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Promote your Onlyfans

One of your main focuses as a new content creator should be to promote your Onlyfans account.

You can have the fancy tip menu, great welcome message and loads of saucy content, but if there’s nobody there to see it, then it won’t sell.

Are you bored of hearing the same old suggestions? Yep….me too 😬

Which is why I have included some less well known ways to promote your fan pages. And find out why I don’t recommend Twitter.

So let’s get into it fellow girl boss! 😬

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1. Promote Your OnlyFans On PornHub

Promoting your Onlyfans on pornhub

This is a way of marketing your Onlyfans that isn’t very well known about and it’s one that’s proven very effective for me.

Tube sites like Pornhub attract the largest traffic sources on the internet, and of course, the majority of them are horny men. 

This is your target market right there

Most models within the adult industry frown upon Porn Hub and, rightly so. For many years they allowed guys to steal and upload our content and earn huge profits from doing so.

However, these days, Porn Hub encourages models to set up their own accounts, upload their own content and make money directly on PornHub.

So how does this help your OnlyFans grow?

Try This

Take some of your video content and trim the video down to 3-4 minutes and add text at the end of the video, with your OnlyFans link. With an enticing offer like this –

“Subscribe to my FREE OnlyFans page today to get a free video (insert link here

Just mention the word PORNHUB in my Onlyfans DM.”

I did this exact promotion and I was inundated with subscribers. 💪🏻💵

It’s far more successful to run this promotion with a free Onlyfans account, but it can be done with a paid one too. But offering an enticing freebie is a must.

On your videos that you upload to Pornhub, make sure it’s free for all to view and make sure you write a title that includes your keywords to match the content of the video. 

You can also upload your content to sell on Pornhub too, which is very popular as there’s so much passing traffic.

2. Start a Free Onlyfans

Having a free Onlyfans account, along with a paid one is probably the best way to build your Onlyfans income fast.

I’m an impatient woman and I need fast results 😭

I initially started out with just a paid Onlyfans account and it was moving at the pace of a snail.

Then I opened up a free Onlyfans account and it grew so fast and pretty big. In turn, that also made my paid Onlyfans account grow quicker too.

And strangely enough, my free Onlyfans earns more than my paid subscription. 🤯

“Essentially, it’s like creating a sales funnel. You use your free Onlyfans account to entice guys onto your page, then you entice them to join your paid one so they can get to talk to you or see your juicy content.”

Because guys are far more likely to join your page if it’s free, it’s easier to reel in your potential customers by promoting your Onlyfans on Twitter, Reddit and TikTok.

Once they have subscribed to your free page, you can then promote them to join your paid Onlyfans account (that contains your more saucy content) and you can still send them paid PTV messages to earn money.

You’ll want your paid Onlyfans account to be special.

Some models choose not to talk in DM on their paid accounts and reserve this as exclusive to their paid account.

Models will post only sensored or tame content on their free account and let guys know that their x-rated material can be found on their paid account.

It’s about giving guys a good reason to join your paid account.

Essentially, it’s like creating a sales funnel…

You use your free Onlyfans account to entice guys onto your page, then you entice them to join your paid one so they can get to talk to you or see your juicy content. 

But don’t forget to financially utilise your free Onlyfans account by sending out those paid PTV’s and running special offers for your videos, because you can earn fantastic money on your free account.

So, if you don’t currently have a free Onlyfans, you’re leaving money on the table and girl you need to be on that hustle…

3. Promote Your Onlyfans On YouTube 

This is a more unique way of promoting your Onlyfans and while you have to be careful in doing so, it’s not an option that’s off the table. 

YouTube has some pretty strict rules and you cannot upload any explicit content to your YouTube account, but you can create talking videos around the subject of Onlyfans and post very tame non-nude content. 

YouTube has huge traffic on a daily basis and guys are certainly searching on there for sexy content. You can put your Onlyfans link in the description and encourage guys to join your page.

4. Avoid Twitter

I know this is the most obvious way to promote your Onlyfans account, but it’s not an easy option, because if you have no Twitter following, then who are you going to promote to?

Personally, I don’t highly rate Twitter for promoting NSFW services.

3 years ago I deleted my Twitter for my adult services and focused my marketing efforts elsewhere.

I didn’t find Twitter to be a good return on investment for the time I invested in it. I think it’s good to have a Twitter for keeping guys updated, of new content, but I really don’t recommend putting too much effort into it.

