How I Made $1200 p/m On NiteFlirt – Phone Sex Guide

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Jumping into using a new site without any knowledge or experience can be detrimental, and that’s why AGB is here to help.

As someone who has consistently made $300-400 per day, logging into NiteFlirt for only 4-5 hours, 4 times per week, this guide will provide you with an honest, no-fluff review of NiteFlirt.

NiteFlirt is a safe and secure platform where clients pay for online adult entertainment services. It’s the perfect addition to your existing roster of sites and for those of you who don’t make enough money doing online sex work through camming or subscription-based sites.

Don’t want to continue potentially missing out on thousands of dollars per month? You can join NiteFlirt as a ‘flirt’ from over 30 countries around the world – either independently, or through an agency.

Ways to Make Money on NiteFlirt

Phone Sex Calls

The most popular way to make money on NiteFlirt is by receiving calls for phone sex. It’s as simple as turning on your availability and waiting for the calls to come through.

These calls can be different, but they usually have to do with the topic or niche your listing is based on. At the start of each call, an automated voice will tell you which listing your caller has chosen so that you know what to expect.

You get paid per minute, and at the end of each call, the automated voice will tell you how many minutes your call was and how much money you made from it.

You’ll get an alert when the caller has 1 minute remaining on their balance – which is super useful! There’s nothing worse than when a client runs out of money on a site and has to come back to you once they have topped up again.

Sometimes, clients end up going to another phone sex operator if they are too difficult to find again, or they do not top up until the next time they log in due to the effort of starting again. Callers may top up their balance while they are on the line with you to ensure you never miss out on extra cash!

Video Sessions

For cam performers, incorporating cam into phone sex can be lucrative. NiteFlirt permits you to take your cam calls through Skype as long as the client is calling through the site. There are 3 options to do this: setting up a listing for phone calls with Skype and ensuring that your fee per minute reflects that; charging a flat fee for your Skype ID; or both of these options combined (this is the recommended option because it makes more money).

Sexting on Niteflirt

Chats are the easiest way to make money on NiteFlirt. Every time you respond to the most recent message in each chat, you receive payment. This is called a chat volley.

Here is an example of how the chat volley works:

Client: Hey, sexy!

You: Hey, how are you? ($0.66)

Client: I’m good, thanks. How are you?

You: I’m good thanks! ($0.66)

  • Your total – $1.32

You must reply quickly to ensure clients do not send more than one message at a time since you only get paid for responding to the last message.

Client: Hey, sexy!

Client: How are you?

You: Hey, I’m good, thanks! How are you? ($0.66)

Client: “I’m good, thanks!”

  • Your total – $0.66 (see the difference?)

This is where you are going to put your typing skills to the test if you want to make money sexting. You’ll need to drag out every last part of the conversation while keeping it interesting. You can double-message clients if they aren’t responding; this won’t affect your money!

Another way you can bring in more cash is by asking for tributes. Clients on NiteFlirt are used to being asked. The most popular reasons for tributes are:

● If you’re a busy flirt and a client is trying to start a sexting session, it’s acceptable to ask for a tribute if you have lots of 5-star reviews. You can charge anywhere from $15 (plus they still pay per message you respond to on top of this) up to $50.

● If a client wants to roleplay or discuss a particular niche outside of what your listing describes.

● If a client asks for pictures of your hands, feet, smiley selfies, or much more explicit content. Be sure to charge $15 and up; the sky’s the limit!

Keep in mind that NiteFlirt takes 30% of all tributes; always add this on top of your price so you don’t miss out!

Findom Bundle

Selling Media

Goodie bags are another way to make money from content. These can be pictures, videos, PDFs (for erotic stories), and audio.

Lastly, recorded listings are the way to create a passive income stream when you aren’t available to take calls. A recorded listing is when you record audio talking the same way you would if a client called you for phone sex. The client will pay per minute, the same as if they were on the phone with you.

The difference between audio content listings (goodie bags) and recorded listings is that audio content listings can be purchased once per client for a flat fee. With recorded listings, not only does the client pay per minute, but they have to pay every time that they listen, and they can leave multiple reviews.

Customer Base on NiteFlirt

NiteFlirt has been around since the year 2000, and because of this, you will find that a lot of the customers who originally joined the site are still actively paying for services.

The clients tend to be more respectful and willing to pay more money due to their understanding of how the site works and being experienced service seekers.

The majority of the callers are calling from the US and have seen your listing, while others dial 1-800-to-flirt without ever having seen your profile, which can get interesting.

A huge portion of the customer base on NiteFlirt is older gentlemen who enjoy long calls that start with a regular conversation. Another large percentage of the customer base is made up of submissive men.

NiteFlirt has produced some of the longest calls I have ever taken without me having to work as hard as other sites.

