How to Make More Money Working as a Cam Girl 

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So, you’re finally in the swing of camming. You know how to use your chosen site, your setup is great, and you have decent traffic in your room.

Only one catch, you don’t know how to keep customers in long enough for you to maximise your income from each call, and you certainly can not get them to come back to your room once they have disappeared. 

If you find yourself in this dilemma then look no further, since this blog post will solve all of your catch and keep a client problems. I’m Jo, a cam model who has been working in the industry for over 5 years and keeping men talking is where my expertise is. 

Fun fact: I once kept a client talking for over 4 hours on and made just under $1000 in one sitting. We spoke about life, sexual preferences and family.

Using Freemium and Token Sites VS Private Sites

When using freemium and token sites like: Chaturbate, Streamate, StripChat, My Free Cams, and BongaCams you have to approach your clients in a more sales based way, since the aim of the game with these sites is that you get tipped, or they take you to a private/exclusive room based on the preview you are offering. 

Always greet every user that comes into your room by name, and ask them basic questions such as how they are, where they are from, and my favourite – what are you looking for? This question will either be ignored, if they are just enjoying the view for free, or it will be answered with what it is they are seeking with you.

It’s important that you do not give away too much on freemium and token sites unless you have the intention of meeting a tip goal.

Pro Tip!

Think of your approach to clients as though you were an exotic dancer, think SEDUCTION! 

Private sites like Adultwork, Camcontacts and Skyprivate give you a huge advantage as clients are paying as soon as they enter the room. This gives you less work, since you cut the sales pitch and instead focus on making them stay. The key to keeping clients in private is making the conversation feel different, standing out from other models’ usual tactics: instant strip tease, starting the conversation talking dirty or straight into toy play.

Pro Tip!

Set a goal to make your client see you as both a fantasy dream girl and friend whilst talking to you.

Fantasy dream girl

You want to be his fantasy dream girl, by making him feel sexually connected to you this can be by turning him on with your topic of conversation, and then physically. Keep in mind that a lot of site users are lonely, or do not feel safe to come out of their sexual shell in their real life so ensure you play up to this by being very open and challenging.

Do a deep dive on what he is into sexually, push his buttons and dig into topics he is not used to openly discussing so casually and freely. Your job is to open your client up sexually so that he only feels safe with you to be his true authentic self sexually. That’s how to get him hooked. 


You should give your client fake* insight into your fantasy life. Allow him to get to know everything about you, from your favourite food, your name, where you live, and what got you into camming. Build rapport with your client and allow them to feel they have gotten to know the real you, this will make them feel wanted, liked and as though you are being real with them. This gives clients the boost that they are looking for on these sites. 

*Never give your real information out under any circumstances, and make sure that you have a fake backstory for yourself – write this down so you can stick to it. Create a fake name, day job, reason for getting into camming that has a genuine feel to it.

This can also help when clients ask personal questions, so that you can have an answer for them without giving any of your real details away. It allows you to throw them off from your real information – should they ever get the bright idea to dox you.

Body Language

Whenever you are in front of a client ensure you have good posture, look happy (unless that doesn’t fit in with your niche, e.g you are a domme.). Give off first date body language, ALWAYS! It’s all about making the guy feel like you are genuinely excited to talk to him.

Pro Tip!

Do a cheesy grin whenever someone talks to you, especially if you have the ring light on – your teeth will look bright white so don’t be smile conscious. 

Clients love a bright smile, and will usually compliment you on it, which is an easy starting point for the conversation. It gives you an in to make vanilla conversation to drag out the coins. 

NEVER, get caught slumped down staring at your phone or looking uninterested you can lose out on a potentially great client for doing this. 

Planning Sessions in Time Sections

Breaking down your camming sessions before they have even started is essential. It allows you to plan, not run out of things to say and have a minimum time in mind for making money from each client. If a client does go after a few minutes, it gives them something to come back to, it leaves them wanting more if done correctly. 

