16 Most Outrageous Requests Our OnlyFans Creators Have Ever Received

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In our recent survey, we asked over 7000 OnlyFans creators for the most bizarre custom content requests they’d ever received on OnlyFans.

And the results were certainly… interesting.

Some hilarious, some eye-popping, and others just downright baffling. A rich tapestry of the human imagination.

Here are my picks for the most unique requests – let me know if you can do even weirder in the comments:

1. A Trip to Willy Wonka’s Factory

Chocolate and Oompa Loompas took an adult twist when a creator shared this intriguing response:

“Somebody wanted me to dress up like the character from Willy Wonka whose name I use and role-play with him.”

2. All Bark, No Bite

Stepping into the role of man’s best friend was the request for one creator:

“They wanted me to act like a dog. No talking. Just barking and panting.”

3. Baby, baby, baby… no

When content requests stray into the maternity ward, things can get a little too weird. One creator recounted:

“When pregnant, I was asked to film my birth for him. I asked if he was effing kidding me and blocked him.”

4. A Gassy Ghost

A request for a unique audio recording left one creator in an awkward situation:

“Someone wanted to buy my farts, and I was mildly taken aback. Recorded them and they ghosted!”

5. Home Run

Dangerous objects and body parts don’t mix well:

“A subscriber asked me if I can shove a baseball bat up in my ass in a free video. I blocked him right away.”

6. A Painful Display

One creator experienced the darker side of OnlyFans with this request:

“The most outrageous request was for me to watch a sub stick a nail through his penis and watch how he bleeds. I honestly walked away as he was playing by himself on cam. Hard block.”

7. Unusual Keepsakes

Unexpected keepsakes can leave creators at a loss for words:

“I feel like my most outrageous request was when someone asked me to mail them my toenails. I was completely dumbfounded, found it funny but I was definitely not okay with doing that.”

8. A Foodie’s Delight

Food took on an entirely new meaning for one creator:

“Asked me to penetrate myself with food. Which blew my mind, I took my dildo, and put a green colored condom on it, and told them I wasn’t willing to use the vegetable, but we could pretend that this is a cucumber, and used that instead.”

9. The Officer’s Proposition

A romantic proposal caught one creator off-guard:

“I was asked to move across the state with a fan never even meeting him and he was a cop so I knew he was a cop and I was like no way would I move with a man I’ve never met across hundreds of miles and him being a cop! Hell no.”

10. A Burping Block

The oddities of human desire made for an amusing request for this creator:

“A video call where I controlled his cock with my burps. He said that’s what turned him on. I politely refused, mainly because I very rarely burp.”

11. A Sinful Read

One request involving religious text and self-pleasure crossed the line for this creator:

“Someone wanted me to masturbate while he read the bible. When he asked I felt so uncomfortable so I blocked him immediately.”

12. The Eating Fetish

Food can be sexy in its own way, as one creator shared:

“I did a custom once for a guy who had a weight gain/eating fetish. He wanted me to simulate having sex while eating junk food.”

13. Inflation Infatuation

Inflation isn’t just for balloons, as this user shares:

“I started getting more fetish requests, and inflatables have been a big one, it was a little awkward for me at first but the community is so accepting and supportive. It’s been a really positive experience so far.”

14. A Whiff of Fetishism

Unexpected requests can be a bit too unique at times, one creator shared:

“Fart videos lol. I guess there are people with all sorts of interests.”

15. A Princely Proposal

And of course, the classic (this came up dozens of times)

“Marry them.”

16. Crossing the Bathroom Line

Crossing the bathroom line can be a step too far for some creators. One shared:

“Honestly couldn’t even do it…. Especially for the price he offered but he wanted me to piss myself in a video following it sucking on the pair of panties I just wet.. PUKINGGG ugh.”

The OnlyFans world is full of unique, sometimes outrageous requests. It can be a wild and weird, place at times.

Always remember to put yourself first, and to feel empowered to step back when a request crosses your boundaries.


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