Are OnlyFans Agencies Legit? Why I Skip Them

Hey Girl Bosses! 💁‍♀️✨

I’ve been getting a ton of DMs and questions about OnlyFans (OF) agencies, and it’s time we had a real heart-to-heart about it.

Let’s dive deep and uncover the truth behind these agencies, so you can make informed decisions and truly shine in this industry. 💫

The Real Tea on OF Agencies ☕️

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: Not all OF agencies are created equal.

While some might genuinely want to help, many are just looking for a quick cash grab. They see the success of OF creators and think, “How can I get a piece of that pie?” without genuinely investing in your growth and success.

My Personal Experience and Research 🕵️‍♀️

I’ve always been wary of agencies, especially after hearing countless horror stories from our AGB community. Many agencies, often run by men, view OF as a goldmine.

Their strategy? Get as many girls on board, take a significant cut from their earnings, and provide minimal support in return.

For instance, RareUK, an agency one of our AGB members tried out, promised the world but delivered little.

They took half of her earnings, provided limited support, and didn’t assist with marketing at all. After doing some digging, I found that their website was all talk and no substance. 🙄

Findom Bundle

The Truth About Most OF Agencies 🚫

From my research and the experiences shared by our community, here’s the lowdown on most OF agencies:

Opportunistic Approach

They’re more interested in their profit than your growth. After taking their cut, you’re often left with a tiny portion of your earnings, especially after OF takes its share.

Lack of Genuine Support

Many agencies promise marketing and growth strategies but fail to deliver. Instead, they might spam your page with pay-per-view content, making it look inauthentic and spammy.

Control Over Your Content

Some agencies take complete control of your page, changing access details and potentially jeopardizing your content and relationship with subscribers.

So, What Should You Do? 🤔

DIY Approach

Trust in your abilities, queen! Use scheduling tools to manage and plan your content. This way, you can have a month’s worth of content ready in just a few days. 📅✨

Hire Your Own Team

Instead of giving half your earnings to an agency, consider hiring a personal assistant or your own chatters. This way, you have control over your brand and the narrative.

Educate Yourself

If you’re serious about making this a career, invest in marketing and social media courses. Knowledge is power, and it’ll give you the edge you need.

Final Thoughts 💭

Have you ever had a good experience with an agency?

I’d be super keen to hear stories where it has worked out, so I can recommend them as a trusted resource for the community.

While there might be a few genuine agencies out there, the majority seem to be in it for their own gain.

Always do thorough research, trust your gut, and remember: you’re a Girl Boss!

You’ve got this! 💪💖

Stay empowered and keep shining,

Valentina xxx


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