


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