How To Get Followers on Onlyfans Without Social Media

How to get followers on Onlyfans without social media

This guide is all about how I grew my OnlyFans to five figures per month, minus the usual social media hustle.

From harnessing niche platforms to leveraging community collaborations, I’ll share my roadmap for those who value discretion but don’t want to compromise on growth.

So if you want to learn how to grow without the slow grind of building a social media following, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get into it!

P.S Before diving into the strategies, make sure your OnlyFans is properly set up for success. The methods in this guide will be 10x more effective if you’ve properly established your niche, brand, and persona from the jump.

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Promote your Onlyfans on Pornhub

Promoting your Onlyfans on pornhub

Pornhub has been a successful way for me to promote my Onlyfans. I’ve gained many new subscribers from the platform. 

On Pornhub, you can now set up your profile on the model hub section and upload content. Pornhub allows you to also upload full-length video content and set a price to view it. 

To promote yourself on Pornhub, the best way to do this is to edit one of your videos down to 4 minutes long. And at the end of the clip, add a section where you tell your viewers to continue watching the clip on your Onlyfans page. 

Post this video as a free-to-view clip with keywords in your title.

Something along these lines works very well.

“Enjoyed this video? Come and see more at and we can get to know each other better” 

This encourages the viewer to head over to your Onlyfans page and subscribe. I recommend posting at least 1-2 of these clips per month, to keep a nice flow of guys coming over to your page.

If you’re not a big fan of putting yourself on such a well-known platform, These other options may be more suitable.

Utilize Other NSFW Platforms

A great way to promote your Onlyfans is to live stream on sites like Chaturbate, where you can also send viewers to join your Onlyfans page.

I used this method when my Onlyfans were brand new and it worked out pretty well. The best thing about this is that you’ll be earning money while camming and boosting your Onlyfans subscribers at the same time.

It’s a win-win!

If you produce video content, you can always put your Onlyfans URL at the end of each video, if you’re on sites like Iwantclips or Manyvids. Guys who enjoy your content are likely to subscribe to your Onlyfans. 

Attracting guys who are already paying customers is a great thing to do, as they are more likely to spend on you than random freeloaders on Twitter. Guys who have subscribed to my Onlyfans, after watching my content on a clip site are always my best spending customers.

But this can only work if you are creating regular video content or camming.

Promoting your Onlyfans on Reddit

Despite Reddit being classified as a social media platform, it’s far more discrete and much more successful than any other social media platform.

Reddit has hundreds of NSFW subreddits where you can promote your Onlyfans page. I gain 80% of my subscribers via Reddit, with very little effort.

By posting strategically and consistently, you can witness rapid growth in your subscriber count.

Twice a week, I post 2-3 pictures paired with an enticing caption across all the subreddits that work well for me. My profile contains my Onlyfans link and links to any other platforms I’m on.

To save time, I use a Reddit Post scheduler called Social Rise. It allows me to schedule my reddit posts at the best time of day and it’ll post across all my subreddits.

Unlike other platforms where your reach might be limited, Reddit offers a plethora of NSFW subreddits tailored to various niches.

Here are some subreddits for promoting your Onlyfans page: 


I recommend that you find subreddits that fit your niche or characteristics. For example, if you’re blonde, bbw with tattoos. Find the subreddits for women who are BBW or women who have tattoos. Because your target customer will be on these subreddits, looking for women that look like you.

Pro tip: Select a few high-quality photos and repost them across various subreddits. This strategy ensures that you get maximum visibility without overwhelming your audience with too much content on a single subreddit.

Engagement can also be a game-changer. Every time you post a picture or video, I use a question that encourages a response from views to get the ball rolling.

A few comments set you apart from other posts, and builds some trust with potential subscribers that you’re a genuine creator. A lively page is always more attractive than one that seems deserted.

And of course – always ensure that your Reddit profile contains links to your OnlyFans!

Onlyfans Share for Share

One popular way to promote your Onlyfans is by engaging in share for share, aka shoutouts. This is where two models with similar follower numbers will post about each other on their Onlyfans page. This works because you both get exposure in front of new fans. 

You can find other models to do a SFS on Reddit, NSFW forums or discord groups.

This mainly works for models who have at least 100 followers or 50 subscribers. If you are a brand new Onlyfans model, these next options may work better for you.

Connecting with other OnlyFans content creators does have its limitations. Often, the creator community on Twitter becomes a bubble, with creators following and promoting each other. This might not always grab the attention of potential buyers.

So, while it’s good for community support, relying solely on share for share might not yield the desired subscriber growth

Will my Onlyfans page be less successful if I don’t use social media

get followers on Onlyfans without social media

That will depend on what alternatives you use to promote your Onlyfans. 

For example, I don’t use social media platforms to promote my Onlyfans. It was a waste of time for me. But I heavily use Reddit, alongside Pornhub.

Three times per week I have posts scheduled for my favourite NSFW subreddits. I use Social Rise to schedule my Reddit posts. And I post mini 5-minute clips to Pornhub 1-2 times per month. 

These methods have been really successful for me in building my Onlyfans page and have a much better return for me than Twitter or Instagram. I’m not a fan of using platforms that shadow-ban NSFW posts.

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Even though you don’t need social media, to promote your Onlyfans. Without Reddit or Pornhub, you will find it incredibly difficult to build your Onlyfans page. 

For many years, I haven’t used Twitter, Instagram or TikTok to promote my content. And I’ve still done very well, but I use all of the options above instead. I’m not a big fan of social media, it just wasn’t worth my time.


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