How to Sell Your Used Dirty Socks Online – Is OnlyFans Best?

woman holding dirty socks

I know it might sound surprising, but there are actually thousands of guys out there willing to pay for your used socks.

And the best part is that the longer you wear them, the more foot enthusiasts are willing to pay for them!

I make around $300 p/m selling my socks online, and I do it in an incredibly passive way.

But you need to know that it’s technically not allowed on OnlyFans. So your choices are to either be very discrete or to use an alternative platform like Sofia Gray or ManyVids.

I’m going to share with you all the tips and tricks you need to know to get started and succeed in this lucrative side hustle. 

So, if you’re looking to make some extra cash and are curious about selling your socks on Onlyfans, then you’re in the right place!

Let’s do this! 💪

Can You Sell Used Socks on Onlyfans?

Technically, no.

At least not publicly.

While it’s possible to sell bras and panties on OnlyFans without any problems, socks seem to be a no-go.

If you try it, you’ll get the offending posts taken down – and a message telling saying you’re in “violation of the terms of service”.

I couldn’t actually find anything prohibiting selling socks in the TOS, but when I messaged OnlyFans support directly they confirmed it was banned.

But even if you do manage to slip under the radar and get away with selling socks for a while, I recommend putting your listings on other sites so your revenue doesn’t stop if OnlyFans catches on.

So we have to funnel them elsewhere…

Where’s the Best Place to Sell Dirty Socks Online?

If you produce foot content on OnlyFans regularly, you’ll start to get DM’s from people asking to buy your dirty socks.

When guys make a request, I direct them to my Sofia Gray account so they can browse my prices and reviews there.

Best Place to Sell Used Underwear
Sofia Gray

No commission or percentage taken: Sofia Gray lets sellers keep100% of the funds they make.

Thousands of potential buyers: The average model makes 8 sales per month through Sofia Gray

Wide range of items to sell: Sellers can sell used panties, sex toys, socks, exclusive pictures, and videos on Sofia Gray.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

It’s the best platform I’ve found for selling used socks, with a thriving community of buyers that bring in regular sales.

Just be subtle with how you link guys. Try and funnel them without sending them too many direct links – which is more likely to flag your account.

You can also sell your socks (and other physical items) through ManyVids. They make it super easy with their built-in store feature to keep making passive sales even if you aren’t regularly posting.

💡 Diversify Your Platforms

I can only speak for my experience in recommending Sofia Gray (and ManyVids).

However, other girls in the Adult Girl Boss community have recommended other market places like eBay, Etsy, Mercari, ALLTHINGSWORN, and SNIFFFR.

So do your own research and make sure you settle on the pick that’s right for you!

Crafting Irresistible Listings for Your Socks 🌟

Selling used socks online is not just about the product; it’s about the presentation!

Every listing is an opportunity to showcase your brand personality and connect with your audience. Be creative, be authentic, and most importantly, have fun with it! 💕

Here’s how to make your listings stand out and convert those viewers into loyal buyers:

Stay Anonymous, Stay Fabulous 💋

First things first, protect your identity! There’s no need to reveal real names (or even your face if you don’t want to). Pick a username that describes your brand identity, without using personal details

Clever Copywriting is Key ✍️

The title and description of your listing should make viewers curious and eager to learn more. Use witty and enticing copy to grab attention!

Think of it as a teaser to the main event – your fabulous socks!

Showcase Picture-Perfect Socks 📸

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, potentially a thousand clicks!

Snap clear and attractive photos of your socks. Whether they are gym socks or have been worn for a week, make them look irresistible!

Tune Into Customer Desires 💖

Listen to your customers’ wishes and tailor your listings accordingly. Whether they crave gym socks, work socks, or a week-long wear, try and cover what your audience is looking for (and if you don’t know , ask them).

The more you have a product-market fit, the more likely they are to click that ‘Buy Now’ button!

Build Trust with Testimonials 🌟

Incorporate testimonials from previous buyers to build trust and credibility. The first sale is always the hardest, and happy customers sharing their positive experiences can help you turn window shoppers into loyal customers.

Detailed Descriptions & Stories 📜

Spill the details! Describe what you did with the socks and share little stories.

The more details, the better! It adds authenticity and can be the extra push needed for conversion.

Final Touch – Call to Action 💰

Include a compelling call to action. Encourage viewers to act fast, whether it’s through limited-time offers, discounts for the first purchase, or exclusive deals for repeat buyers.

How To Sell Used Socks Online

Upselling foot fetish guys in my DMs tend to be where I get most of my sock customers – because I can’t publicly state that I offer it on OnlyFans.