Sessions should be broken down into the following stages: 


Greetings and basic formalities, respond to any compliments your clients may have made, ask them to describe their looks if you aren’t on c2c, this is the time for non-sexual topics and questions.

In some cases, a client will keep moving the conversation along to the sexual side of things, in this case move on to the middle.

With these kind of clients bare in mind they do not usually intend on staying on long, hence they are rushing you. This can be because of budget restrictions, or because they are ready to blow, so continue the conversation at your own discretion. 


Time to get more sensual, ask questions about the reasoning behind coming to talk to you out of everyone on the site, find out what the sexual preferences are. What are their favorite kinks, fantasies and role plays, discuss how you fit into it. Always be a mirror, whatever your client likes you like (unless you aren’t comfortable with it of course). 

Always remember, you do not have to be physically sexual quickly to turn a client on. You need to master talking freely and openly about all your clients’ deepest and darkest fantasies without moving. The aim should be to get in his head before you get in your pants. 


This is the most straightforward part, which should only be done at your own discretion. Whether it’s a striptease, toy play, or full blown pornstar time, leave the most explicit part of your show until the very end. 

Usually after a client finishes, they will not stick around to chat which means no money for us hence we drag out the beginning and middle to collect as much money and then give them the happy ending. 

Always leave at least 10-20 minutes for each section to ensure you are always getting a minimum call of 20-40 mins. You will see a significant increase in your income when having a structure and sticking to it. Remember you are in charge, not the client – only you can run your room. 

Key Topics to Bring Up & Expand On

  • Who they are, how they are and why they are talking to you. 
  • Significant others, dating life and the industry they are in. 
  •  Have they ever met up with a model before? Would they ever consider it? (Tread carefully with this one as some site forbid you ever discussing this topic) 
  • What’s their type? If you both had met in a regular face to face setting would he have approached you? If so, how? 
  • What is it about you that stood out to him vs the other models he didn’t click on?
  • What makes them feel good other than the obvious? So hobbies, passions etc?
  • Ask about your clients sexual history in a non specific way, e.g when was the last time you had sex? What’s your go to porn video? When was the last time you had post nut clarity? 
  • Explore with them on a deeper sexual level – what’s something they are yet to try? What would they try with you? Have they ever had a footjob, would they let you peg them?

Pro Tip!

Be as random as possible, so that it is more memorable for them!

Who do you think a client is going to remember – the cam model that says the same thing that most do, or the model that asked him if he would be ok with her foot in his ass?

Even if you say it jokingly, make it fun and fresh! 

Topics to Research

The performers who are doing exceptional, are the ones who stay in the loop and constantly expand their knowledge. There should never be a day you aren’t learning in this industry otherwise you will quickly fall behind. 

The psychology of long distance relationships

Keeping clients talking is the same as online dating (just without the playing hard to get – since they are paying per minute) in the sense that you need to keep them interested, and wanting more of you. Study the psychology behind how people fall for someone that they have never met before, and in some cases have never seen or spoken to the person on the other end on the phone yet are happy to spend a tonne of money. 

Take some time to watch 90 Day Fiance, and Olivia Attawoods Getting Filthy Rich series – or any other programmes with this theme of clients and men spending money online. TV programmes like this will give you a clear insight to how the online sex industry works, and will show first hand how clients think. 

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Treat this like your very own seduction manual. Figure out your archetype, so you know exactly how to operate through seduction without feeling uncomfortable. This book will really help those who feel uncomfortable online and get stuck on what to say, how to let a conversation flow or have trouble coming across sexy. 

Study well paid strippers/exotic dance

These are the in person pros when it comes to the gift of the gab. The average money making dancer knows how to turn a brief glance and smile into her rent payment for the month through conversation in the VIP room. You can find a great episode on dancers from the “Getting Filthy Rich” series by Olivia Attawood online.

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