Selling Panties On Onlyfans – Make Money from Your Used Underwear

selling panties online

Selling panties on Onlyfans is one of the easiest ways to make money in the adult industry. Most people find it hard to believe that there are thousands of men willing to buy women’s used panties. 

At first, I found it strange until I made $100 selling my first pair of used panties. 😳 

Yup and the strangest part is that the longer you wear them, the more guys will pay for them. 

So, today I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about selling your panties on Onlyfans

Can You Sell Panties on Onlyfans?

Yes, you can sell your panties on Onlyfans and you can make great money doing so. You can also sell used socks and shoes on Onlyfans.

This guide will show you how to sell them and how much you can make by selling used panties and other items that your fans will be willing to buy from you. Onlyfans is a great starting point for selling used panties, but there are plenty of other platforms too.

How To Sell Used Panties on Onlyfans


The first step to selling your panties is to take some pictures of you wearing each pair of panties that you are willing to sell. If you want to go the extra mile, then take a snippet 30-second video of you shaking your booty in them and teasing while wearing them.


Get your fans excited at the idea of owning these panties, that have touched your skin and most intimate areas. Get them into the fantasy that by owning these sexy panties, they’ll get to sniff them and smell your beautiful scent.


Once you have your photos ready, get them uploaded to your Onlyfans page and let guys know that they are for sale, how much they are and that it’s a first come first served basis. 


You can also add these extra add-ons and charge extra for the following:   

  • Wearing them for an extra day
  • Cumming in them
  • Even farting in them (for those quirky farting fetish guys)
  • Filming a custom video in them

How Much To Charge For Used Panties 

As a guideline, you want to first ensure you are covering the cost of the panties themselves and the postage it’s going to cost you to send them out. 

Once you have this, then add on the amount you would like to earn. Remember that Onlyfans take 20% and you receive 80%.

So, for example, if my panties cost me $15 to buy and the P&P cost me $10 and I wanted to earn $75 for the privilege of selling my panties. 

I would charge $110. 

If the guy wanted me to wear them for an extra day, I would add on $10 per day. For sexually pleasuring yourself in them, add another $30 to the price.

How Much Can You Make From Selling Panties On Onlyfans?

To be honest, out of all the services and products I’ve offered over the years, selling panties is the thing I have sold least of. 

I think there are too many guys who have privacy concerns about the model knowing their address, which is totally understandable.

So, I wouldn’t expect this to make your OnlyFans a success on its own – but it may add that extra $200 – $300 a month. 

This is why I charge reasonably high for the service, because if I’m not going to be selling many, then I want to make decent money when I do sell them.

It’s a product that’s pretty easy money, there’s very little effort that goes into mailing out a pair of your panties so I see that as a big bonus. 

Also, not all models are willing to sell their panties, so catering for something that has less competition is always a great idea.

When guys make a request, I direct them to my Sofia Gray account so they can browse my prices and reviews there.

Best Place to Sell Used Underwear
Sofia Gray

No commission or percentage taken: Sofia Gray lets sellers keep100% of the funds they make.

Thousands of potential buyers: The average model makes 8 sales per month through Sofia Gray

Wide range of items to sell: Sellers can sell used panties, sex toys, socks, exclusive pictures, and videos on Sofia Gray.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Sofia Gray has an audience who are specifically looking for underwear, which helps me generate a handful of passive sales per month.

Plus they don’t charge any commission – which is better than paying the 20% with OnlyFans.

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Selling Used Panties On Reddit

Reddit has always been the king of adult content services. It is the only social media platform that does not censor adult services. 

And fortunate enough for us, they have Reddit pages for selling panties called R/Usedpanties.

This will be a great place for you to advertise your panties for sale (but ensure you read the Reddit page rules before posting, as each sub has its own rules) and on this page there will be guys who are very much into buying used panties. 

By placing yourself in front of already willing customers, is a great start to building your fanbase.

How To Safely Send Out Your Used Panties? 

Once someone has purchased your panties, offering great packaging and being safe while sending them is important.

Guys like it when models send out their used panties in a zip lock bag to contain the model’s scent, which is the part they enjoy the most. 

You can include a cute little note with them too.

Ensure that when you send out the used panties that you don’t put your address or real name on the packaging or part of the tracking

Keeping your identity 100% anonymous is crucial to keeping yourself safe. While most men are decent and fine, there are very creepy and stalkerish guys out there who could get their hands on your name or address. 

So please keep your sending fully anonymous

Make Money Selling Used Socks

It’s not just your panties that are worth some dollars, your socks, shoes and stockings are too. 

The foot fetish guys love to buy your worn and stinky socks and shoes, the stinkier the better for them. 

They usually have specific requirements for what kind of sock or shoe they like and they usually like them as sweaty and dirty as can be.

Stocking fetish lovers lap up a worn stinky stocking too. They often like high-branded stockings that have the scent of not only your feet but your most intimates too. 

Another item that some fans want to buy is your used toys, which you should charge far more due to the nature of the item. To price your used toys, factor in the cost of the toy, the postage cost and at least $150 on top for yourself. 

The same rules apply to these items, there are always add ons that you can offer like an extra day worn, filming a custom in them etc. 

I would say that socks in particular are something to charge slightly less for and it goes without saying, shoes will cost more as you have to factor in the cost of the shoe.


Now you know what it takes to sell your used panties, it’s time to get yourself all set up. It won’t be something that is flying off the shelf, but it’s a very easy way of making extra money. Just always make sure you do it safely and always make sure you make a nice profit.You will find that guys who buy one pair off you, will always come back to buy more pairs in different styles and colors. 

Even though you can sell panties on Onlyfans, I do believe that there are other places that specialize more in the selling of used panties, where you may have far more willing customers.

Never send your panties or any other items out until the guy has paid for them first. Do not let guys fool you into sending something out with a promise of them sending you the money after the fact. They will never live up to that promise. This is something that applies to all your adult services that you provide.


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