How to Win with Pay-Per-View (PPV) on OnlyFans 🌟

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Refocusing my OnlyFans on Pay-Per-View (PPV) content was probably the single biggest “shift” I made to start making “proper” money online . 💰💕

Sure, PPV might thin your subscriber list initially, but it’s worth it in the long run.

PPV acts as a filter, separating the casual subscribers from the dedicated fans who truly value your content.

Think of it as your virtual red velvet rope, granting special access to premium content for those willing to pay a little extra. 🎟️🥂

So in this guide, I’ll be sharing my personal methods for how to send PPV, how often, and the ins and outs of creating tantalizing PPV content that your fans will be itching to unlock. 

💋 Mastering the Pricing Game on OnlyFans With PPV 💸

👩‍🎤 The Art of PPV Pricing

The golden rule of OnlyFans pricing? Never undervalue yourself! The price tag you set for your content sets the tone for your brand. 🌟

Cheap attracts cheap. Aim high from the start to avoid filling your fan base with subscribers who undervalue your content.

With a subscription fee of $9.99, I don’t provide anything more saucy than topless pics behind a paywall. That stuff is available only through PPV, with videos priced between $8-$20.

I usually charge $3-5/min, depending on how “intense” the content is. 

I try and stick to a schedule of two mass message PPVs per week, and make additional sales from the video store built in to LoyalFans, and clip sites like iWantClips for some passive sales.

In my opinion, subscribers are not entitled to see everything for a mere $9.99 sub. After OnlyFans takes its share, I’m left with just $8 —that’s just the price of a fast-food meal! 🍔💵

My PPV sales compensate for the time and effort I put into creating the content. And even if that puts some cheaper subscribers off, those aren’t really the guys I want anyway. I would rather have 100 super fans who spend $50 each month than 1000 timewasters!

💫 Sending PPV Messages: A Step-By-Step Guide for OnlyFans Queens 👑💬

Know Where You Can Send PPV

On a paid page, the only way to send a locked PPV is via direct messages; you can’t post PPV directly on your feed. 

In my opinion, it’s best to send PPV content around twice a week. This regular schedule keeps your content fresh in the minds of your fans and ensures they’re consistently engaged with your offerings, without feeling like you’re blasting out low quality content without care. It’s a question of supply and demand!

Use the Drip Strategy

Make more sales by ‘dripping’ PPV content during chats. For instance, if a subscriber messages something flirtatious like, “I wish you were sitting on my face,” you could respond with a relevant PPV video, adding a 1-2 sentence description to entice them. The art of seduction is all in the timing, and this is a great way to keep things spicy and maintain interest. 😘🔥

Findom Bundle

Leverage Mass DMs

 When you have new PPV content, send it in a mass DM to all followers with an appealing description and preview picture/teaser. This broad approach helps you reach everyone and increases the chances of someone buying your PPV content.

Leverage Campaigns & Tips

Outside of your DMs, you can post a teaser clip to your public feed with a PPV amount and prompt your fans to tip a certain amount to unlock the full video.

Something like “”If you missed this in your DMs or subscribed later, tip X amount to access this video.” 🌠🎁

This method is handy for catching the attention of fans who don’t check messages. Once they’ve tipped, just send their content through the DMs. 💌💸

Resend Old Content

There’s no harm in using your previously created content to send as PPV messages. Your newer followers might not have seen it, so it’ll be fresh to them. 

You should schedule these messages in a spaced-out manner to avoid spamming your new fans with too much content at once. 📅✉️

That’s partly why I keep track of my subscribers and mass DMs in a spreadsheet.

The other reason is because  I like to use time pressure to make sales (“last chance to buy before it’s gone forever”), and I don’t want to resend content to people who have already bought it and shatter that urgency illusion!

Create PPV Lists

After sending out a PPV, create a list of users who purchased that specific content. This way, you won’t resend the same content to someone who already bought it, ensuring your followers don’t receive duplicate content.

You can resend the same PPV content after about a month, excluding those who already purchased it. This can spark interest in those who initially passed it up, especially if you modify the description to make it more enticing.

Learn From Your Best Selling Videos

You should be keeping track of your PPV sends so you know which type of content is most popular with your audience – so you can make more of what works! Let you audience show you what they want and are ready to pay for.

Pinning some of your best-selling videos on your profile can will make it more likely for new subscribers to turn into PPV buyers. Use apps like InShot to censor certain previews to maintain that element of intrigue. 💫🎬

💡 Ideas to Drive Engagement and Sales 🚀

Craft Detailed and Intriguing Captions

Creating intriguing, scroll-stopping captions will significantly increase the likelihood of a fan purchasing your PPV content. 

Your job as a creator is to stoke curiosity, stand out from the crowd, and make men feel like they have to buy your PPV

So, don’t hesitate to invest time and energy in writing these previews – it makes a huge difference 🖊️📝

You can also test the sending the same content with different captions and comparing the purchase rate to see what style resonates best with your subscribers.

Bundle Up During Special Occasions

Take advantage of holidays and special occasions to create and send out themed bundles to increase your income during slow periods.

There are at least a dozen times per year where this makes sense. Get spooky for halloween, sexy christmas elf – you get the idea. 🎁🎄

💸 Always Choose What Works for You

Not a fan of PPV and want to go the higher subscription fee route? That’s totally fine, but avoid falling into the trap of racing to the bottom with statements like “My page is only $5 with no PPV!” That’s not a flex, sis, it’s a strategy that undervalues your hard work.

Giving everything away for for $5 is a no-go. These cheap guys will just screenrecord everything an unsub, anyway 💔

For a no-PPV approach, the minimum I would recommend charging is $15 per month.


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