How Much Should I Charge on Onlyfans? (2024 Strategy)

how much should I charge on onlyfans

Are you stressed out wondering, ”How much should I charge on Onlyfans?”

Don’t panic, I have an easy approach to setting up your Onlyfans price list. 🤗

I ended up ditching my paid subscription Onlyfans account because I made triple more on my free Onlyfans account. I’ll show you why having a free Onlyfans works best. 

In this post, I’m going to cover how much you should charge on Onlyfans for each item, from subscription to content and give you ideas on how to create an awesome Onlyfans price list.

Ultimately, you should always charge what you are comfortable with. These are just my personal recommendations from what I have seen and charged on my journey to 5 figures per month.

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How Much Should I Charge On Onlyfans?

Onlyfans sets a minimum subscription price of $4.99, which is the most common price to charge on Onlyfans. You can also offer 3/6/12 month discount packages that encourage fans to subscribe for longer periods.

4 Reasons You Make Your Onlyfans Subscription Free


Making your Onlyfans subscription free is a quick way to grow your Onlyfans page.


This option is preferred by many content creators, especially if you are not regular with your fan page posting.


This is also the best option for new models. Because when you first start your Onlyfans page it can feel quiet and daunting without any subscribers and when you start your first weeks of posting, you are essentially posting into a void.


You are also more likely to get more guys subscribing to a free page than a paid one. Even though they subscribe for free, they always end up spending from your tip menu.

But it’s crucial that you run a free page the right way, to make the most money possible. 

Use your free OnlyFans primarily as a promotional tool for your paid content. This strategy involves offering a toned-down version of the content – still enticing but not as explicit.

This means not posting any of your best content or even any nude content on your page. This is the content you can send in DM to paying guys or in PTV messages. 

This also requires you to have the patience of a saint. Naturally, you are going to attract many freeloaders who won’t part with anything

It’s important to not give these guys any of your time and to let guys know if they want to talk then they must pay. 

Content on the free page can be priced higher than usual since subscribers aren’t paying a premium subscription fee.

Onlyfans PPV

PPV stands for pay-per-view. On Onlyfans you can send messages, pictures, voice notes and video’s and charge a fee for your fan to view the message.

You can create a PPV message on Onlyfans via DM or you can post something to your timeline and charge a price for your fans to see it.

How much to charge for PPV on Onlyfans?


If your picture is non-nude or light nudity then $3 is a common price to charge. If your picture is more explicit then $5-$7 is a common price to charge.


If your video is a short snippet or GIF, then $5-$8 is a common price to charge for a PPV. If it’s a full length video, then charge for the price of a clip (normally $1-$2 per minute).


If you’re in a 1-2-1 voice note session with someone then $4-$5 per voice note message is a common price. If you’re sending a general mass message voice note then $3 is suitable, if it’s a longer MP3 then $1 per minute is a common price.

How Much Should I Charge For Dick Ratings On Onlyfans?

Dick ratings are so popular on Onlyfans, some guys want a pretty girl to compliment their dick and then others want their dicks humiliated. It’s important to find out what they are into first.


Most models charge $10 for dick ratings via message and $25 for a dick rating by video message. You simply record a short clip, giving your opinion of their dick

How Much To Charge For Pictures On Onlyfans?

Keeping all your juiciest content for your best paying customers is how you can make the most money on Onlyfans. 

By sending out PTVs, sending pictures during sexting chats or posting them under a locked paid post.

Here are some estimates of what to charge for each type of picture –

  • Face pictures / light tease & lingerie – Free on your profile
  • Topless – Lower range $3
  • Full nude – $5
  • Full nude with sexual content $7-$10 
  • Feet pictures $5-$7
  • Nude fan signs $10-$15
  • Custom pictures $20 for a set of 10 non-nude or $40 for a set of 10 that are nude

How Much Should I Charge For Videos On Onlyfans? 

Just like pictures, your video content is where you can make your money on Onlyfans

You can have a video menu with set prices, send them out in a locked PTV or post them to your timeline as a locked paid post. 

