How to Find OnlyFans Content Ideas That Actually Work – Best Methods

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If you keep posting the same content again and again, there’s no new value for your subscribers to stay tuned for.

Doing something that feels different from the kind of content you’ve been doing will help you keep your audience engaged – and more likely to pay for your PPVs.

Guys love variety, after all. It pays to keep them guessing 😉

I know how frustrating it can be staring at a blank page, trying to come up with OnlyFans content ideas that will actually work.

Lucky for you, over the years I’ve found some great ways to generate new ideas whenever I’m feeling stumped.

Taking Inspiration from Popular Content

One of the best ways to generate new content ideas is to take inspiration based on what you see is popular for other content creators – and then apply them to your niche.

You’ll find that each niche tends to have its own cluster of creative ideas – and if you look a little wider, you’ll find concepts that you can turn into something relevant to your audience.

There’s a reason successful models do what they do – it’s because it’s working.

Use the evidence of successful formulas around you and think about how you can give it your own little twist for your persona.

You can look outside of the OnlyFans community, too. If you produce longer-form content, PornHub is a great place to find video ideas because you can easily sort by views and ratings to see what men are connecting with.

It will definitely spark some ideas. Make a note of anything that piques your interest so you have a bank of ideas you can refer to when you’re stumped.

Make Sure You Give it Your Own Spin

Now let me be very clear – I am absolutely not recommending you copy anyone’s content. For me, that amounts to theft, as you are siphoning business from the original creator.

But, if you see a concept that works in a different niche, there’s nothing wrong with using that premise as inspiration for your own content.

Think of it like TikTok. If there’s a new popular trend, you might film your own different version of the trend – but you wouldn’t rip the original word-for-word.

Ask Your Audience to Send You Content Ideas

They say “give the people what they want” – and I’ve found it’s a lucrative strategy on fan pages.

If you’re struggling with ideas, send a mess DM to your followers asking what kind of thing they would like to see.

As well as generating a stack of concepts that are likely to be popular, you also give the community a sense that you really value their opinion and approval. Guys love to feel directly involved in the process.

In fact – here’s a trick you can use to make this process even more profitable.

First, you sell the content to the guy who suggested it as custom, private content. Because he suggested it, you know he really wants it – so you can charge a premium.

And then – you can then send the content out as locked content to the rest of your subscribers, and profit twice.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally resend it to the original customer (make sure you track your sends with an NSFW planner).

If you have a handful of ideas in mind, you can also run an OnlyFans poll on your feed. When there’s a clear winner, you can set it as a target on your feed and have the community work together to unlock it.

And once your fans have unlocked the community photos in your feed, you can upsell some saucier versions with a mass DM a few hours later ;).

Switch Up Your Location

If you’re used to taking pictures in your bedroom, switching up your location can really spark some ideas.

New backdrops, props, angles and lighting will freshen up your feed and offer some variety to keep your subscribers engaged.

Here are a couple of recommendations:

If You Have a Budget

OnlyFans is a business, so it can make sense to reinvest – especially if it means getting some great new content.

Check out AirBnb properties to rent to switch up the atmosphere of your scenes. You could go a classic route with a classy hotel room/suite, go all out with a castle theme, or get down and dirty on the farm. 

If you’re going to invest, make sure you pick locations that fit with your brand. You want to take this opportunity to get a catalog of shots that represents you at your peak. Take the “filler” shots at home for free!

Free Locations

If you’re at the beginning of your OnlyFans journey, it might make sense to source free locations.

A little later on we’ll talk about working with a collaborator to spark ideas. If that’s a route you choose to go down, why not ask whether they’d let you use their place for a shoot?

Car content is also really popular. It fulfills a lot of guys fantasies, and it’s relatively easy to produce in a way that feels unstaged if you’ve developed a more candid persona.

You can also just head out into nature- but you’ve got to be careful that you’re not breaking any laws about public nudity. One of my top picks for summer sessions is a secluded spot on a nudist beach ;).

Change Who is Taking Your Pictures

Collaborate With Other Creators

You’ll be surprised how having another voice and opinion in the room will help you come up with new ideas.

Having a collaborator doesn’t mean you have to create content with them – you just need someone you’re comfortable enough with to take photos or videos.

