LoyalFans VS Onlyfans – A Clear Winner in 2024

Loyalfans vs Onlyfans is a hot topic in the ever-evolving world of fan page platforms. Discerning which one to invest your time and content in can be a daunting task.

These two platforms are both great and are my main two fan pages. But one has way better features and ways of earning money.

I’ll share exactly how Loyalfans works compared to OnlyFans, focussing on:

  • Earning Potential: What percentage payout and monetization features do they offer?
  • User Experience: Which platform provides a more user-friendly experience?
  • Platform Features: What unique tools and features are available for creators on each platform?
  • On-site Traffic: How does organic reach and visibility compare between the two?

I’ll also touch on the background stuff like the verification process, creator support, and payout options – everything you need to know to make the right decision!

So let’s see which platform wins the contest. 🧐

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Getting Verified on Onlyfans VS Getting Verified on Loyalfans

The first step in starting on any platform is to get verified, which may sound straightforward, but not all platforms make this a smooth process for its creators.

I’ve had to get verified on both platforms and found Loyalfans to be a much easier process. 

Onlyfans can be a nightmare to get verified on, with reports of problems from thousands of content creators.

You will need to complete your application, which is easy, and send in a photo of your ID and connect to your live social media account. 

Despite doing all of this perfectly, the application was rejected 3 times, without being given any valid reason.

When I reached out for support, Onlyfans was vague and unhelpful. There is also a 3 day processing time to get verified on Onlyfans.

Getting verified on Loyalfans was so easy, they require your application and ID. But they don’t require you to connect to any social media. My application was approved within 24 hours without any hiccups.

Payouts and Getting Paid 

Getting paid on time is very important when choosing a platform for your services. You need to be able to trust the company that is in charge of your money. 

On Onlyfans you have to charge a minimum of $4.99 per month for your subscription, but on Loyalfans you can charge from $1.

I personally think that’s a positive, as I think keeping subscription prices low encourages more subscribers in total.

  • Loyalfans payout percentage is 80%
  • Onlyfans payout percentage is 80% 

With both platforms offering an 80% payout, this is a tie.

However, Loyalfans takes the lead with its referral system. Despite both fan pages offering a 5% referral bonus for new models, Loyalfans took it to the next impressive level by also offering a 5% referral for fan spending. 

Although you won’t be able to earn a referral for money spent on you, you will earn 5% of anything your referred fans spend on other models. Given that 90% of guys do spend money on multiple models, it doesn’t hurt to share your link on your socials. 

Loyalfans offers the following 5 payout options. With a minimum payout of $50, which is pretty high.

  • ACH/direct deposit (for US & Canada-based creators)
  • International wire (for Canada-based creators) ($20 fee)
  • International wire – Everywhere else ($45 fee)
  • International SEPA (EU bank accounts) 
  • Paxum

Onlyfans offers the following 3 payout options. With a minimum payout of $20

  • Direct transfer $20 minimum (1 day)
  • International transfer $200 minimum for the UK or $100 minimum for EU models.
  • Ewallet $100 minimum 

Onlyfans wins with regards to payouts and payout options. They don’t charge any fees like Loyalfans do and they have a lower payout threshold.

Loyalfans Features VS Onlyfans Features

Having a great selection of features on a fan page platform is also very important.

The more money-making features a platform offers, the more money you can make. Let’s see which platform has the most to offer – 

LoyalFans Video Store

A very notable feature for Loyalfans is the video store option. Not many fan pages have this feature and it makes life so much easier.

You can upload your video content and set a title, description and price. You can select whether you’d like guys to be able to download the video. This is a great feature for passive income. 

LoyalFans Video Call

Another unique feature of Loyalfans is its video call facility. You can have a 1-2-1 cam show with your fans and set any price you want.

This feature can be a fantastic moneymaker, because guys love a private cam show. Considering many cam sites only give a 50% cut on cam shows, you can do your very own for an 80% cut.  

LoyalFans Charging for DM’s

Another feature that Loyalfans has that Onlyfans doesn’t, is the ability to charge customers for sending you DM’s.

I consider this a huge win for Loyalfans, partly because I’m a domme. Charging vanilla guys to message you might not go down so well, but in the world of Femdom, it’s the protocol for these guys to pay to message you.

Guys will often forget that they are paying per message they send and this can amount to a lot of money. This also helps weed out guys who are messaging you just to waste your time.

LoyalFans Followers and Subscribers

The fact that Loyalfans has the function of followers and subscribers on one page is the selling point for me.

With Onlyfans you need two accounts (which is extra work) to attract guys for free & paid. 

On Loyalfans, guys can follow you for free or pay to subscribe and see more. When you schedule a post you can choose who can see it, followers/public/subscribers.

So you have full control over who can see what, without having to log into a whole other profile. You can also choose who your PTV mails are sent to, followers or subscribers or both.

LoyalFans Allows Delegation

You can delegate your Loyalfans account so someone else can manage your profile for you, something that you cannot do on Onlyfans.

