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How to Become a Findom – The Ultimate Guide [2022]

So, you have heard about this quirky fetish called Financial Domination and now you are curious of how to become a Findom?

Surely men don’t get turned on by handing money over to bratty hot women? Oh believe me, Findom subs do 😬💵

Because there is an art to becoming a good Findom, doing your research first is crucial. So, I wrote this article to teach you everything I know and to help you start your path to Findom.

Grab a coffee and comfy seat and get ready to get your sass on 💁🏼‍♀️

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What is financial domination?

Before you become a findom, it’s good to fully understand what this fetish is all about. Financial Domination is a fetish where people get turned on by giving up financial control in whatever form, to a dominant person. Usually, this fetish is mostly in men and the financial power they are giving up is to a dominant woman.

Financial domination comes in many different forms, including handing over money (otherwise known as a tribute), taking a dominant woman shopping and covering the bill, guys buying you gifts, taking control and making financial decisions for the guy who’s into financial domination.

There is a slight misconception about financial domination, many women often think that guys who have this fetish are willing to hand over money with nothing in return but this is not the case. The guy with this fetish expects a sexual experience in return for the money he is handing over, he expects your time and attention, to be taunted by the greed of how much money you’ve taken from him and sometimes sexual pictures. 

Within the financial domination fetish, most models are non-nude and guys don’t expect you to show full-on nudity in return but tease and lingerie pictures do play a part in this.

I’ve always considered financial domination as more of a psychological fetish as opposed to a visual one. For example with a foot fetish, those guys will want to visually see your feet in pictures and videos within any session. But with findom, your job is to get into their psyche and give them a mental stimulation experience that they cannot get elsewhere. 

Most of the men who are into findom are businessmen, whose daily lives are bound by making big decisions and control and this is their outlet. You will also find that most guys with a findom fetish are also into another fetish, some like to be humiliated and called a loser and others may be into feet

Financial Domination Terms

  • Paypig, cash pig, cash cow, ATM machine, worker bee, findom addict – Terms used to describe a guy who’s into findom.
  • Princess, bratty, goddess – Terms used to describe a woman who offers financial domination services.
  • Tribute or tip – Terms to describe a findom guy sending you money.

How to find a paypig?

Finding a paypig is like trying to find a tiny fish in a big ocean (or piggy 🐷) and the reality is they should be finding you and not you finding them. Your job is to be on the right platforms and as many platforms as possible so that you can be found by guys who are into findom.

I often see models on Twitter almost begging guys to send them money in the name of “findom” (cringe alert 😱)and this is not findom, there isn’t a single true guy who’s into financial domination that would be the slightest bit turned on by this approach. This is the type of approach that will attract a lot of scammers your way, guys looking to get a free show from you.

The biggest turn on for men who are into findom is that you are an unattainable goddess, a strong independent who has a flock of men rallying around to serve and please her, not a desperate begging woman who’s showing she needs him.

Gurl, you are a Goddess, let them know your worth! 

There are so many platforms out there where you can offer your services and some are better for findom than others but given this fetish is so unique I recommend you spread yourself across at least 4-5 platforms, so guys can find you anywhere.

Best websites to make money in Findom 

In the first table below, I have hand-selected the best platforms for offering financial domination services. You will find the site, the payout percentage and what kind of platform it is. It’s certainly worth trying them all and then sticking with whichever ones are working best for you, as you are already making content, it doesn’t take much time to post it onto every platform. 

Platform Payout Percentage %
LoyalFans 80%

How much can you make as a Findom?

how to become a webcam model

The sliding scale of this question is so wide when it comes to findoms, so I will try to be as direct as possible. I know models who make nothing from findom (but this is usually because they take the begging approach and put in no effort) and I also know models making $35k + a month from findom. These models put in full-time hours and hard work into their content and have become heavily skilled in what they do. 

$5000 a month is the average amount that a financial dominatrix can make from offering findom services online. This amount is based around working consistently and is placed on at least 4-5 platforms, with several fan pages and at least 50 videos. 

The exciting part about becoming a findom is that the sky truly is the limit and you can go from earning $1000 a month to $10k a month from one month to the next. It takes just one or two of the right guys to find you and start spending on you like crazy. 

