How to Give a Free Subscription on Onlyfans (Strategies)

Giving a free Onlyfans trial subscription to new fans is a great way to attract new subscribers.

It gives guys the chance to see what you have to offer before they commit to a subscription. 

To give a free Onlyfans subscription, simply click the settings tab on your menu, then click subscription price and bundles. This is where you can set up your free trial.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to run a free trial on Onlyfans that has a high success rate, from how to promote your Onlyfans trial to converting those guys into fully paid-up subscribers.

I’ll also discuss what I believe to be a more effective alternative to a free trial strategy – at least, in my experience!

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Set Up a Free Onlyfans Trial for New Subscribers

To get the best out of your free trial offer, I recommend you don’t set a limit on the number of new subscribers who can sign up for your trial. You want to gain as many new guys in a short space of time. 

I suggest only offering a 7-day trial. This is enough time for your potential new customers to get to know you and interact with you, so they can feel a sense of connection with you. 

By building this connection there would be a much higher chance of the guy continuing his subscription after he has used the free trial. 

You can also leave an enticing message in the box, although free trials don’t really need any enticing words to get guys to subscribe, often it’s a no-brainer for them. 

Step-By-Step Succesful Free Trial Strategy

Step 1: Understanding and Leveraging Trackable Sales

One of the most crucial aspects of any promotional campaign, including free trials, is understanding trackable sales.

By monitoring how many users convert from your free trial to a paid subscription, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

This data allows you to determine the return on investment for your promotions, ensuring you’re not spending more than you’re earning.

Step 2: The Power of Consistency

While offering a free trial is a powerful tool, its effectiveness is amplified when you’re consistent with your content.

Regular updates and interactions increase the chances of converting free trial users to loyal, paid subscribers.

It’s not just about giving them a sneak peek; it’s about showing them the value they’d get with a continued subscription.

Step 3: Engaging Authentically with Potential Fans

Your free trial is a window of opportunity. It’s a chance for potential fans to get a taste of your content and for you to resonate with them.

Being genuine and authentic during this period is crucial. Let them see the real you, understand your content, and feel a connection.

This bond increases the likelihood of them becoming paid subscribers.

Step 4: Strategize Your Post-Trial Engagement

Once a user’s free trial ends, the engagement shouldn’t. Have a strategy in place to continue interacting with these users.

Whether it’s through personalized messages, special offers, or exclusive content, make sure they see the value in becoming a paid subscriber.

Remember, it’s not just about getting them on board; it’s about keeping them.

Why Having Two Onlyfans Accounts is a Better Option 

In the time that you run your campaign, you are running the risk of freeloaders who simply want to subscribe to save all your content and then leave. 

Unfortunately, nothing can really be done about this, so be aware before you decide to run a free trial. 

An alternative (and I believe is the best option) is to have two Onlyfans accounts, one that is paid and one that is free. 

This way, you get to keep all your juiciest content for paying fans and the freebie guys get the more limited content. 

Onlyfans allows creators to have 2 Onlyfans accounts. The free account is the one that you will push in all of your marketing and promotions to.

Why Having a Free Onlyfans Account is Better

1. No need to post regularly

On this account you don’t have to post regularly, it’s more like your advertisement page. Post any previews of new content, post only tame pictures and let guys know that if they subscribe to your paid Onlyfans, then they will get to see all the good stuff. 

2. Stops people stealing your best content 

This way, freeloaders will not be able to steal all your best content, you can also show new non-freeloading guys what you have to offer. They will then be able to see if your the model for them and subscribe to your paid Onlyfans account.

3. Earn more money

The best part about this option is that you can still make money on your free Onlyfans account. You can still send the same PTV mails on this one, as you do with your paid account.

4. Take better care of your highest paying fans

Your paid Onlyfans account is the place where you know guys are willing to pay, so you can give them more attention and time. You can feel confident that they have money they are willing to spend

Why I Don’t Recommend Giving Free Trials to Expired Fans

Although the option is there to give a free trial to expired fans, I’m personally not a fan of doing this and would suggest only doing this once per year for a very short time. 

The fact that they didn’t continue their subscription in the first place, isn’t the best sign. Often these are the freeloading guys who only want something for nothing. And why should we keep giving them freebies? 

Although, expired fans aren’t totally useless. Every single guy who subscribes to you, make sure that you follow them. Because once they are expired you will still be able to send them your PTV messages

That keeps them still engaged with you, without them getting free content. You would be surprised at how many expired guys will still purchase those PTV mails. This will also keep them reminded of you, in case they forgot to renew their subscription. 

Promoting Your Onlyfans Free Trial Subscription

I believe Reddit is truly the best place to promote your free trial. There are plenty of great Onlyfans promo pages, including some that are aimed specifically for free trials or free pages. 

This will be the quickest way to gain as many guys as possible in a short space of time. This is especially useful if you are new to the adult industry and don’t currently have a social media presence. 

As you run this campaign, I recommend that you heavily promote your Twitter (if you have one) and try and get guys to follow you there too. 

Because there is a large portion of guys who won’t continue their trial for whatever reason, sometimes guys aren’t paying attention or simply wasn’t ready. 

You will then have them on your Twitter account to continue marketing, long after the free trial has ended.

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