This is such a useful feature if you are looking to outsource your posting tasks to someone else. I see more models every day who are looking to outsource tasks like posting & uploading videos.

I think many Onlyfans models would love to see them adopt this feature.

LoyalFans Has a Shoutout Feature

And the last but not least feature that Loyalfans has that Onlyfans doesn’t is the shoutouts feature.

You can choose to accept shoutouts from fans and charge whatever you like for them.

These are short mini-video clips that your fans can order from you and they leave a note asking you to say something. This can be posted live for all to see or for your guys’ eyes only.

Guys can choose whether they would like the mini clip nude or not.

When it comes to features and usability, LoyalFans stands out.

It offers a user-friendly interface, an efficient chat setup, and a unique browse function that allows creators to gain traffic directly from the platform. This is a game-changer as it reduces the dependency on external promotions.


The best fan site for Femdom and fetish creators. The audience is already there.

You get lots of data on your subscribers' purchasing habits - helping you craft better content and make more money.

LoyalFans pays creators 80% of all transactions.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How to Make Money on Loyalfans and Onlyfans

The more ways a platform gives you to make money, the more money you can make. Here is a comparison of all the ways that you can make money on Loyalfans and Onlyfans.

Loyalfans On-site Traffic VS Onlyfans On-site Traffic

Onlyfans does not offer any on-site traffic, which isn’t great, but it does have the perks of no competition.

If you send your guys to your Onlyfans page, then they are only going to see your page. There is no chance that you are potentially sending your guys to another models page.

But that doesn’t really make up for the fact that there is no traffic to be gained from the Onlyfans platform. 

Loyalfans does have on-site traffic and your profile can be found by potential subscribers in a variety of ways.

On the shoutouts page (if you’re offering that service), on the recently updated page, the popular page (by ranking), live cam page (when you’re live), calls page (if you accept video calls), new page when you’re new and the video store which features new videos and trending videos. 

Loyalfans most certainly wins in terms of traffic.

When you have a new fan page it can take some time to build and marketing isn’t always easy. So, having a platform where potential fans can find you easily will help you grow your fan page much faster.

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Both platforms offer support but I have a very clear favourite and that is Loyalfans.

Unlike OnlyFans, which has had instances of site downtimes and issues with scheduled posts disappearing, LoyalFans offers a more stable platform for creators to engage with their audience without technical disruptions.

And whenever there has been a slight issue or question, Loyalfans have resolved my issues super quickly.

They care about their creators and do their best to support them. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best experiences with Onlyfans support. They either do not get back to us or they provide very vague and unhelpful answers. This is a common complaint for so many content creators.

OnlyFans offers preferential treatment to their top models, providing them with immediate support through a private WhatsApp group. This leaves the majority of creators without timely assistance.

In contrast, platforms like LoyalFans offer consistent support to all their creators, ensuring that everyone’s concerns are addressed promptly

Onlyfans Referral Program VS Loyalfans Referral Program 

Both platforms offer creators the chance to earn affiliate income from referrals. 

Onlyfans offer 5% affiliate income for each model that you refer, using your unique referral link. You will make 5% of your referred models’ income for life. 

Loyalfans are very impressive and also offer 5% of your referred models’ income for life, but they also offer 5% for referred fans too.

So, if you refer a fan using your unique affiliate link, you will receive 5% of everything that guy spends on other models only. 

As Loyalfans offer affiliate income on both content creators and fans, Loyalfans takes the lead in terms of affiliate income.

Who wins? LoyalFans VS Onlyfans

Loyalfans wins the contest between Loyalfans VS Onlyfans. While both are great platforms, Loyalfans has more features to make money, a better affiliate referral system and on-site traffic so that you can build your fan page fast.

Onlyfans is a household name and overall is more popular, so guys are more likely to have a profile on Onlyfans anyway.

But compared to Loyalfans it’s pretty lacking in what it has to offer and within its lack of features and poor quality of support.

Onlyfans also lost the trust of many models, when they suddenly announced a no porn policy, without notifying its content creators first.

If Onlyfans were to implement a video store and more money-making features, then they would certainly take back the top spot. But as it stands, Loyalfans deserves its place as the number one fan page choice for us.


The best fan site for Femdom and fetish creators. The audience is already there.

You get lots of data on your subscribers' purchasing habits - helping you craft better content and make more money.

LoyalFans pays creators 80% of all transactions.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.



I have both OnlyFans and LoyalFans and I do prefer LoyaFans by a long shot, I find OnlyFans to be rather annoying when sending videos and the fact that guys cannot just go and purchase their own clips.

Plus any site that has traffic is a huge win for me, it’s certainly aimed more towards a femdom and fetish audience which is great for dommes, but there is also a big vanilla audience too.

Moreover, the recent fluctuations and uncertainties surrounding OnlyFans have made many creators apprehensive. With platforms like LoyalFans offering a more stable and feature-rich environment, it’s no wonder that many are making the switch!


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