Twitter is still very touch and go when it comes to promoting NSFW content. They often shadow ban sex workers so nobody can find your profile, which then becomes wasted efforts.

I also found in order to build a large Twitter following, you need to interact with other models on a daily basis and tweet every single day.

This can be highly time-consuming for very little pay off.

5. Promote Your Onlyfans On Reddit

Reddit is another way to promote your Onlyfans – and I’ve had great success doing so.

Reddit is 100% sex-worker friendly and is worth your time. If you’re looking to build your Onlyfans following fast, then Reddit should be your primary focus.

1. Open your Reddit account

Once you have set up your profile and placed your links on your profile, it’s time to join some subreddits that cater to your audience.

Reddit has hundreds of NSFW pages for pretty much every fetish, every type of woman and every platform.

2. Join subreddits that suit your niche

This is the key to succeeding when promoting your Onlyfans on Reddit.

Your target audience are joined to those pages and now is your chance to get in front of them. The more unique fetish or body uniqueness the better, even things like small feet, long tongue, tattoos, glasses.

Every single detail about you, go see if there’s a page for it.

So if you’re a blonde BBW, then you should join the pages relating to those subjects. If you cater for unique fetishes like armpits or smoking, then you should join these. 

3. Check subreddit rules

When joining a subreddit, it’s important to make notes of the rules on each one.

Some don’t allow posting unless you’re verified, others don’t allow links posted or self-promotion, some won’t allow watermarks etc. 

4. Post Regularly

I recommend posting to your collection of subreddits at least 3 times per week, with a selection of photos and some great captions that entice the guy to notice you.

For pages that require verification, they are good pages and it’s worth getting verified because there are fewer models posting on these pages. The pages that are less flooded the better.

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6. Avoid Instagram and Facebook

For those of you who aren’t aware, Instagram and Facebook are not sex-worker friendly.

Yet I still see models attempting to build an instagram for their sex-work activity.

I think it’s utterly pointless to waste time, building a following on a platform that will eventually just ban you. You would be far better off using that time to build on your Reddit marketing or other resources.

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7. Promote your Onlyfans on Tiktok

Tiktok has become the new favourite platform for Onlyfans models to promote their services on.

I personally have not used Tiktok for marketing my Onlyfans and I feel very reluctant to do so for the following reasons.

Tiktok will show videos based on location and it will also show your account to contacts on your phone, which I don’t like.

“Use the term “Accountant”. It’s commonly known on Tiktok that accountants are in fact Onlyfans models and it’s tags like this that guys will search for.”

So if you are a hidden model and want to keep it that way, Tiktok isn’t for you. If you already have a separate phone or are willing to get one, then it’s worth setting up an account.

Another reason I’m not keen on Tiktok is because they don’t allow NSFW content and will ban your account if they suspect that you’re an Onlyfans model.

If that happens, your efforts at building that account are wasted. I’m not a fan of sites that operate like this.

However, Tiktok has proven to be incredibly successful for many Onlyfans models and models have made thousands from an influx of subscribers on Onlyfans. It’s just a platform where you have to proceed with caution. 

Here are some tips, if you do decide to utilize Tiktok for your Onlyfans:

  • Use a separate phone for your account.
  • Do not post any nude or even too provocative content or outfits. It must be completely safe for work, but you can look hot and attractive. Keep it 100% PG with a cute, flirtatious vibe.
  • Do not use any sexual tags whatsoever, or even mention Onlyfans or OF.
  • Do dancing videos as these get the most views.
  • Use AllMyLinks to link to your Tiktok account rather than link Onlyfans directly.
  • Try to avoid the term “spicy”
  • Use the term “Accountant”. It’s commonly known on Tiktok that accountants are in fact Onlyfans models and it’s tags like this that guys will search for.
  • It’s common knowledge for Onlyfans models to run 4-6 accounts on TikTok and spread their content across the board, in case one gets banned, and it also helps in terms of going viral. 

8. Create Your Own Website

This is a method of promoting that I would recommend more to established models, who have been in the industry at least a year.

It’s certainly not the quickest option to go for and it requires either knowledge of creating a website or money to pay someone to build it for you.

Guys do search on Google for their horny needs.

So, if a guy searches for “cuckolding domme” search results appear, your website could be one of those websites that they click on. 