The downside to findom is that the income is incredibly inconsistent. You can have 6 months of earning $2000 and then suddenly have 2 months of $6k and then down to $1000. You truly never know what each month will end up like. But as long as your output of content, work hours and marketing are consistent, you should always earn some money. 

It takes at least 6 months of consistent content making and marketing yourself to establish a livable income from findom. I do always recommend models to do other fetishes within Femdom, to open the net wider to more customers and to create a more stable income. Humiliation, goddess worship, Hypno and feet are common co-occurring fetishes for guys who are into findom. 

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Findom Rules – The do’s and don’t

Rule One 

When you become a Findom I recommend that you start with lower expectations. When seeing models on Twitter posting large tributes, it can appear as though they’ve done nothing for the money, but that isn’t the case. Naturally, it’s exciting to see large sums of money being handed over, but these models have established themselves and built up a loyal fan base. Things will take time but are worth it in the end. 

Rule Two

Don’t step on other models’ toes. The findom side of the industry is pretty ruthless and catty, that’s a given. When you mix a ton of girls with money, it can get bitchy real quick. It’s a known rule not to poach other models’ customers, things like posting your links under popular models’ photos is a no go or directly messaging their fans is another no go. It’s perfectly fine to comment on fellow models’ pictures, I actually encourage it. But keep your comments friendly with a nice compliment or join in a general conversation. 

Rule Three

Show the attitude of an unattainable woman to your guys. One of the biggest factors in findom is that you are this strong, confident and unattainable woman. You don’t want to come off as too keen or desperate for money, having a mindset that they need you and you don’t need them is important. Try not to be too excited by small tributes, they simply aren’t enough and you are worthy of more. 

Rule Four

Don’t thank the guys. It’s a strange one because you’ve probably been taught to thank people who give you something. But in Findom, it’s a written rule to not say thank you to your guys for anything or any amount of money. You can acknowledge their tribute or gift with “good boy” or “nice work”. 

Rule Five

Brag about your showers of tributes. If you’ve looked around any findom models’ Twitter profiles, you’ll see them bragging about tributes and posting screenshots. This is something that can encourage more guys to tribute and they find it a big turn on. I do recommend only posting sizable tributes or orders though. Bragging about a $25 tribute is just going to send the wrong message to new guys, it tells them you are happy to take less. I’d say a $100+ tribute is worth bragging about or if a guy sends multiple tributes in one session that amounts to $100 or if someone buys 10+ video clips from you. 

Rule Six

Don’t tweet generic findom tweets. On Twitter, I often see tweets like “Send piggy I’m waiting” or “Pay me your paycheck right now”. These tweets are generic and boring. Everyone tweets them and they just sound very “newbie”. It’s good to tweet things that have a bit more depth, and sound a bit more seductive than just telling guys to send. Guys won’t see a tweet like this and just send money, get creative in your tweets and you’ll stand out from the rest. 

Rule Seven

Findom is 100% oversaturated. Which may not be a shock to you, the idea of a guy just handing over money because it turns him on. You can imagine how many women flock into findom. But the guys who pay very decent money can sniff out a real findom from an imposter. They can see which girls are the real deal and are willing to put the effort in vs the women who just want money and have zero interest in giving the guy a sexual experience. Having your fan pages and being present on clip sites automatically sets you aside. Creating video content shows you are serious about being a findom, tweeting out creative tweets & captions all show the guys that you are the real deal. 

Rule Eight

Don’t push too hard with tributes. One part of findom that you’ll develop with experience is knowing how far to push someone with tributes. Every guy has a different budget to spend, some can only afford $200 a month and others will happily spend $2000 in one session. You don’t want to push a guy too hard that it scares him off and you get nothing, but you also don’t want to push too little and leave money on the table. The best way to figure this out is to start off with $25 requests and then push to $50 and then keep going up until he starts expressing that it’s too much for him. 

Rule Nine

Don’t use Amazon wish lists or PayPal. As much as it’s nice to receive gifts and Amazon wishlist makes this easy to do, they are known to be an easy way for guys to gain your private information (even when you tick the box to remain private). It’s much safer for you to ask for E-gift cards for your favourite stores online, you just have to give your guys your email and that’s it. 

PayPal is another no go. They are against receiving money for sexual services, so you are at risk of having your account closed. Plus, it’s very easy for guys to send money, receive your time or content and then create a chargeback and tell PayPal that it’s for sexual services. 

