How to Get More OnlyFans Subscribers for Free in 2023 – Proven Methods

how to get more onlyfans subscribers for free in 2023

If you’re going to make serious money on OnlyFans, you need a solid subscriber base. But how do you get more subscribers?

OnlyFans is more competitive than it has ever been. You can’t just throw up a profile and expect subscribers to come to you.

Over the past few years, I’ve uncovered a few methods for converting new subscribers that no one else is using – and they’ve helped me scale my income to 5-figures per month.

In this guide, I’m going to give you my secret sauce about:

  • Social media DM examples that will convert followers into subscribers
  • The best way to run subscription sales to boost your follower count
  • How to price your subscriptions to get the most followers

So if you’re looking to boost your subscriber count with tried-and-tested methods that still work in 2023, let’s get into it.

How to Get Men To Subscribe to Your OnlyFans

If you’re a new girl, you absolutely need to get social media to promote yourself, because that’s where all your subscribers are going to come from.

Think about this. If you’re a good-looking girl, you’ll know that your DMs are usually filled with a queue of guys trying to talk to you. Well, the system for Only fans growth is all about converting men like this into loyal, paying subscribers. 

There are other places you can get subscribers – but social media is the quickest and easiest way to get global reach.

I get most of my subscribers by promoting myself on Twitter. On Twitter, you can post pretty much anything (apart from anything illegal) without getting your account banned

You can also go the Instagram route, but be aware that Instagram is far more sensitive to adult content. If you do anything too explicit, you’ll get your account blocked and you’ll have to build your following from scratch again. 

Your social media profile should be set up with your OnlyFans link in your bio.

That way guys have two ways to find your Onlyfans account – by browsing your social media, and when you pitch them in the DMs.

If you’re using Instagram, set up a linktree rather than using a direct OnlyFans link to avoid shadowbanning.

So, set up your profiles with some pictures (make them hot) – and when people DM you you can say:

“Hey, I’m happy to talk to you – but let’s talk inside of my OnlyFans”

How to Handle Objections

Of course, some guys will question the fact you won’t talk to them there and then on social media.When you get pushback from suspicious guys, you can always put a spin on it.

Some great ways of handling any objections when guys ask “why do you want to talk inside of OnlyFans” are:

  • “I prefer talking to guys on Onlyfans, it’s more intimate. It’s much better there, if you wanna talk more we can talk there”
  • “I don’t like to talk to guys on social media, I’m afraid they might screenshot it, in Onlyfans I trust they won’t do these things to me”
  • “It’s only a couple of dollars a month, it’s my income, and I’m struggling. I’m happy to talk to you all the time, but let’s talk in there.”

They may come back and say something like “well, you only want my money”. This is where you want to start to sell a bit of a dream to see the most sign-ups:

“Actually I met my last boyfriend on OnlyFans – we just split up.”

And just like that, the guy will sign up just so he can message you all day. Because he believes you value a connection with your subscribers, and that signing up might actually lead somewhere.

If the guy isn’t satisifed with these explanations, that’s fine. Just let them go. We don’t want to talk to those guys anyway. We only want to deal with men who are happy to pay for your attention – and trust me, there are plenty of them out there.

Run 24 Hours Sales to Increase Your Subscriber Base

You can also run a limited-time sale and reduce your subscription cost to attract more subscribers. Every month or so, run a sale for 24 hours to add some urgency and encourage lurkers to sign up.

It’s easiest to select a discount in the app to run for a limited time, rather than having to change the price manually.

I find that a 50% sale is the best for attracting new subscribers. Remember – you’re not primarily monetizing your account through subscriptions, and should be making the bulk of your money through selling content. This is just to increase your subscriber list.

So, you would blast out a tweet or Instagram post saying something like:

 “My OnlyFans is half price for the next 24 hours – only 20 spots available”

Obviously, you don’t only want 20 people, but adding that exclusive feel helps push new subscribers to commit because they’re worried they will miss out on the offer. 

You’re going to have a few guys who buy sometimes, a bunch of guys who buy never, and a few guys who buy all the time. These are your main guys – your superfans inside of OnlyFans. But you’ll only find them if you’re always working to increase your number of subscribers overall.

How to Price Subscriptions on OnlyFans

You get to set your own subscription price as a model. Some models like to set it high – at say, $20 – $30 dollars, while the lowest you can go is $5. 

I prefer somewhere in the middle. $30 is too much for most men to keep up their subscription, while $5 is just not enough for all of the content they’re getting.

My subscription price is set to $12 a month, but anywhere in the $8 – $15 range is okay.

Charging a lower fee can be a strategy to simply get more men subscribed to your account at scale, so you make your money on the backend through selling pics or custom videos.

But I’ve been doing this a long time – that’s not the route you want to go down. It just means you have a load of subscribers who are looking for the cheapest models to follow and are unlikely to spend too much money with you in the future

You can usually get away with charging a higher subscription fee if you’re an internet celebrity with a large social media following, but most of you girls out there will struggle to attract subscribers at that price.

Don’t worry too much about trying to get all your money from subscriptions – just make sure you have a good base of followers. Once you’ve got a good subscriber base, there are plenty of other ways you can monetize them.


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