“The most important aspect of having your own website is to set up an email list.”

This option would require you to write blog articles based around your niches and your content in order to get ranked on Google.

I recommend opting for keywords that are more unique and long-tailed as opposed to something that is oversaturated like “foot fetish”. 

On your website you can showcase your links so guys know where to find you and your content. I recommend that you keep your pictures SFW (Safe for work) on your website and include an 18+ entry box when someone enters. 

The most important aspect of having your own website is to set up an email list.

I really wish I had done this in the beginning of my career as a sex worker, but I didn’t.

Platforms that we operate on can close down at any moment (AVN proved that) and then you’ll lose your customers with it.

By having your own email list on your website, these guys are yours forever and you can direct them to any platform you want.

As I mentioned, I wouldn’t make this your priority if you’re new, but certainly after a year of being in the industry.

If you are looking to start your own website, you will need the following. These are the tools I use to run my own NSFW website.

9. Promote Your Onlyfans On Cam Sites

How does chaturbate work

Another great way to promote your Onlyfans is on your cam sites, although you do have to be careful in doing this as many sites do not allow it but some do.

Sites like Myfreecams and Chaturbate will allow you to promote your Onlyfans to your room, which is fantastic because there’s a lot of traffic on those camming sites and if you can get a good number of guys into your cam room, then make sure you promote your Onlyfans to them.

If you are camming on another platform, always check first if you are allowed to mention your Onlyfans to your room.

It’s not about where but how you promote 

Promoting your Onlyfans account effectively and producing results is far more important than where you are promoting.

Onlyfans is a hustle and learning a thing or two about selling would benefit you so much.

When marketing your Onlyfans the most important thing is to be consistent.

I wasn’t great at keeping this up sometimes and it showed.

Horny guys are being plummeted with porn in every direction and unless you are in their face on a regular basis, then you won’t get much traction.


For Reddit, I recommend you post across at least 10-20 pages, three times per week minimum.

Social Media

For social media platforms, I recommend that you post several times per day.


For Pornhub, I recommend you post at least twice per month.

Your time ratio should be 50% spent on customer interaction, 25% on creating content and 25% on promoting your Onlyfans.

As I previously mentioned, horny guys aren’t short for choice of Onlyfans models, so how you entice them in is important.

First of all, your picture/video is the first thing that grabs their attention and the second thing will be “what’s in it for me?”.

Running free trials for your Onlyfans, having a free Onlyfans page, offering a freebie video for new subscribers or a great video deal are all the ways to get these guys onto your page.

You have to give them a compelling reason to join your Onlyfans rather than the next model. 

Figure Out Your Audience

Knowing your audience can really help you do some effective marketing.

Your audience should never be as broad as “horny men”.

You have to first pick out all the things that are unique about you.

Your hair color, your weight, your tattoos & piercings, your pubic hair, your small or big feet, your boobs, your butt size, your race etc. 

Guys fetishize all of these things and will actively search for models who harness the quality that they are looking for.

Once you have your list of uniques, try to find Reddit pages that fit this niche and use these as your Twitter hashtags. 

The same goes for your attitude and style. Some models are fierce and dominating and others are more sweet and girly. Some models are into cosplay or role play and others may be gamers. 

Using tags like #gameronlyfans #gamer #cosplayonlyfans if you are into those things can really help guys search you out.

Ensure you use these hashtags on your Twitter and when you are posting to tube sites.

Using AllMyLinks 

Allmylinks is a great tool where you can place all your NSFW platform links in one place. This is particularly useful if you are marketing on Tiktok or Instagram, where Onlyfans links are banned.

You can now promote just one link and guys can choose which platform they prefer to use to connect with you.


Marketing your NSFW services is very tricky because so many platforms are banning sexual content, which is why I love Reddit, because it’s completely sex-worker friendly. After being in the adult industry for many years, I’ve really narrowed down my avenues of marketing to platforms that work, which are Reddit, Pornhub and my own website. 

Despite not using TikTok, I encourage you to give it a go as my fellow sex worker friends are seeing a lot of success on the platform. But make sure you approach it completely PG to avoid being banned.

Regardless of which platforms you choose to promote your services, make sure that you do consistent marketing and build your own email list. It’s something I wish I had done in the very beginning. I have been building my email list for 3 years now and it’s grown exponentially, and regardless of any platforms closing down, I can still market myself on my email list.


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