My Top Foot Fetish Poses for Sexy Feet Pics that Sell 🤑

how to sell feet pics

Hey there Girl Boss! 💁‍♀️

So, you’re on the hunt for the ultimate foot picture ideas to captivate your audience.

You’re in luck, because this is the go-to guide for all things foot fetish content. 🌟

With over 5 years of experience and a thriving income from my foot content, I’ve mastered the art of creating irresistible foot fetish poses for sexy feet pics and videos

In this guide, I’ll share my best foot fetish content ideas, along with the photography and staging techniques to make your foot photos stand out and sell like hotcakes. 📸💅

Ready to elevate your foot game? Let’s get into it! 👠💖

My Top Pick for Selling Feet Pics

I earn around $1000 per month just through FeetFinder - but I’ve heard stories of girls earning up to $90,000 per year on the platform.

FeetFinder has over 2 million active users - it's a great traffic source to get new eyeballs on your content.

Their "no nudity" policy is perfect for girls who want to keep a distance from NSFW content.

My average feet album sells for around $20, which can quickly stack up to a lot of $$$.

Foot Picture Ideas

1. Accessorize your feet

To keep things interesting, guys love foot accessories like ankle chains and toe rings. I have a big collection of accessories that I use to shoot my foot content.

2. Keep your toenails looking pretty

Guys with a foot fetish are very particular about how they like their feet. Some guys love red toenails and others prefer a dark color. Within your content, always switch up your toenail color so that you can appeal to a wider foot fetish audience.

3. Guys love shoes  

That’s right, you’re not the only one with a shoe obsession 😬

Foot fetish guys love to see the different styles of shoes on women, from high heels to sexy boots. This also keeps your content interesting, plus you now have a good excuse to buy some hot new shoes.

4. Don’t forget your pantyhose 

Most foot fetish lovers are also into pantyhose and stockings, which has become a pretty big fetish with a large audience. However, men who are into stockings are very particular when it comes to stockings. They like high-quality brands and different styles. 

Some pantyhose lovers will even purchase your worn pantyhose 🙌🏻

5. Show off your socks 

Another item that foot guys love is socks. They like fresh clean socks and dirty ones. 

You can sell your worn socks to fans too. They aren’t something that sells all the time, but I do get at least one guy a month who likes to buy my worn socks. 

6. Take pictures of your feet outdoors

To keep things interesting, I like to take pictures of my feet outdoors. In the sand, dirty bare feet in the mud, while sunbathing, in the pool etc. 

Keeping the scenery interesting will help you stand out from all the other foot models.

7. Make content with lotioned feet 

If there’s one thing that foot fetish guys love to drool over, that is lotioned or oiled feet. I have several video clips of me applying lotion or oil to my feet and they are always great selling videos.

8. Arched and Flat Pose

One of the most versatile poses that give a comprehensive view of your feet. One foot remains arched, showcasing the side and bottom, while the other foot stays flat, highlighting the top. This pose offers a three-dimensional perspective, making it a favorite for many.

9. Feet Out to the Side with Toes Spread

A playful yet enticing pose where you stretch your feet out to the side and spread your toes. It’s a great way to showcase the length and flexibility of your toes.

10. Invisible High Heels Pose

Imagine you’re wearing a pair of high heels, but without the actual heels. Arch your feet in such a way and capture the image from below. This pose emphasizes the arch and the heel, making it a hit among many foot enthusiasts.

11. Close-ups for Detail Lovers

Sometimes, it’s all about the details. Close-up shots of your toes, especially after a fresh pedicure, can be mesmerizing for many. Ensure the lighting is perfect to capture all the intricate details.

How To Take Good Feet Pics

how to sell feet pics
how to sell feet pics

So now you have a selection of new foot content ideas, let’s take a look at how to take great feet pics. Taking foot pictures isn’t as easy as it looks. Sure, you can grab your phone right now and take a snap of your feet, but we’re here to make money.

