How to Be Twice as Successful on OnlyFans in 2024

how to make more money on onlyfans and be succesful

A lot of amateurs think that subscriptions are how you make a lot of money on OnlyFans – and that the best way to get rich is just by collecting a bunch of subscribers. 

In fact, if you want to run a successful OnlyFans account, subscriptions should only represent around 20% of your income.

With a properly monetized account, you can make more money with 100 subscribers than most girls can make with 1000.

The tips I’m about to share with you are the secret sauce that other models simply aren’t doing . If you follow them, it’s almost impossible that you won’t make more money.

The Power of OnlyFans DMs

The secret to monetizing your OnlyFans account is through the power of mass messaging. 

You can DM all of your subscribers at once, which lets you scale your profitability rapidly.

You type out something non-personalized, and send it out to everyone, with a blurred image/video and price tag attached.

If the men want to see the content, they have the accept the pricetag to unlock it.

So how do you get people to pay for these pictures? Because these guys are subscribed to loads of girls and get these mass messages all day.

The key is by using copywriting. You have to be able to sell curiosity.

Most girls are sending generic messages like “hey, do you wanna see my tits” or “do I look sexy”. 

That’s boring. Men get these messages all the time.

When you send your locked image and price tag, it needs to come with a caption that is genuinely intriguing.

You need to send something that no-other girl is sending. 


“I can’t believe I broke my skateboard?”

“Make sure you’re eating your veggies”

Something that makes the man sit up and think – “that’s unusual”

It’s incredibly important to be stoking curiosity with every single message you send out. People will pay the pricetag purely to figure out “what the hell is this girl talking about”.

Say crazy things that don’t even make sense.

Sure, your guy will be a little confused. What the hell did this girl do? He’ll be so intrigued to find out what’s going on, he’ll pay the fee.

Most girls miss this, and it’s a big reason why they fail to make the big bucks on OnlyFans.

You can send these mass messages out most days. Let’s say you send out a photo for $5 to 500 people. If half of them buy, you just made $1250 from one picture.

So now you’ve not just got your monthly subscriptions coming in, but also every day you’re doing your photo and video blasts, and these blasts are now adding money to your bank account.

Boost Scarcity

There’s another type of mass message you should be sending. Every few days, you should be sending a video to make it very clear to your subscribers that there is a limited time to see your pictures.

Something like:

“Sorry guys, everyone who keeps asking me for my old photos, I don’t work that way. All of my content is exclusive for 24 hours only. You’ve got to get the picture when it’s available or it’s gone forever”

You’ve got to constantly be reminding your followers that every time a picture comes, they don’t need to buy right there or they’re never going to know what it was. They need to act on their curiosity because there’s no chance to see it later.

Now, of course, even if you do use the same picture later – they’re not going to know. 

You can see when a customer buys an image, so you can make sure you never send the same picture to a subscriber twice. Just make sure you use a spreadsheet or a planner to keep track because double-sends will lose you subscribers if people feel like they’re being misled.

The bottom line is that your subscribers have to feel like they need to buy now, or they’re never going to see the content.

“Hi everyone, I keep getting DMs for my pictures of when I was dressed as X.

I’m sorry, but I give everyone a chance to buy and all my content is only available for 24 hours.

If you don’t buy it right away, you’re never going to see it.

That’s just the way I work, love X”

You need to be driving home this scarcity to produce impulse purchases.

Urgency + Curiosity = Sales

If your subscribers believe the content is going to disappear forever, and you’ve managed to build curiosity – they’re going to click buy just to see what it’s about because they’re curious.

Here’s what your DMs Should Look Like

So, what have we learned so far?

  • Most girls are sending out the same generic messages. You have to differentiate yourself by piquing curiosity.
  • We need to put some time pressure on our guys to convince them to make an impulse purchase.

Bringing together what I’ve taught you so far, your message strategy should look something like this.

Let’s say you’ve got some new content you want to promote. In the morning, you send out a mass DM:

“Hey guys, just to let you know I’m going to send you an exclusive video.

I’ve never made something like this before.

Just like all my content, it only lasts for 24 hours, if you don’t get it, it disappears forever, love X”

So they’ve already been warned, now or never.

3 hours later, you send the video with a $10 price tag and a slightly confusing caption.

Now you’ve piqued their curiosity.

It all starts to stack up. Your guy will be thinking…

Exclusive video. Something she’s never done before. It’s gonna disappear after 24 hours. And I need to “eat my veggies”? It’s only $10, I’ll just pay it…

Bang. That’s how you make money.