Rule Ten

Don’t ever spend on your guy’s credit card or participate in teamviewer. Some guys have a fantasy of letting their domme take their credit card and spend whatever they want on it. Although this is incredibly tempting, it’s illegal. You can get in serious legal trouble if anything goes wrong and it’s not worth it. Also, some guys are into doing findom TeamViewer sessions where you take virtual control of their laptop and spend on their credit card. This is also illegal.

How to make money from Findom 

There are so many ways to make money in the wonderful world of findom. Let’s get straight into it, starting with my favourite way to make money from findom.


This is the main way to make money as a findom and the most common way. Findom guys love sending tributes and they can either send large amounts or they can send multiple smaller tributes that all add up. 

I always ask guys to send a tribute when they start talking to me. I always like them to prove themselves if they claim they’re into findom. I ask them to send me a tribute to impress me. This is a good way to see how much guys are willing to send. Usually, it should be a minimum of $25 (my personal minimum is $50 to start with). Anything less than this is considered an insult. I tell the guys this and give them a chance to “try harder”. If they don’t, then they can consider themselves blocked. 

Fan Pages

Fan pages are a great way to make money in findom. The best part is that you can get away with charging way higher for your subscription than your average model. Most models charge $5 per month or under, but findom models can get away with charging a $10-$50 per month subscription. If you only or mainly do findom, it’s important to make this very clear in your bio so you’ll attract in the findom guys.

Videos & Picture Content 

Findom videos are really popular and you’ll find guys that are into financial domination will often buy several or all of your findom content. You can also get away with charging more for your findom video content, between $2-$3 per minute for a findom clip (not custom). Within your video content you can set tribute tasks, brag about your financial gains and even create high-priced videos that are $500 or even $1000. You won’t sell these often but they do sell at some point. 

Pictures are great for Twitter and fan pages. In particular, you can show off pictures of yourself in fancy restaurants or when you’re out shopping, show pictures of you holding lots of money or brag about things you’ve purchased using findom money. 

You can use your phone if you have a good quality camera or you can use a digital camera for higher quality and better set-up. This is the digital camera I use for filming my video content. It’s cheaper and perfect quality. 

Custom Videos 

Custom videos are popular in Findom, you can charge anything from $10+ per minute for a custom video, and always charge extra if they want you to wear a specific outfit or if they want their name mentioned within the custom video. 

Cam Shows

On mainstream cam sites, financial domination isn’t so popular. You will have the occasional guy come along and spoil you, but it’s mostly not for findom. One-to-one cam sessions are far more popular for Findom, you can offer a 1-2-1 cam session to your guys and charge $10+ per minute. Always get your guys to pay you via tribute on one of your platforms for this, and then you can perform the show on Skype. Always make sure you receive payment before the session. 

It’s important to have a good webcam and lighting to perform your camming sessions. The one I use can be found here on Amazon. 

Most fan pages also offer live camming for fans. This is a very good way to earn lots of money. Let your guys know what time and date you’ll be going live and you can rake in the money. 

Sexting Sessions 

1-2-1 sexting sessions are the most popular way to earn money in findom. Most platforms have a DM inbox and you’ll find guys pop up to chat with you. Always ask them what they’re into first, then tell them if they want your time, then they’ll need to impress you first with a tribute. Throughout the chatting session, demand tributes to keep your attention. You don’t want to ask too often, every 15 minutes should be fine and make sure that they are tributing at least $25 a tip. During a sexting session, you can send PTV paid pictures and video content to earn more money. 


MP3’s are still a thing in findom but they are more popular on specific platforms, fan pages being one of them. Most MP3’s are around 10 minutes long, ensuring you have a good microphone when recording an MP3. You can also send snippets of 1-2 minute MP3’s as a paid PTV on your fan pages. You could set findom tasks or just brag about how you’re going to drain them of all their money. 

Cum Taxes

A big thing in findom is charging “cum tax” when one of your guys cums. This is usually a $20+ fee that you can demand they pay you because they’ve had the luxury of cumming for you. There is also a loser tax, stroking tax and small dick tax. Some guys will pay these and others won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to demand it and get that extra bit of cash. 

Phone Chat 

Phone sex is also still alive in this day and age and findom is very popular for phone chats. Not every platform offers this feature so we’ve listed some of the best platforms that offer a phone sex feature. 