I advise posting GIFs or 10-second previews of your videos to your profile, this will entice guys to purchase the full clip.

  • $1 per minute for an average video
  • $2 per minute for a B/G, Findom or other speciality vide
  • Snippet 1-3 minute clips – $5-$10 depending on how explicit

How Much Should I Charge For a Custom Video On Onlyfans?

Custom videos are really popular on Onlyfans if you promote them enough. These are a great option to earn a lot of money.


The most common rate for a custom video is $8-$10 per minute, with a minimum of 5 minutes needing to be booked.

But the following options are usually extra add-ons and not included in the price:

  • Saying the guy’s name in the custom extra $30-$50
  • Wearing a specific outfit (the cost of the outfit + $20)
  • Quick 3-day delivery extra $30
  • Specific nail polish Color for foot clips extra $10

The best way to organize your custom filming sessions is to let your fans know that you’re accepting customs this week and you only have a few slots left. Let guys know that they can DM you to book in. If you film them in bulk sessions like this, then your time getting ready & setting up your equipment is more worthwhile.  

The reason you charge extra for adding someone’s name into a custom is that you can sell that custom video to everyone else if there’s no name in it, which earns you more money.

Maximizing the Value of Custom Content

It’s essential to understand that just because someone purchases your custom content doesn’t mean they own it. You retain the rights to your content.

Think of it like art; someone might buy the original piece, but you can still sell prints or digital versions of that artwork.

Similarly, after creating a custom video for a fan, you can repurpose that content and sell it at regular prices to other fans. This approach not only maximizes the return on your effort but also provides additional content for your subscribers

How Much Should I Charge For Sexting With Guys On Onlyfans? 

Charging for sexting is so important on Onlyfans, so many guys think they get to subscribe for x fee and then take up all your time chatting. 

You can choose to offer this within your subscription, but I don’t recommend it.

Charging for sexting on Onlyfans is very lucrative and it really adds up once the guy becomes turned on and wants more of your time.


Most models charge $2-$3 a minute for typing sexting, $4-5 for sexting via voice note recordings and $6-$10 per minute for sexting via sending video snippets.

Guys tend to get lost in the moment and buy more time with you as they get more into the session. 

You want to make the sexting session enticing but not get them too excited too quickly. 

The moment they’ve done their business, they won’t be buying any more time with you in that session. 

If you provide a really great sexting session on Onlyfans then those guys will almost always return to you for future sexting sessions.

The tricky part comes when you have several guys wanting to sext with you at the same time. 

After a successful sexting session on Onlyfans, it’s good to try and upsell a custom video to the guy to try and gain more sales.

Charging Cheaper To Attract More Fans 

This is the first approach to pricing your services and this is the most common approach. 

With this method, you are looking to attract guys in larger quantities for it to be worth it. With this method, a higher level of marketing is important because you need guys subscribing in high numbers. 

If you do choose this option, I’d recommend charging $4.99 a month for your subscription and then heavily discounting the 3/6/12 month subscription options.

Most money that is made on Onlyfans isn’t via subscriptions, so don’t be too concerned about charging so low.

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Charging Higher To Attract Higher Quality fans 

This approach is focused on charging a higher price to attract higher quality guys. 

This means you will have fewer fans overall, but these guys are willing to pay more for your services. This is a particularly common option for dommes and findoms. 

If you do wish to charge a higher rate, then $9.99 is a middle-range price, with $19.99 being the highest I’ve witnessed for a vanilla model.

Personally, I don’t recommend this option unless you are a niche fetish model or domme, because vanilla guys are far less likely to subscribe to a $9.99 page VS a $4.99 page. 

Just remember that the majority of the money that is made by the 1% earners isn’t from their subscription earnings; it’s mainly through tips and PTV messages, selling all your content and customs. 

For most models I know, their subscription prices make up under 10% of their income. This is why so many models have a free subscription page.


These prices are based on what an average model charges. You should always charge what you feel is best but always charge your worth. If you are a Domme or Findom then you will be able to charge a lot higher than the prices shown here.



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