13 Best Findom Game Ideas for OnlyFans Drain Sessions

Findom games can add an exciting element to your drain sessions, making them insanely profitable. Guys love the chance element they involve, combining a gambling-style thrill with their kink of financial domination.

Rather than just asking for tributes, Findom games allow you to build more personal connections with your followers that will get them on the hook quicker and keep them there longer.

Since adding this interactive aspect to my content, I’ve doubled my Findom income – that’s how effective they are.

Below, I’m going to share a few of my favorite Findom games, and explain how to do them effectively. 

These picks should be enough to get you started – but if you need more, you can always buy my Findom Games bundle for 8 more ideas!

Spin the Findom Wheel

Spin the Wheel Games are probably my favorite way to interact with my subs. It’s a versatile tool that you can do a lot with!

Personally, I mark each section of the wheel with different tribute amounts on it. When the wheel is spun, the amount it lands on is the tribute amount that the sub must pay. It’s like playing a game of roulette but with a kinky twist!

I also mark a couple of spots on the wheel as “punishments”, which tends to make the game more exciting and keep the guys hooked for longer.

You can play wheel games during live drain sessions, or prerecord them and send them out as mass DM PPV videos.

The theatre of spinning a wheel adds a bit more legitimacy than just doing a standard “pick a number” game, where guys can be suspicious that you have just preselected the number beforehand.

(Of course, you can still just use an online wheel to guarantee the result of the spin, if you choose 😉).

Standard Wheel Spins

I know other girls who will charge a fee before a spin of the wheel, and the wheel sections represent different content.

That style of game tends to work better for Vanilla guys who are looking to trade money for videos, rather than getting off on being financially drained.

But as a Findom – the “prize” for my clients is the rush of paying me!

Wishlist Wheel Spins

Wishlist wheel spins are also great. Instead of landing on a financial tribute, the wheel will point to something on your Amazon wishlist that your sub has to buy for you.

This can be a good option to help guys who are newer toFindom justify that they’re just “buying you a gift” rather than having their wallets drained.

How much can you make from Spin the Wheel: $5 – $20 per spin

Raise the Rate

Raise the Rate is one of the most lucrative findom games out there. It’s super easy to play over the phone, video chat, or DMs.

Basically, you charge your sub a per-minute rate for interacting with you – and every 3-5 minutes, you raise the rate a little bit higher.

You can make a lot of money with this sexy ladder-like progression of charges, jumping up from $2 per minute to $4, to $6, for example.

Findom Bundle

Trust me – it can get pretty addictive for subs! They just want to keep hearing your voice, and because the price keeps creeping up in small increments, they don’t feel like it’s too expensive and stay in the game for surprisingly long.

Though you can run Raise the Rate games through social media and manage payment yourself, I recommend using LoyalFans’ built-in platforms just to ensure that you’re going to get paid without any chargebacks.

Once you’re on the call, it’s all about you, girl. Your sub needs to obey your every command and add money to the call with each subsequent interaction as you keep increasing the fee. 

How much can you make from Raise the Rate: $50 – $150 per session

Intelligence Games

Intellectual games are great because they let you add to the submissive thrill by calling you guys out as stupid.

Personally, I use word games like Scrabble and Wordle because I’m good at them. I agree with my sub beforehand that he has to send me a dollar for every point I win by – and if I lose, I will send him a photo for every 5 points he wins buy

If word games aren’t your thing, you could definitely explore this principle with games like Chess, Battleship – or even tic-tac-toe!

Make sure you pick a game you’re good at. If you suck at these games, you’re not going to make money often.

That said, even on the occasions you do lose, you’re not risking anything except 10 minutes of your time, because you’re only betting access to content you already have. So you can’t really lose.

How much can you make from intelligence games: $20 – $50 per game

Retweet (RT) Game

If you have a good social media audience, findom retweet games are probably the most lucrative findom game you can play!

Here’s how it works: 

First, you get your domme to write your name on themselves and send a picture to you. 

Then agree on how much a sub will pay for every like, comment, and retweet my tweet gets.

Usually, I’ll set something like $1 per like, $2 per comment, and $5 per retweet – but you can change these depending on how loyal your sub is.

(Because Twitter allows unlimited comments, I will usually limit the count to 2 comments per user – otherwise, people could just spam with 100 comments each and it gets pretty unfair).

We also agree on a time limit for the game before we start – usually 2 hours is plenty.

Now, this is where the fun begins.

Tweet out the picture you sent in, and watch your community get to work running up the debt you sub owes you!

Findom Bundle

When the game is over, my sub and I figure out how much they owe me, and they pay up.

This game is particularly exciting for your subs because the cost isn’t fixed, so they get to watch the totally climb with a total feeling of powerlessness.

The totals you can run up can get pretty staggering – sometimes too much for a guy to pay in one go. Make sure you set up a findom debt contract so you can get the full amount – with interest added on top, too!

How much can you make from a Findom RT game: Up to $1000!

Rice Kneel (Advanced)

The rice kneel game is a little brutal – and is only suitable for subs who enjoy feeling a little pain as part of their Findom experience.

Basically, the game involves getting your sub to spread uncooked rice on the ground kneel on it. When they stand up, they must pay $5 for each piece of rice stuck to their skin. 

Initially, it may not seem too bad, but as time goes on, the pain becomes unbearable, with each grain of rice feeling like a tiny knife sticking into the skin.

And because the player is forced to kneel on the floor, it’s a humiliating and embarrassing experience that reinforces your power dynamic as a Domme.

It’s best to play this game over a video drain session so you can verify how much rice truly stuck to your sub. If it’s over the phone or DMs, they could just make something up, reducing your earnings.

How much can you make from the rice kneel game: $30 – $ 60 per game

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a super easy game to organize that will help establish a personal connection with your sub.

Basically, you write three statements about yourself, and your subs’ job is to guess which one is the lie. If they get it wrong, they owe you a tribute.

Of course, if you wanted to be super devious, you could set up situations when all of the answers are “true”, so you’re guaranteed to make money.

Just make sure you throw them a win every now and then, otherwise, they will realize the game is rigged and stop playing. When you let them win, you can send them a photo or video as a reward.

Two truths and a lie is a great game to get your subs more invested in you because they feel like they’re learning about you as an individual.

Use this game to build up a personal connection, which you can use to your advantage as you upsell them to more lucrative drain sessions down the track.

How much can you make from two truths and a lie: $5 – $20 per game

Need More Findom Games?

These picks should be enough to get you started – but I also have an extra 8 games available in my Findom Bundle. The bundle also comes with scripts, tip menus, and findom captions that have helped girls DOUBLE their Findom earnings!

Findom Bundle

Over the past 2 years, these are the most successful activities I’ve found to extract cash from guys in a way that feels playful and addictive for them, while still not requiring too much effort or energy on your part.


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