Why I Keep My OnlyFans Subscriber Count Private 🤫💕

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After you’ve gained your first 100 fans, you get the option to toggle the visibility of your subscriber count on and off in your account settings. 🧐👩‍💻

It might seem trivial, but it sharing that data significantly impact your fan interactions and your brand image. 🙌💖

In this guide I’ll step you through the pros and cons of revealing or concealing your subscriber count – and share why I choose to keep my count under wraps! 🎩💫

Who Would You Share Your Subscriber Count?💅💕

If you’ve amassed a sizeable following, publicly displaying your fan count can act as social proof. Imagine a potential subscriber thinking, “Wow, she has 250 fans; the content must be top-notch!” 💃💎 This perception can incentivize more users to subscribe.

If your count isn’t too high, it sends a signal that you’ve not outsourced your messages to chatters, and your fans can expect genuine interaction 💌.

So while I admit there are some merits to making your count visible a the start of your journey, the strategy does more harm than good overall…

Why I Choose to Keep My Subscriber Count Private💕🔒

If your subscriber count is high, new fans might presume that you’re too occupied to interact with them personally, discouraging them from subscribing. 🤷‍♀️💔 They might also feel that they are just another statistic and not a unique fan.

Displaying your subscriber count also gives away a rough estimate of your earnings. Everyone can do the math, which can impact the image you’re trying to present. 

You’re not a very convincing Findom if you clearly only have a handful of subscribers.

On the other hand, there is the risk of appearing too successful if your image relies on a “broke college girl, please send money for pizza” image.

Some potential subscribers may prefer to support creators who seem to need it more, thinking, “They’re already making a lot of money; I’ll go somewhere I’ll be appreciated more.” 🧐💸

Shining Through Likes, Not Just Subscribers 💫👑

While disclosing your subscriber count can add a certain level of credibility, I’ve found that the number of likes and posts can serve as equally compelling proof of your content quality and fan engagement.

This approach allows me to keep my income under wraps and sends a reassuring message to fans that I’m always ready and available for a personal chat, no matter how large my fanbase grows. 🎈💕

I have adopted a proactive approach to boost interaction and likes – check my strategies below:

Fostering Relationships Through Interactive Strategies 🎭💖

A playful welcome message like ‘Like X number of posts, and you’ll get a special surprise’ breaks the ice and encourages engagement. And believe me, ladies, it has been a hit with my fans! 💥🎁

Once a week, I send my delightful clip to fans who have liked, commented on, or tipped my posts, subtly hinting at more surprises if they stay active. This technique encourages fans to revisit and like older posts. 😉🌟

Self-Liking and Collaborations 👩‍🎤🤝

Subscribers can’t see who likes your posts on OnlyFans. So, why not like your own posts? It’s a simple way to give your ‘likes’ count a friendly nudge when you’re starting out.

Also, platforms like Twitter are amazing if you connect with other creaotrs at your level for a ‘like4like’ exchange.

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Navigating Your Subscriber Count, Your Way 💫

Remember, ladies, always choose what feels right for you – but I hope you found my take useful! 

By keeping my subscriber count private and focusing on ‘likes’, I’ve crafted a fan experience that rewards engagement and builds credibility without disclosing my earnings. And I recommend you take the same approach! 💃🌹


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