Platform Payout Percentage %
LoyalFans 80%

Marketing yourself as a Findom 

One of the most important parts of findom is marketing yourself, guys cannot pay you if they don’t know you exist and it’s even more important because you’re offering a very specific niche. You don’t want to have to sift through all the wrong guys, you want to market yourself directly to the guys who are into financial domination. 

Here are the best ways to promote your findom services – 


The most popular place to market your findom services is Twitter, it’s used by the majority of adult content creators and it’s a great place to keep your guys updated with your new content. It does take time to build a Twitter following but if you are engaging every day for at least a year then you should have a very decent following.

I’ve never found Twitter to be the best place to find my target market of guys but I still think it’s important to keep your audience updated with new content and when you’re online. The best way to utilise Twitter is to use hashtags relating to your niche and to engage with other models, the best way to do this is by re-tweeting models, commenting under models’ statuses (not with your links) and by being in with the community.


Reddit is my favourite place to market my own findom services. The great thing about Reddit is there are pages specifically for your niche fetishes that you can advertise on, so then you’re attracting the right guys. As I always say, read the rules of each subreddit to check if you need to be verified first or if you’re allowed to promote yourself at all.

I recommend posting to Reddit 2-3 times per week across the subreddits relating to findom. 


Despite platforms not being traditional marketing platforms, I find they are the best place to market findom services. Not only will guys be able to find you by keywords, but the guys on these sites are quality-paying customers already. Unlike Reddit and Twitter where there are so many freeloaders, platforms have paying guys who already have their credit card on file. 

Findom Tweet Ideas

It can be quite overwhelming when you start financial domination, your mind hits a blank and you suddenly feel like an imposter. It’s completely normal to feel this way and even after all these years, my mind still hits a blank on what I should tweet. 

It’s perfectly fine to take inspiration from other models’ tweets, as long as you never copy someone word for word or copy too closely. 

I’ve compiled together some findom tweet ideas for you to use or change into your own words. 

  • Morning tweets “Morning losers, I’m excited for a day of wallet-draining” 
  • Goodnight tweets “Night paypigs, don’t forget to send while I sleep” 
  • Who’s picking up my lunch/dinner tab? (Tweet pic of receipt or your meal)
  • I’m off to get a pedicure done. Which good foot bitch is picking up the tab? 
  • I’m filming new videos. How much are you hoping I’ll take this week? 🤯
  • I’m in a sexy outfit while filming, good boy tips get to have a peek 😍
  • Filming new content, what do my paypigs want to see me film? 💁🏼‍♀️
  • Another new week and another chance to make me richer 😉
  • I drained $500 from a good boy today. Who’s next? 
  • New month, who’s going to be my favourite paying pig this month? 
  • I love it when you oink while paying me 🐷 

Findom Name Ideas 

When becoming a financial dominatrix it’s so important that you don’t share your real name or real information with anyone. Some guys can be creepy and untrustworthy and it’s not safe to give anyone your personal information. 

All models pick a stage name, which mostly starts with Goddess, Princess, Queen or Miss. When picking a name, search it on Twitter and Iwantclips to make sure nobody else is using the exact name. 

Here is a selection of findom name ideas to choose from –

  • Goddess Tatiana Wild 
  • Goddess Houston 
  • Princess Courtney 
  • Miss Brooke Destiny 
  • Findom Princess Rae 
  • Goddess Lucy Rae
  • Findom Princess Mimi
  • Greedy Adore Goddess
  • Greedy Alexis Divine 
  • Princess Adele 
  • Greedy Adriana 
  • Banker Bridget 
  • Camille Cash Goddess 
  • Findom Freya 
  • Worship Jade Wild 
  • Miss Jesse Jordan 
  • Lux Liza 
  • Princess Madison 
  • Obey Olivia Niomi 
  • Rich Reagan
  • Goddess Amelia Rose
  • Obey Auara 
  • Banker Brianna 
  • Princess Cece

Best Findom Subreddits 

Here is a selection of the best Findom Subreddits. Be sure to check the rules of each subreddit before posting. 

