Five Customers You Should Know About As A Cam Model

Exasperated woman at a laptop

So, you’ve taken the leap of becoming a cam model, and gotten the hang of the sites and platforms you’ve decided to use.

Most of your customers are coming to you with roughly the same requests… well, that is until you come across the unavoidable dilemma— the irritating customer!

How do you create a positive and profitable experience when a customer catches you off guard with their comments or behavior? After working in the industry for a couple of years, I’ve come across all types of irritants and I’m here to make sure you’re comfortable and prepared going forward.

The Love Bomber

In the beginning, it can be hard to know the difference between The Love Bomber or a nice compliment, but trust me you’ll pick up on it very fast!

This customer overwhelms you with affectionate phrases like “I love you so much!” “Let’s get married!” “I want to give you the world and take care of you!”

You will also find that they are not keeping up with the current conversation or topics being discussed in your room and will say random comments that state their undying love for you. Meanwhile, they haven’t tipped or shown any immediate gratitude that you can actually appreciate; however, they’re obviously hooked.

Now, you want to reel them in without signing up for any commitments by accident which is easy to do with a customer like this. 

First, you don’t want to reciprocate with your own love bombing statement, no matter how tempting. The Love Bomber is looking for just that and will hang on to your every word. This can lead to an unforeseen and uncomfortable situation that you just don’t need.

Giving general acknowledgement such as: “Aw, thanks babe.” “Wow, aren’t you a sweetheart!” or even blowing a flirty kiss are all great ways to avoid a misunderstanding while acknowledging the customer.

I’ve found that not only does this create good rapport, but using this style of communication when interacting with The Love Bomber allows you to establish boundaries without seeming weirded out even if you may feel like it. Keeping everyone comfortable and engaged can lead to a lot of tips and meeting your goals.

The Unexpected Insulting Guy

Here, the key word is unexpected. A customer like this is complimentary and appears to be sweet. He is even a big tipper. Then, he asks for a private show. Sound great so far, right? Until the shocking moment happens.

During your show, The Unexpected Insulting Guy surprises you. He’s no longer referring to you by using cute pet names. Instead, he’s now using rude or even derogatory names and verbiage. Yet, you’re still in the middle of your show and there are now additional customers that have walked in to see you perform.

How do you handle this without going off the handle, while making it clear that you won’t tolerate disrespect?

You want to continue your show as best as you can while you think about your next move.

If you’re in the middle of a strip tease use a particular piece of clothing to create a buffer, something to help you with any nerves or gathering your thoughts as it can be awkward to address rude behavior while being vulnerable.

Then, you can attempt a sexy pose that you’re comfortable with and address the remarks you are receiving from this customer. Be assertive and stern. This is your show and you deserve to be comfortable.

The customer’s response will determine how to proceed. In my personal experience, when I have had to address someone during a show, I would say something along the lines of “Baby, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use that word in here.” in a nice, sexy voice. Afterwards, I continued dancing and the customer apologized and tipped multiple times because of how I handled the situation.

Keep in mind, if the customer doesn’t sound apologetic and continues with this behavior you have every right to announce that you will be stopping the show. Don’t let someone ruin your day or night because they’re paying you money. Rude money definitely isn’t good money!

The Chatter Box

Similar to The Love Bomber, in the beginning this type of customer can also be challenging to identify because in most cases having a responsive customer can be a good thing.

The key to identifying The Chatter Box is their desire to linger, while spending absolutely nothing for as long as they can. Almost like a leech.

The Chatter Box will compliment you, ask you every question under the sun, make various requests, and will keep trying to find ways to get your attention; all with no plans to have a private show where you will be paid to notice them.

You may also notice that this customer may get desperate as others come into your room and show you appreciation because they no longer have your attention with good reason. They may even take it a step further and sit in your room to reap the benefits of the customers who are making requests, but are actually paying for each of them.

The key is to know how to remind The Chatter Box of your standards and see if he complies. When I would have a customer like this and I’m seeing he’s making multiple requests and is almost begging me to do things for free, I would make a general announcement that refers everyone to my tip menu.

It would sound something like this: “Don’t forget to check the tip menu guys. You know I’m always up for a good time.” This is usually true for most of us, but always remember to get paid your worth. Typically, after I’ve made this announcement, this customer will either get the hint and tip per request or will leave the room completely.

Don’t be alarmed if he leaves. He’s only creating more space for you to have the perfect audience!

The Wild Requester

There will be times that customers will push you. Your morals, your level of comfort, your preferences—you name it.

Sometimes this could be a good thing because you will have clients that are pretty creative and could actually suggest ideas that you haven’t thought of giving a try. On the other hand, what if these requests begin to make you uncomfortable?

Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of wild requests and when it first happens it can make you feel pressured which is what we want to avoid. I’ve had customers ask me to make them suffocate themselves, be in extreme temperatures, things that would make anyone second guess their given situation and result in a decline of their request.

The most important factor you should consider when you are interacting with The Wild Requester are your boundaries and what matters to you the most. This is essential when working as a cam model or in any area of the adult industry.

You want to have a clear understanding of what you are comfortable with even before you begin your journey. That way, when you are approached by The Wild Requester you will be able to flat out decline with no regrets or give a suggestion you’re both going to enjoy.

In my own personal experience, learning about my boundaries and understanding what sexual situations are exciting or off-putting for me have helped significantly in my work as a cam model.

The Procrastinator

This customer usually acts as though they have every intention of paying for your services, just not right now.

They usually attempt to butter you up with nice comments and compliments such as: “Hi Queen! You look so beautiful. Will you be online later?” or “I wish I could do a show with you!”

Customers like these can make a cam model feel optimistic or hopeful. This is exactly how they want you to feel and more than likely not much else.

The question is how do you remain firm and not seem desperate without feeling like you’re turning away a customer?

Any time I come across The Procrastinator, I’d be polite while remaining true to my original goals. For instance, when a customer asks if I’m getting back online later my response is never yes. This keeps you in control and is also a way to make sure they do not waste any more of your time.

If they really want to experience you, they will reload their account and return for a show. Then, if you do decide to return hours later, it’ll be completely up to you. You should never plan your schedule based on one customer. This will only lead to frustration and disappointment.

I always find that using this strategy helps so much. It is important to continue to play the role of the enticer, rather than letting the customer take on this role instead. Remember, that’s your thing. Not theirs. 


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