If producing content has become a bit monotonous, having someone there to have a laugh with and make suggestions can really brighten up the shoot. That fun energy will come across in your content, too. 

It’s even better if you can collaborate with a fellow creator. That way, you can share ideas about what’s been working for you both, and potentially benefit from cross-promoting to each other’s audience.

You’ll walk away with some fresh-feeling content, exposure to new potential subscribers – and probably a friend, too 🙂

Working With a Photographer

Photo shoots are really great for producing high-quality  pics to use as promotional material,

The production quality is obviously higher than your bedroom iPhone selfies, so use the time to take your more “professional” pics.

That said, trust me – after you’ve worked with a photographer, it will still change how you take your photos at home.

You’ll be noticing a bunch more details than you used to – everything from framing to lighting, to prop positioning. It’s a real eye-opener that will improve all your future, self-made content.

If you’re a procrastinator who doesn’t spend as much time making content as they probably should, working with a photographer can help you take your content production a little more seriously.

From a single session, you can rattle through a bank of content that might last you a whole month.

Try a New Outfit / Character Roleplay

There’s a reason I’m jealous of cosplay girls – they basically have an unlimited bank of content ideas, because they refresh whenever they change their outfits.

It’s an opportunity to get into character and bring a new voice to your content, which will spark off a tonne of themed ideas for roleplay

Nerdy guys are often willing to pay over the odds for you to bring their fantasies to life with characters they have loved for years.

Start by posting a cosplay picture to your feed, and then promote something more revealing as locked content in the DMs.

Once you’ve posted a few, you’ll likely have guys making requests and asking for custom content. Jerk-off instructions and encouragement are usually the biggest money-makers for this sort of content, as you have to do more acting as the character.

Themed Content for Holidays and Events

One of my most consistent sources for OnlyFans content ideas is just taking a look at the calendar.

Holidays throw up great opportunities for themed content. They tend to provoke a lot of engagement, too, with guys sending you well wishes on your social media posts.

You can put a sexy twist on pretty much anything.

The big holidays, like Christmas or Easter, are pretty obvious – but you can go a little deeper and find more obscure days for a bit of novelty. You can see what national days are coming up here – and give them a little twist to create interesting content.

For example, February 16th (the day I started writing this post) is:

  • National Gumdrop Day (sexy photo set eating gumdrops
  • National Wisconsin Day (all Wisconsin followers get a “free gift”)
  • National Singles Day (the potential with this one is endless)

My Content Ideas – Scripts and Templates

My Top Findom Ideas

I chose Findom as my niche because these guys get off on paying their mistresses – meaning it can be an incredibly lucrative hustle.

However – I know that your first few months as a Findom can feel a little intimidating to beginners.

If you’re looking for inspiration – check out my Findom Game Ideas.

In this download, I share the concepts that have worked best for me over the past few years.

If you find yourself enjoying Findom, you can also check out my custom resources for Findom tip menus, captions, and scripts 🙂

(Or check my guide to learn how to write your own JOI scripts!)

Findom Bundle
Findom Content Bundle

Dick Ratings

One of the great things about offering dick ratings is that you don’t need to come up with any ideas – you’re just reacting to what’s in front of you.

Guys like personal interaction, and are willing to pay a premium for it. 

A beginner can charge $10 for a couple of paragraphs, while girls with a decent subscriber base can command up to $50 for a short video rating.

Once you’ve worked out the formula to deliver high-quality ratings efficiently (hint: use my templates) you can crank out 5 or 6 six per hour.

Dick Rating Templates & Guide

6 full-length rating templates:

2 x Average Rating

2 x Cock Worship

2 x Small Penis Humiliation

PLUS a guide to understanding your customers, personalising your ratings – and pricing strategy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You can see how the $$$ can stack up pretty quickly. Dick ratings alone make me between $1000 – $2000 per month, and I really don’t spend that much of my time doing it.

JOI Scripts

If you want a more solid framework of proven content to use, check out my JOI scripts.

They’ll help you deliver captivating videos on demand, without any of the awkward pauses or “umm”s when you’re trying to think of something sexy to say!

The girls I’ve shared these with have seen a big uptake in repeat business just by having a script to stick to.

I’m regularly updating the script library with pretty much every scenario you could imagine.


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