  • R/Findom
  • R/FindomPaypigs
  • R/FindomQueens
  • R/Fansly_findom
  • R/Findom_Elite
  • R/OnlyfansLifestyle
  • R/Findomcaptions
  • R/FindomFinsub
  • R/Fanslydommes
  • R/FindomFinder

Findom Bio Ideas 

Filling out your fan page bio is pretty important as it’s one of the first things guys can see before they choose to subscribe or not, it’s kinda your chance to “sell yourself”, so to speak. Here are some things you want to outline within your Onlyfans bio as a findom – 

  • What do you offer 
  • What they’ll get to see by subscribing 
  • Your rules 

So your first one-line sentence could be something like “Findom Goddess – Harsh greedy princess – Seduce me with your wallet” 

Then go on to make a list of what you offer, whether you provide dick ratings, 1-2-1 cash drain sessions, videos etc. Then a list of what they can expect by subscribing, so if you post daily, mention this. If you have x amount of pictures or videos on your feed, it’s good to mention this too.

Then you want to outline your rules, most guys won’t read this or take any notice, but it’s good to put it there for guys who do read bios. If you want them to refer to you as only a Goddess or Princess, you can put this as a rule. If you want guys to tribute you when they want to approach you, then put that rule here.

Findom Onlyfans Welcome message

Most fan pages have the option of setting up an automated welcome message that is sent to new subscribers. This welcome message can either be free or paid. If you are charging $10+ per month for your subscription then I recommend that you keep your welcome message free. 

If you’re charging under $10 per month, then attach a picture to the welcome message and charge $3 but ensure you keep the text visible. 

Welcome messages are a great way to get your new fans to start interacting with you and I recommend asking a question within your welcome message such as “What are your kinks?” Or “How are you today?”. The idea is to get them talking to you so you can earn more money. 

Welcome messages are another place where you can place your rules for how they address you or if they have to tribute to talk to you.

FAQ – How to become a findom

How old do you have to be to become a findom?

You have to be 18+ to become a financial dominatrix as it’s adult content, even if you’re non-nude. Each platform will require you to verify your identity and age upon joining.

Can men do financial domination?

Yes, men can do findom too, however, there is a much smaller demand for financial domination from men. I’ve never known a woman who’s into this fetish and I’d say for men, it’s probably going to be a gay audience that you’ll attract rather than women. But there are still guys out there who are doing findom and there’s a market for it just a very small one.

Is findom the same thing to being a sugar baby? 

Yes, it is very similar, but it has its differences. A sugar baby is spoiled by an older man. Usually, some kind of romantic relationship is formed in this kind of arrangement and often sex is part of that arrangement. Men usually aren’t into being dominated by their sugar baby. 

With findom, there’s no age of the customers, they can be younger or older than you and they like to be dominated and controlled by the domme. There is also no relationship formed in findom, just a sub/domme relationship where sex is not a part of it and most often nudity isn’t a part of it either.

Do you have to pay taxes as a findom?

Yes, findom earnings are classed as fully taxable income. The tips, sales of content, subscriptions and even gifts received are all liable for income tax. The tax you’ll pay is dependent on where you live. However, the items you purchase for your business are tax-deductible.

Can I be a non-nude financial dominatrix? 

Absolutely, in fact, it’s more common to be a non-nude findom than nude. It’s an unwritten rule within findom that guys aren’t worthy of seeing you naked or, at least, if they do, they have to pay you a ton of money for the privilege. You’ll be surprised to know that some of the guys don’t want to see nudity, they’d rather see their domme in sexy lingerie or nice skimpy outfits. So if you don’t want to go full-on nude, findom might be the perfect fetish for you. 

Can I do findom without showing my face? 

Yes, you can, although it’s not popular, there are plenty of highly successful findom models who do not show their face or will only show from their mouth downwards. Although I do personally recommend that you show your face, guys do prefer to see what you look like and build a good interaction with you. But if you are shy or you want to keep your identity private, you’ll still be able to earn money in findom. 

Can I still become a findom if I’m not dominant? 

Yes, you can, but you may struggle. Guys are generally looking for the more harsh and fierce model to dominate them. But there are plenty of models who aren’t dominant by nature who do go on to become findoms. Over time you’ll find that by doing it, you’ll naturally become more dominant by nature. 

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Being a financial dominatrix has been a great experience for me, I certainly think you need to harness the right attitude to successfully do it. It’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme and guys won’t just hand money over for nothing. It is important to manage your expectations when it comes to findom. I hope this article has helped you, as a findom myself, I will certainly be providing more tips on becoming a findom.


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