Men normally want your socks to be as sweaty and dirty as they can be, and might have particular requirements about what sort of sock they want it to be. Workout socks in particular can be popular because they absorb a lot from a sweaty session!

It can help marketing to provide a video of you wearing the socks to “authenticate” them. These guys are all about feeling a personal connection, and this little tip can go a long way to securing higher prices and repeat business.

A lot of these guys who buy your socks might also be interested in your shoes – which you can usually charge a lot more for. 

Stocking fetish lovers lap up a worn stinky stocking too. They often like high-branded stockings that have the scent of not only your feet but your most intimates too.

How Much To Charge For Used Socks

If you’ve learned anything from my content, it’s that the riches are in the upsells. There are always add-ons you can offer, like an extra day worn, filming a custom in them, etc.

I tend to charge:

  • $20 for a pair of worn socks 
  • + $10 for every day of extra wear
  • + $10 for a custom video of me wearing the socks before I send them

Now – I would never recommend misleading a customer. But what I would say is that there’s nothing technically stopping you from saying you were wearing a pair of socks for a week, when a couple of days should still do the trick.

Honestly, your pricing depends dramatically on your audience and how loyal they are to you. In my experience, the average goes from $10 to $30, but hey, I’ve seen some socks on Sofia Gray fetch up to $200!

Listen to your customers and price accordingly! 💸

Selling Used Shoes Online

It goes without saying that you should charge more for shoes because you have to factor in the cost of the product, and the fact that you have to wear shoes for several months before they get the feeling your guys are looking for.

Basically, don’t look to make a bunch of money off shoes – just consider it a way to make some cash from sneakers you were going to throw away anyway. It will probably cover the cost of your next pair!

Get Paid Upfront

Always, always, ALWAYS take payment in advance. Even before you start wearing the socks for the days you’ve agreed. One of the dangers of our industry is that there’s relatively little accountability for customers ghosting you, so make sure you protect yourself.


I know a lot of girls will give discounts to first-time buyers to stimulate initial sales. I prefer to take the opposite approach and encourage loyalty by giving discounts to repeat buyers (buy two pairs, and get the third half price, for example).

What Costs are Involved in Selling Used Socks?

Unlike digital products which have a crazy high profit margin, physical items demand you run the numbers to work out what price is actually going to be worth your while.

Your main costs are going to be:

  • The socks/shoes themselves
  • Shipping Costs
  • Packaging & Thank You Note
    Time (to film custom video, package goods, and organize delivery)

And of course, whether the website you choose to use takes a percentage.

Your shipping costs will vary wildly depending on where you are in relation to your customer. If you can sell to people near you, perfect, but shipping to another continent will start to eat away at your profit to the point you’re barely breaking even.

For example, when I ship in the USA it costs about $10 – but for a customer in Europe, that jumped up to $60! So now I generally just ship in the US, unless the buyer is happy to cover the extra shipping.

How Much Can You Make From Selling Socks On Onlyfans?

For me, selling socks doesn’t represent a huge chunk of my income. But I do it in a pretty passive way.

I make around $300 a month just from negotiating upsells with foot fetish clients in the DMs and passive income from Sofia Gray.

This is why I charge reasonably high for my items –  because if I’m not going to be selling many, then I want to make decent money when I do sell them. So I always lead guys to pay for the “extra days of wear” add-ons.

If you wanted to focus on selling socks, you could probably run it up to $1000 p/m relatively easily.

Because not all models are willing to sell their socks, it’s less competitive than just selling feet pics, for example. Combined with the higher average order value, this lets you build up a decent income relatively quickly.

How To Safely Ship Out Your Dirty Socks? 

When you’re packaging your socks, use a zip-lock bag to retain the smell as much as possible. That’s what your guys are paying for

I also like to include a little thank you note as a personal touch, with a quick lipstick kiss on the paper. It’s another layer of proof that these socks are authentically worn by you. 

You can also add a little spray of perfume to the paper for a feminine feel – but only do this if you’re sealing your socks properly in a ziplock. You do NOT want to interfere with the smell of the main product.

When I ship, I don’t include a return address for privacy reasons. If I’m shipping abroad and I absolutely need to include a return address, I’ll just pick a local Mcdonald’s – who surely just throw it away if they receive anything!

Selling Used Panties On Reddit

Advertising used socks on most social media platforms is against the rules – but Reddit (like Twitter) doesn’t censor adult services!

Reddit communities can also be a great source of sales – and you don’t have to pay commission, either.

r/usedsocks have a thriving forum of buyers and sellers that you can use to funnel new customers to your content. You can check it out here – even if it’s just to get some inspiration from other creators for caption ideas or foot poses.


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