The Best Findom Websites to Find Your Paypigs

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Today, we’ll be discussing the best sites for girls specializing in Financial Domination (Findom) – and help you work out which is right for you.

For me, LoyalFans has a number of features that make it the best website for Findom. We’ll be exploring these strengths to explain why I think it’s a better choice than OnlyFans for Findom.

Don’t get me wrong – I know plenty of girls who have become successful Findoms through Onlyfans – and if you already have a popular OnlyFans, you should probably stick there.

But if you’re starting from scratch, LoyalFans just offers so much more to help you on your journey.


The best fan site for Femdom and fetish creators. The audience is already there.

You get lots of data on your subscribers' purchasing habits - helping you craft better content and make more money.

LoyalFans pays creators 80% of all transactions.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We’ll also be exploring some of the lesser know websites that are better for specific Findom niches, like livestream drains or phone sessions. 

I’ll step you through the individual merits of each platform so you can decide which is the best fit for your Findom brand needs. So without further ado, let’s get started!

My Top Two Findom Websites: Why You Should Choose LoyalFans Over OnlyFans

I know a lot of girls tend to go for OnlyFans, and I get it. 

It has a bit more built-in trust because it’s what guys are used to seeing, and it’s pretty common knowledge that they have a quite stringent verification process – which I think can give some guys more confidence in signing up with you.

But in terms of Findom-specific features and functionality, it’s seriously lacking. Here are all the reasons I recommend choosing LoyalFans over OnlyFans.


I’m a data nerd 🤓

With LoyalFans, I can click on my subscriber’s name and see all sorts of I can see how long they’ve had their profile, the date they subscribed, the most popular times they’re logged on, how many items they’ve purchased, how much they have spent – the list truly goes on.

This is very valuable information for identifying the guys who might be good candidates for Findom, as well as showing you what type of content is performing best for you in general.

Video Calling

LoyalFans lets you hold a 1-2-1 cam show with your fans and set any price you want.

This feature can be a fantastic moneymaker for Findom, because you can use it to manage your Drain Sessions.

Because the payment is managed through LoyalFans, it’s much safer for you than running sessions on zoom/skype and falling victim to payment scams (we’ll talk more about that later).

You will have to pay the standard commission to LoyalFans (20%) – but it’s definitely worth it for peace of mind and ease of use.

Findom Bundle

Charging for DM’s

Another feature that Loyalfans has that Onlyfans doesn’t, is the ability to charge customers for sending you DM’s.

I consider this a huge win for Loyalfans for in terms of Findom. Charging vanilla guys to message you might not go down so well, but in the world of Findom, it’s the protocol for these guys to pay to message you.

Guys will often forget that they are paying per message they send, which can amount to a lot of money. This also helps weed out guys who are messaging you just to waste your time.

Combine Your Free Followers and Paid Subscribers

The fact that Loyalfans has the function of followers and subscribers on one page is the selling point for me.

With Onlyfans you need two accounts (which is extra work) to attract guys for free & paid. 

On Loyalfans, guys can follow you for free or pay to subscribe and see more. When you schedule a post you can choose who can see it, followers/public/subscribers.

So you have full control over who can see what, without having to log into a whole other profile. You can also choose who your mass DMs are sent to – followers, subscribers, or both.

Top-tier Security

LoyalFans is like your digital guardian angel! 💫

They’re all about keeping you safe and sound with advanced encryption technologies.

Whether you’re a creator or a subscriber, you can rest easy knowing your sensitive data is under lock and key.

This peace of mind makes LoyalFans a go-to for many fab Findom queens and their followers! 👑

Findom Websites Runners Up

While OnlyFans and LoyalFans are my top recommendations for content creators, I understand that every creator has specific needs and requirements for their platform.

For example, those who are mainly interested in live streaming should consider Streamate, while phone sex operators should go for Niteflirt.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider your specific needs and do research to find the platform that best suits you and your content.


Niteflirt is an awesome platform for women looking to offer phone sex services, including findom sessions, to interested callers.

One of the best things about Niteflirt is the wide range of callers on the platform. This means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with guys who are into findom and other adult content.

Just a friendly reminder, make sure to adjust your prices throughout the day to get the most calls and earn the most money.

While I personally prefer to use LoyalFans’ phone call feature to keep everything in one place, I still recommend signing up for Niteflirt if you’re interested in offering phone services exclusively. This way, you can increase your traffic and ensure a steady stream of work coming in.

Niteflirt also offer a variety of payment options, making it a breeze for Findom goddesses to connect with admirers worldwide and rake in some cash! 💰

iWant Clips

iWantClips is a great site for selling Findom videos relatively passively.

The platform has plenty of traffic and great discoverability. I’ve never had to promote my content to get sales. I just upload your content to your profile and let sales trickle in without the need to constantly post.

Some people I know have had issues with the user interface and payment methods in the past – but iWantClips has made some improvements over the past few years, which is great to see.

iWantClips are known for their super responsive customer support and active community vibes.

They listen, they care, and they make changes that make your experience even more fabulous! 🌟


If you’re looking for a platform that offers private shows for playing Findom games live, Streamate is a great option to consider. 

Streamate doesn’t allow nudity below the waist in public shows – which means that you can be sure that you’re getting paid whenever you’re naked ;-).

And with such a large customer base, you can be sure that there are plenty of potential customers out there willing to pay for your time and attention.

Although Streamate takes a 35% commission, I’ve consistently made great money on the platform thanks to the steady flow of traffic it generates.

Enjoy crystal clear streams and a user-friendly interface that makes every session a pleasure.

Whether you’re playing live Findom games or just hanging out, Streamate makes sure you do it in style! ✨


ManyVids offers a variety of ways to make money, from selling NSFW content like videos, photos, and monthly subscriptions – but with some added Findom perks like tribute features and calling services for drain sessions.

And with a payout range of 60-80% across these services, you’re getting paid fair every time.

That’s probably because Manyvids is owned by a model. As a result, it’s always being updated and improved with new features like weekly contests, fantastic data statistics, and even referral earnings from models.

Plus, with multiple payout options available, I can choose the one that suits me best.

They keep rolling out cool features that let you take control and customize to your heart’s content. If you’re a Findom practitioner who values creativity, Manyvids is your kind of place! 🌈

Findom Bundle

Overall, LoyalFans Outperforms the Other Findom Sites

In conclusion, when it comes to Financial Domination, LoyalFans is the site I’d recommend to the majority of girls.

Its data tracking, video store, and charging for DMs, make it the perfect platform for starting out in Findom.

Plus, the ease of use and on-site traffic is a huge bonus.

Of course, every content creator has different needs, so it’s important to do your research and find the platform that works best for you.

Consider the features, commissions, security, user experience, and community vibes. Find a platform that vibes with you, and you’ll be strutting your stuff and thriving in the Findom community in no time! 💃

Good luck 🤑💰!


The best fan site for Femdom and fetish creators. The audience is already there.

You get lots of data on your subscribers' purchasing habits - helping you craft better content and make more money.

LoyalFans pays creators 80% of all transactions.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


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