Because foot fetish is overwhelmingly saturated, you need to be better than the rest and stand out from the rest. When a guy is scrolling through Reddit, you need him to stop at your feet and say “wow”, I need to see more.

A basic snap of your feet in bad lighting won’t achieve that 😐

Aside from making sure your feet are nicely pedicured and your toenails are painted. 

Here are some things you’ll need to take great foot pictures.

1. A Good Quality Camera

You can use your phone (if it takes good quality pics) or a digital camera to take pictures of your feet. Having crisp, clear photos goes a long way. I see far too many blurry foot pictures on Reddit and foot guys aren’t into that. 

Below is the digital camera I use to take all my pictures

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70S

20.3 Megapixel MOS sensor with a 180 degree flip screen digital camera. 

I use this camera for shooting my video content, it has a flip screen and produces beautiful quality videos.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/21/2024 12:32 pm GMT

2. Good Lighting

This is so important. Another thing I see daily on Reddit is feet pictures taken in the worst lighting ever. Your potential customers can’t see your feet clearly and they will just scroll past. I always use my ring light when taking pictures of my feet. If the weather is nice, then I will use natural lighting as well.

18 Inch Ring Light

8 ” dimmable LED ring light: 52W power, dimmable brightness.

It's adjustable height, so I can also use it for standing-up videos. Plus it holds either my phone or camera.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/21/2024 12:58 pm GMT

3. A Nice Background

A tidy and eye-catching background is a great way to present your foot pictures. I like to use fluffy white rugs as a backdrop for my feet. I purchased this one on Amazon.

Ultra Soft Faux Fur Rug
$14.24 ($2.37 / Sq Ft)

Ashler faux sheepskin fur rug in various sizes, perfectly fits most room spaces. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
06/21/2024 11:27 am GMT

4. A Variety of Foot Poses

Having a wide range of different poses for your feet, pictures keeps things interesting. You don’t want to be just taking close-ups of your feet all the time, to stand out you need to get creative. 

Here are some foot pose picture ideas

  • Include your butt in your foot pictures.
  • Pictures of your soles are sexy 
  • Include your full legs in your pics too 
  • Lay on your front on your bed with your feet in the air. 
  • Arch your feet 
  • Stand on your tippy toes 
  • If you’re willing to go nude, nude foot pics sell very well.

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Tips For Selling Feet Pictures

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Foot fetish is one of the biggest fetishes out there, with a large audience. However, in recent years, content creators for foot fetish have grown massively.

Because of this, it can be harder to stand out and make money, unless you are putting in the work, the hours and doing things differently. So I recommend that you also look into adding in other fetishes like findom, femdom, cuckolding etc. 

This way you are casting your net wider.

2. Make your foot content as professional as possible 

I cannot stress how much your foot content game needs to be at its highest standard. Make your content look as professional as possible, with props, backgrounds, and accessories. This helps you stand out from the rest and shows you mean business.

3. Keep your prices low

As a findom, I never normally give this advice.

However, when it comes to foot fetish content, because guys can get pictures of feet so easily from anyone. I do recommend charging lower for your content because you will make more money overall. 

There are so many guys who are into feet and when they find a woman’s feet that they like, they will buy pretty much everything you have. The method of charging low is that you can sell to more guys.

4. Don’t give up easily 

You will start making money right away, but it does take time to build a high, consistent income from this. I see many models who come into this thinking it’s an easy way to become rich.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s taken me years to build a solid customer base for my foot fetish content and I’ve had to work hard at creating good content to get there. Has it been easier than a “normal job” absolutely, but it wasn’t easy.

Don’t give up so easily, stick it out and get stuck in and it will pay off nicely for you.

5. Accept custom video orders

With foot fetish, in particular, custom video sales are a huge deal. These guys love a custom video and this is where most of your money is made.

For foot fetish custom videos, I recommend charging $7-$8 per minute for a non-nude video and $10 per minute if nudity is involved.


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