How to Sell Nudes On Snapchat for Beginners (Full Guide)

While some models may feel uncomfortable giving out their Snapchat to random strangers who aren’t paying for it, I’ve found success in using it as a promotional platform.

I will promote my Snapchat on public platforms where there is plenty of traffic (like Reddit or Twitter) and from there, I’ll use Snapchat to build a connection followers with my followers and build a reputation for consistent posting. 

By having my pics pop up on potential followers’ accounts several times a day, I stay at the top of their minds and improve the chances of them subscribing to my OnlyFans whenever they find themselves “in need” 😉

So read on to find out how to grow your Snapchat audience and ultimately funneling them into becoming paying subscribers

Should I Charge for My Snapchat Account?

Initially, I only gave my Snapchat to paying subscribers, but I realized it was a missed opportunity. I use it as a way to show a more personal side of myself, which can lead to more subscribers.

Now I let anyone add me on Snapchat. I use it as a casual space to let people get to know me.

I post content on my story and occasionally mention my OnlyFans subscription to those who want to see more. If someone engages with my messages or asks me questions, I reply and build a relationship with them. I also post my link on my story every few days to attract potential subscribers.

I make it clear that I’m not interested in long conversations unless someone is a paid subscriber. If someone is not interested in subscribing, I do not waste my time talking to them. If someone asks to buy something, I direct them to my OnlyFans.

How to Make Money from Your Spicy Snapchat

As a content creator, I believe that my time and effort are valuable. That’s why I never feel stingy for charging for my premium content. I owe nothing for free, and anyone who says otherwise is just looking for freebies.

I never post nudes on my promotional account, only risqué content. If someone wants more explicit content, I direct them to my OnlyFans subscription. I do not engage in sexting or detailed conversations unless someone is willing to pay for my time.

My subscribers know the rules – I only accept dick pics during GFE sessions or if they tip me. It’s all about mutual understanding.

Findom Bundle

If you’re considering posting premium content on Snapchat, I recommend creating a private story and charging people for access

When I offered premium content on Snapchat, I charged $50 for lifetime access to the private story. I also charged additional fees for sexting and other exclusive content.

Can You Promote Snapchat on OnlyFans?

I strongly advise against promoting your Snapchat on your OnlyFans account. While it may seem like a good idea to direct traffic from one platform to another, it can actually hurt your business in the long run.

Mentioning Snapchat and accepting payments for it on OF can get you banned from OnlyFans. The platform has strict guidelines on promoting other sites and services that can potentially take away traffic and revenue from the site.

Also, it’s important to understand that your paying OF subscribers may not be interested in seeing the same content on Snapchat. They’re paying to see exclusive content on OnlyFans, so sharing the same content on Snapchat can be seen as redundant.

So the bottom line is: You should promote your OnlyFans through Snapchat, but DO NOT promote your Snapchat through OnlyFans 😉

Spicy Snapchat Content Ideas

Creating content for a premium Snapchat account can be a tricky task. The platform is highly personal, and your subscribers are paying for an intimate experience with you. 

It’s important to mix up the content and show more than just sex stuff or nudes. My subscribers like to see me at the park with my dogs, for example, and they enjoy getting to know my personality. 

From my experience, the content that works best is the one that makes your subscribers feel like they’re part of your life. 

If you decided to offer premium Snapchat content, GFE (“girlfriend experience“) interactions can be a great option.

For example, sending morning and evening snaps and showing your face can help create a more intimate connection with your subscribers. However, it’s important to set boundaries and expectations from the beginning. 

If I’m busy, I reply to my subscribers’ messages and let them know that I may not be able to respond instantly due to other commitments. However, most of them are just happy with the content, and aren’t too pushy.

Understand Your Followers to Make Money

Understanding your Snapchat followers and their behavior is crucial to maximizing your earnings as an adult content creator.

By categorizing your followers based on their subscription level and keeping track of their engagement, you can prioritize your interactions with top-paying followers and avoid wasting time on inactive ones.

Remember, time is money, and every minute spent on inactive followers is a missed opportunity to engage with those who are actively supporting your content.

A good way to categorize is by renaming your followers base on their subscription level or how much they tip or buy.

For example

  • Dan – from Reddit, just a “window shopper”
  • Steve – OF Standard ( a sub, but doesn’t often tip or buy PVV)
  • Malcom – OF Premium (a subscriber who tips often and buys custom content)
  • Tom – Whale (basically a Findom client at this point)

So when interacting, I’ll quickly scan the name and respond accordingly!

But what about followers who don’t renew their subscriptions? It can be a hassle to manually keep track of who is still paying and who isn’t, and it’s easy to miss out on potential earnings if you’re not careful.

That’s why I periodically check in with my followers and remove those who don’t reply within the requested timeframe. This ensures that my interactions are focused on those who are still actively engaged with my content.

How to Take Payment for Snapchat Content Without Using OnlyFans

If your Snapchat is NOT for your OnlyFans customers, you’ll need to find a way to take payment for your content another way.

Personally, I would recommend Cash App as my payment processor and have my customers add a note with their payment so I can easily identify who they are.

It’s important to establish this process upfront and not give out your Snapchat before receiving payment, as this can result in reports or scammers trying to take advantage of you.

Once payment has been received and the customer has been added to my private story, you can send a welcome message laying out the ground rules and any custom services you intend to offer

Remember, taking payments for your premium Snapchat should be treated like any other business transaction. Be clear and upfront about your payment process, ensure that your customers understand your rules and boundaries, and always deliver on your promises.

For delivering any PPV content, Dropbox is a simple way to send videos to customers when they make a purchase.

Ways to Promote Your Free Snapchat


Promoting your free Snapchat account on Reddit can be a great way to reach a wider audience and grow your following. Here the two main ways to help you promote your Snapchat on Reddit:

Include your Snapchat username in your bio

If you have a premium Snapchat account, make sure to include your username in your Reddit bio. This makes it easy for anyone interested in following you on Snapchat to find you.

Post about your Snapchat on relevant subreddits

There are many subreddits dedicated to Snapchat and NSFW content. Make sure to post about your Snapchat account on these subreddits, and include a brief description of what users can expect to see on your account.


Collaborating works best once you already have a few followers – because you usually need some exposure to be able to make a deal with other Snapchat users who have a similar target audience so you can both grow your follower count. 

You can do this by cross-promoting each other’s accounts, doing a takeover on each other’s accounts, or creating joint Snapchat stories.

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Snapchat

If you’re planning on investing time into growing your Snapchat you need to be aware that you run the risk of being banned.

Their terms of service actually prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content after all, so you’ve got to keep it pretty PG. Think Instagram-level of saucy. Nothing beyond bikini pics, essentially.

It’s fine to send nudes over DMs, but a public story is a big no go.

The real danger comes from being reported by thristy guys who are mad you wouldn’t send them freebies. A guy who just spent $10 to get your attention is very unlikely to want you banned 😉

So, the key is to keep a tight circle of paying followers who won’t report you.

I’ve also heard that adding too many followers too quickly can cause alarm bells to ring in the Snapchat algorithm – as well as posting direct links to your OnlyFans. I play it safe and usually just promote my username, which the guys will have to type in themselves.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Snapchat bans are done by device. So if you have a promotional account that gets banned, it can affect your personal account on the same device. That’s why it’s a good idea to use separate devices if you plan on using multiple accounts.


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