Manyvids VS Onlyfans – Which is Best?

Manyvids vs Onlyfans

With so many fan page platforms out there, it can be really hard to know which ones you should be working on. Today, we’re going to take a look at Manyvids VS Onlyfans.

Despite Manyvids not originally being a fan page platform, they have since evolved and become a fantastic platform for models to use. 

Manyvids started out as a platform for models to sell their NSFW video content and are well known for their inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community 🏳️‍🌈. 

I wanted to bring these two platforms together for a comparison to see which one is the best.

Let’s start the comparison 🤩

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Getting Verified – Manyvids VS Onlyfans

Getting verified on Manyvids was such a smooth and quick process, it took 1 day to get fully approved and my account open. 

You must be 18+ and have a valid government-issued ID to become a Manyvids creator. 

You will need to take a picture of yourself, holding your ID with a note that states the day’s date you took the photo and your Manyvids username. 

If you have any trouble getting verified, Manyvids are always very helpful in helping you through the process. 

Getting verified on Onlyfans is a pain in the butt to be completely truthful, they often reject verifications for no good reason and they offer no guidance or help as to why it’s been rejected. 

It’s a common issue for models to have a problem getting verified. You will eventually, but be prepared to pull your hair out in the process. 

So in terms of being verified, Manyvids certainly have an easier process and quicker process.

Payouts and Getting Paid

Onlyfans has a much higher payout than Manyvids for most of its services. For video sales, Manyvids’ percentage payout is 60%, which is pretty low compared to Onlyfans, which is 80% payout. 

However, store items, custom videos, fan club memberships, text and calls and tributes have an 80% payout on Manyvids. 

Overall, I really don’t see why Manyvids can’t just offer 80% across the board. Generally speaking, video site payouts are around the 60% mark. 

Both companies have been reliable for payout for me personally. With Onlyfans, you can request payouts whenever you wish and whatever amount you want. But Manyvids have specific payout periods. 

There is a minimum of $50 of earnings required before a payout can be made

Manyvids will issue payments on the 16th of every month for earnings from 1st-15th of the month and on the 1st of every month for earnings from 16th-31st of the month. It then takes 2-7 business days to reach your payment method.

Manyvids VS Onlyfans Features

Manyvids have a really cool feature, that is contests, that Onlyfans does not have. 

Some models really don’t like these contests, but I see them as a very easy way to earn money. I find these contests are only really useful for models who already have a following. 

Another feature that Manyvids has that Onlyfans is lacking is custom videos. 

You can set your per minute rate and include additional extras that are chargeable for your custom videos. 

I think it’s great for guys to be able to go and order a custom video without you needing to be part of that process. 

If a guy wants a custom video on Onlyfans they’ll need to DM you and you’ll have to collect all their information manually, which again, is more work for you. Plus, with Manyvids paying out 80%, you’ll be getting paid the same for fewer efforts. 

It’s not so much of a feature, but as a Domme, I like a platform that accommodates a Femdom/fetish audience. 

In terms of fetish and Femdom friendly, Manyvids certainly have come a long way with including these topics. Although the vanilla traffic is still far greater than the Femdom-loving guys. 

There’s a bigger audience for general fetish content rather than Femdom in general, topics like foot fetish are more likely to sell on Manyvids rather than a findom video. 

In general, Onlyfans seems to be really lacking in its features. I’m a great believer in working smarter and not harder and a big part of achieving that is to automate your workflow as much as you can. 

Most things on Onlyfans require it to be done manually (aside from scheduling posts & messages), it’s almost like they’re stuck in the dark ages. 

I think this is because Onlyfans don’t really care much about their models in general. Manyvids most certainly cares more about the feedback they receive from models and will implement changes where necessary. 

Onlyfans seem to just ignore any models’ wants (regardless of how much they earn), which is another thing that isn’t a pro for Onlyfans.

It goes without saying, ManyVids is a far better option in terms of platform features and they certainly make life easier when it comes to selling videos.

How To Make Money On Manyvids

  • Video Sales
  • Contest paid votes
  • Fan page subscriptions
  • Affiliate referral
  • PTV messages
  • Live Cam 
  • Phone calls 
  • Custom videos
  • Premium Snapchat sales 
  • Selling items like used panties 

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On-site Traffic – Manyvids VS OnlyFans

On-site traffic is pretty important if you are brand new to the industry and have no current social media following. 

Manyvids have built a very large fan base and have great on-site traffic. 

When I first started on Manyvids, I had great sales before I started to bring traffic to my Manyvids page, which helped me to gain some presence on the platform. 

Onlyfans doesn’t have any on-site traffic, so it’s harder for new models to gain traction on this platform. 

However, as Onlyfans is more well known to guys compared to Manyvids, it’s easier to push traffic from your social media or Reddit to your Onlyfans page.

But in terms of traffic, Manyvids is the better option because they do have on-site traffic.


Over the years, anytime I’ve reached out to support from Manyvids, they’ve always been so quick and helpful to every issue. 

The process for signing up and getting verified was so much smoother and quicker compared to Onlyfans, often new models have so much trouble getting verified with Onlyfans and support is never helpful when those issues occur. As much as it might seem small, having great support is so important when choosing which sites to work on. 

So in terms of support, Manyvids is a far better option by a mile, because they genuinely do care about their content creators and I have always had the impression that Onlyfans doesn’t.

Manyvids Referral vs Onlyfans Referral

Both sites have a referral option in which both sites offer a 5% rev-share for models that sign up via your referral link. 

However, Manyvids only offer this for video sales and does not include custom videos, tributes, paid contest votes, or VIP fan club messages. Whereas Onlyfans offers 5% rev-share for all services sold.

So in terms of referrals, Onlyfans is the better option because they have a more generous offer of giving 5% across all services.

Who Wins? Manyvids VS Onlyfans

Manyvids wins the contest of Manyvids VS Onlyfans, only by a small margin. It goes without saying that Manyvids has way more cool features that Onlyfans just doesn’t have, plus it has more on-site traffic. 

But Onlyfans pays a higher payout, by 20% more (as Manyvids only pays 80% on very few services) and Onlyfans has a lower minimum payout threshold with no fees. 

It really depends on what’s important to you on a platform, for some payout percentage is their main concern. Whereas others may prefer a platform that offers better support and more care for its models. 

Personally, I use both platforms as I have hundreds of videos and, because Manyvids is a video site, I get more video sales here than I do on Onlyfans. But I get more tips and PTV mail sales on Onlyfans, so they have their own perks.


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