Improving your captions and copywriting

It’s important to improve your copywriting as you go along. Depending on your audience, different captions will work more effectively than others.

Luckily, you can see inside your statement and work out which content is selling the most. Remember – the video or pictures arrives in the DMs blurred out – so you’re making your sales based on the caption rather than the quality of the content itself.

Compare which type of captions are selling the best, and build your strategy around what’s working. Keep a track of your copywriting experiments, and reverse engineer your top performers for better results.

Post-sales Process

Once you’ve made a sale, you want to do whatever you can to make a future sale more likely. A guy has proven to you that he’s willing to spend money on your content, so you want to nurture that relationship.

Whenever you sell a photo, send the guy a quick message asking them if they enjoyed the content. You’re training them that when they pay, they get the attention they’re seeking.

If a guy buys a photo, you’ll want to follow up and ask them if they enjoyed the content.

You are training them that when they pay, they get the attention they’re looking for 

Don’t waste time talking to guys that haven’t bought anything. Let them prove to you that they have money to spend first.

Custom Content

When you DM these guys, ask a question so they engage with you.

“Hey did you like your photo 🙂 please be honest with me”

Sometimes the men will reply with suggestions for future content. For example, they might tell you that you look better without make-up, or that they really like your legs.

That’s when you reply offering them some custom content, just for them

“Maybe I can make a “natural-look” album for you, tell me what kind of photos you like”.

This is key – get the guy to describe what he’s looking for. That way, you know this is the sort of content he really wants, which makes him far more likely to pay a premium price for it.

So, once you have a clear and detailed custom content request, you send him a custom tip request, have him pay, and send him the content.

And, just like we spoke about before – as long as you keep track of who you sent the content to, you can use it again and blast it out to the rest of your subscribers.

Setting Community Targets – Social Tipping

There’s another feature where you can set targets on your feed, where all the guys work together to unlock content by hitting a monetary goal.

So you can post on your feed promoting some new content, add a price target, and say:

“Hey guys, if I get $50 I’m going to buy a nurse costume tomorrow and send everyone a picture.

Let’s say you buy a new costume. Even though you’re gonna use that costume because you bought it, pretend you might not

Everybody works together to collectively tip you, and once you hit the target, you take the sexy nurse pictures. 

Then you publish the sexy nurse pictures you were going to publish in your feed anyway. If the guys want to see a naked nurse, they’ve got to pay again for the exclusive content over DMs.

Recurring Sales

If your pictures and videos are very good, clients are more likely to buy in the future – so quality matters. 

This isn’t something you need to overcomplicate. Think about your best assets, and try to get inside the mind of your subscribers and think about what they might find sexy.

When you’re taking regular selfies, you’ll think about your lighting and framing to get the best-looking pictures and videos. Your OnlyFans content is no different.

The better your content, the more likely your clients are to buy future content. But the way you get them to buy in the first place is: 24 hours, buy now or never get it.

What Should You Post On Your OnlyFans Main Feed

Your main feed is where everyone who subscribes can see you. This is your basic tier – and it’s where most girls tend to make a big mistake.

They get a man signed up to their OnlyFans (which is the hard part) – but they end up showing too much on their free feed.

If you’re showing everything on your main feed, what could you be showing in your exclusive content and over private DMs that a man is going to buy? Spoiler: nothing.

The photos on your free feed should be sexy, but never naked. Just looking seductive and cute, or maybe in a tight top.

Then for each setting, you’d take two photos – one with the top on, and one with the top off. You put the “top-on” photo in the free feed. 

Then you send out a blast promoting the topless picture.

The guys will have seen the first photo on your main feed, and will happily hand over the $3 to unlock the sequel.

So the rule is – never show all the goods on the free feed, because you’ll make most of your money through selling content in the DMs.

These monetization methods will at least double your OnlyFans income

My overall income breaks down as follows:

  • 20% is subscriptions.
  • 20% is random tips from people just sending me random tips out of the blue.
  • And the final 60% is through sales in the DMs.

If you’re finding that you’re making most of your money from subscriptions, you’re almost definitely missing out on sales you could and should be making over private messages.

So try out these methods, and send me an email at [email protected] to let me know how your income has improved.

You can also reach out if anything is unclear, and you want to hop on a call for a 1-to-1 consultation.

Talk soon,

Valentina x


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