Onlyfans Content Ideas Bundle – Halloween


This Halloween Bundle contains a mixture of PDFs with Halloween Themed content ideas, tip menu templates and promo templates. It can be hard to continue coming up with fresh ideas, this content bundle will help any model.

“I’m getting new subs whenever I’m logged on!”

I did struggle at first to bring in the customers I wanted, but your blogs helped way more than both Google and YouTube.

I have bought a few tools over time from the shop and I have seen some more traffic coming through to my page. Since then I am able to make at least twice what I already was making – and I am always getting new people to my page anytime I am logged on as well.

I am very grateful that a friend of mine referred me to your blog sometime back because it has helped me tremendously so thank you so much! 

Sara Renee

“I’ve earned over twice as much this month”

AGB has been invaluable in helping me to figure out what I need to do, what I need to focus on, and how to improve upon the things that I’m struggling or self-conscious about so far.

I’ve already made twice as much in May as I made in April (with plenty of the month left) so I feel excited going forward.

I keep finding myself coming back here for help when I feel stuck. I’ve used some of the Canva templates for building a tip menu as well as dick rating guides, and JOIS.



“Revived my passion for what I do”

It was such a joy for me to stumble upon your website.

My income has increased significantly now that I have ideas to draw from to please my clients.

I’ve been a sex worker for two years now and have recently hit a dry streak so far as to what content I’ve been wanting to offer.

Your tools and blog have been wonderful acted like a refresher for me and revived my passion for what I do.

The scripts are what have helped me the most and the variety in them is well appreciated.

It really is much easier to make money with your system, tip menus, and scripts!


“From 0 subs to 3 per week”

My experience has been amazing! I am on the AGB site multiple times a week – sometimes even multiple times a day.

I am brand new to this game but I was able to get 3 subscribers on my OnlyFans in one week compared to 0 fans since December!

The blog and the tools have allowed me to step up my game and understand what quality content actually is instead of just putting anything out there and hoping for the best.

I have also been able to gain so much confidence in myself just from reading the blog and your emails.

Again thank you so much for hustling so hard for us so our hustle can be a little bit easier!! 


“I was able to quit escorting”

I’m new to this type of work – but I followed your directions & took notes and just watched my camming scores and my stats just climb!

Your content is a miracle lifesaver in my eyes 🙂

I was able to quit escorting in exchange for making content and live streaming full time and I truly believe the info you put out there has almost 60% to do with that – so for that I thank you!!

If you quit and closed down the site, I’d be lost!!


“My income has drastically changed – in a good way!”

I’m making a lot more in clip sales and a lot more requests since using your dick rate guides.

I was so confused about what to say – and now it’s my most sold item!

I’ve even had subs buy more than 1 or 2.


“From $50 to $500 per month”

I’ve been in this industry for over 5 years now, bringing in around $50-$75 a month writing my own scripts.

I found your site earlier this year (2023) and have bought countless scripts/changed em up some and am easily bringing in $400-$500.

Which, may not seem like much – but that adds up, and I’m just getting started. 

Your scripts free up my time to create more or spend time with my family. 

Thanks for all your hard and amazing work! Will continue to buy from you to make my life smoother! 


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