My Experience with NiteFlirt

Even though camming and subscription sites can make you a lot of money, they can be hard on your mental health if you don’t take steps to avoid burnout.

After camming for several years, it got to the point where I needed a break. NiteFlirt provided me with cash flow, flexibility, and freedom. After only a year, I quit the other sites I was using and NiteFlirt became my main source of income.

NiteFlirt Sign Up

Joining NiteFlirt was straightforward. They required an email address, bank card, and photo. NiteFlirt took $1 from my card; this is the age verification process, which is very outdated but got the job done within minutes.

After that, I had to finish my listings, which meant getting a photo and a short voice clip approved by the moderators. This took around 12 hours to be accepted. Finally, I was ready to take calls.

My First NiteFlirt Calls

During the 12-hour wait to be accepted, I did a lot of research and this led me to upload $30 to my balance so that I could play around with the bidding feature, which can put you on the first page to get more calls depending on what you decide to bid and your ranking. This was a hit for me, and in my first 4 hours of logging on, I made $300.

Some of those first clients have been consistent income streams ever since, including one gentleman that contributes to my rent!

The first way I made money on NiteFlirt was through the chat volley feature. Around 15 minutes after featuring my listing on the first page, I began to get an influx of messages. Some were simple greetings, asking how I was doing, whilst others were more hard-core compliments and topics.

I remember when I finally got my first call. I was shaking until I heard a warm and comforting deep southern American accent ask me how I was doing. The conversation was pleasant and not what I was expecting at all; it ended up like a lot of conversations on NiteFlirt: a regular, lengthy conversation with a happy ending.

Scaling Up With Niteflirt

Building a customer base was easy for me, given the resources provided by the site. I would always add relevant and helpful notes about each customer in the ‘customer notes’ section, and I would put them in different categories since NiteFlirt is popular with specific niches. My go-to categories were: submissive, dominant, big spenders, and whack jobs!

In my first week, I made $1080 after spending $120 on features. I would go on to consistently make $1200 per week. I always tried to work 16-20 hours per week. My busiest hours were between 8 p.m.–1 a.m., and the busiest day was Sunday.

Pros and Cons of NiteFlirt

Niteflirt Advantages

There are more pros than cons when it comes to NiteFlirt. Here are AGB’s NiteFlirt Pros:

Easily build an audience quickly

You don’t need a following on social media or experience in online sex work; this is a beginner-friendly platform.

NiteFlirt can be a passive income stream

You can literally wake up to money; several clients can listen to your recorded listings at once and pay per minute.

Fast cash payouts

Money can be deposited into your bank account daily. I received my payments at 9 a.m, 7 days a week through a studio due to its convenience. It was definitely worth a 3% fee.

You can come and go

You are free to deactivate your account anytime; you can try it for a day and remove the account straight away. You are not tied into working on NiteFlirt.

You can upsell everything

Get away with charging extra for anything that is asked of you outside of what the client is already paying for. Most flirts keep the same energy, so clients tend not to bat an eyelid over paying extra for add-ons.

There are supportive online forums

‘NiteFlirts Bad Boys’ is the go-to online forum where you can see a list of scammers and clients that you should block instantly. They also help with getting unfair negative feedback removed. NiteFlirt itself also has a forum, mainly for advice on how to navigate the technical side of the site.

No chargebacks or refunds

Clients who have accessed any of your services will not get their money back from your balance under any circumstances. This is all taken care of by NiteFlirt privately.

You can have up to three different profiles

Using the same card you signed up with, you can have three different profiles that you can be ‘available’ on at the same time; it will show ‘busy’ on all of the profiles when you are on a call.

My three profiles were: submissive, dominant and CFNM (clothed female naked male) non-explicit girlfriend experience.

I used my real photos for my submissive and CFNM profiles. For the dominatrix profile, I purchased a photo set that was more fitting to my persona. This was a game-changer for maximizing my income!

NiteFlirt Negatives

Every site comes with its own set of drawbacks – here are some to watch out for on NiteFlirt:

Clients can leave a review after one minute

This can be harmful if you get a client who gets off on leaving bad reviews. There is a list of known clients who do this, which can be found on ‘NiteFlirt bad boys’.

NiteFlirt takes a fee for everything

The site takes 50% of recorded listings, 33% of your chat volleys, which means you earn $0.66 instead of $0.99 per message and 30% of everything else that you make.

Beware of the whack jobs

Due to the anonymity for content creators that NiteFlirt provides, some callers request offensive topics, dark taboo subjects, and, at times, illegal topics. This can be a traumatic experience, but you must block and report these people and not let it get to you. Thankfully, this is not a regular occurrence.

On the bright side, you will get some very plain whacky calls that will have you trying to hide your chuckles. I once had a guy call me to discuss his fantasy which consisted of him being a tiny gummy bear and me eating him whole, and yes he tipped, then proceeded to hit the big O!


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