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Where To Sell Feet Pics – Best Apps for Foot Pictures

Selling foot pictures has become a very popular way to make money online. Let’s take a look at where you can sell feet pics to earn the most money. 

For the last 4 years, I’ve made a consistent $3000 per month just from my feet alone.

Best Sites To Sell Feet PicsOnlyfansIwantclipsFeetFinderManyvidsFanvue

So, let’s turn your tootsies into income 🤩

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Where To Sell Feet Pics

Iwantclips is a fetish clip site where you can sell all fetish/Femdom content. The platform has a great selection of features and plenty of ways to make money.

Because Iwantclips is mainly a clip site, you need at least 5 video clips to start your account. 

Here are a variety of other ways to make money on Iwantclips. 

  • Pay-per-view mails 
  • Phone calls 
  • Custom videos
  • Selling video content 

I have been using Iwantclips since 2018 and I have had so many foot fetish customers from the site, who regularly purchase my clips and order custom videos. 

What I like about Iwantclips is that if you’re new, you won’t need a following to get sales, as Iwantclips has a pretty large traffic base already. 

That’s a big win 🤗

Manyvids is another great platform for selling foot pictures. I started selling on Manyvids in 2017 and they have been a reliable platform to use. I love Manyvids because I make sales on here, without even promoting my page.

They also have a great customer base of foot lovers. 

Here are a variety of other ways to make money on Manyvids. 

  • Fan page 
  • Pay-per-view mails 
  • Phone calls
  • Custom videos
  • Paid votes in the contests 
  • Selling video content 
  • Live cam 
  • Selling items such as used socks 

Manyvids have so many ways to make money, which is why I’m a huge fan. When I first started on the site, I never had to market myself to get sales. I was getting plenty of sales, simply from guys already on Manyvids.

where to sell feet pics
where to sell feet pics

I’m sure you have heard of Onlyfans (unless you live under a rock 😬). Onlyfans is a fan page platform and is one of the leading platforms for adult content. 

Onlyfans does pay a higher payout, compared to Iwantclips and Manyvids, and it’s certainly one of my biggest earning platforms.

Here are a variety of other ways to make money on Onlyfans.

  • Fan page 
  • Pay-per-view mails 
  • Custom videos
  • Selling video/picture content 
  • Live cam 
  • Selling items such as used socks 

Onlyfans doesn’t have its own on-site traffic. However, that hasn’t been a financial setback for me, as it’s very easy to market yourself on Reddit. 

Most guys know about Onlyfans and already have accounts, which makes it easier for you to gain subscribers on there.

Loyalfans VS Onlyfans

LoyalFans is another great platform to sell feet pics, majority of their traffic is fetish/femdom based. And it’s packed with so many great features and ways to make money. 

Here are a variety of other ways to make money on Loyalfans.

  • Fan page 
  • Pay-per-view mails 
  • Phone calls
  • Custom videos
  • Paid shoutouts
  • Selling video content 
  • Live cam 
  • Selling items such as used socks 
  • Paid DM chat
  • Video calls

As you can see, LoyalFans has so many ways for you to make money. They also have their own on-site traffic, which makes it easier for you to gain sales quickly.

where to sell feet pics

FeetFinder is the hottest new place to sell your foot content. The great thing about this platform is that it is targeted directly towards foot fetish, so the audience are guaranteed to love your feet.

Here are a variety of other ways to make money on FeetFinder.

  • Fan page subscription 
  • Tributes
  • Paid DM chat
  • Feet videos 
  • Custom videos & picture sets 
  • Selling used socks, stockings & shoes 

Despite FeetFinder being a newer website compared to the rest, it’s gained a lot of attention, especially on TikTok. Since I signed up, I’ve enjoyed the platform and I love that the audience is solely foot fetish (no pun intended 😂).

How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

I personally don’t recommend using Instagram to sell foot pictures. Instagram is very against NSFW content, even non-nude foot content. 

However, plenty of women still use Instagram to promote and sell their foot content but don’t be disappointed if Instagram decides to randomly delete your account for no good reason. This is why I avoid Instagram. I don’t want to waste my time building up an Instagram page, only for Instagram to shut it down. 

If you still decide to use Instagram to sell your foot pictures, then you will need to use a tool like Allmylinks to place your links to your fan pages and platforms. Instagram won’t allow you to post your Onlyfans link directly on Instagram. 

I recommend that you keep your pictures clean without any nudity or crotch shots. 

There are plenty of foot promo pages on Instagram that will happily post up your foot pictures and promote your page. You can find them under hashtags like #footfetish #footworship and #feetlovers. 

When you post your foot pictures on Instagram you should use related foot hashtags so that guys can find your pictures, you can place your Allmylinks link in your profile and direct guys to that link, so they can sign up to your fan page.

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How To Sell Feet Pics on FeetFinder

where to sell feet pics

Feet Finder has become a fast-growing and populist platform to sell your foot content. You may have already heard about it from TikTok and wondered if it’s any good.

I’m pretty new to the platform and so far I’m super impressed with the traction I’m gaining from it. 

In fact, its traffic is so impressive that it’s become one of my main platforms, alongside Onlyfans and LoyalFans. 

So let’s get you started on Feet Finder. 

1.Set up your account

Joining feet finder was easy and quick. However, I was a little taken back when I noticed that there is a monthly fee for being on the platform. 😳

I’ve never had to pay to participate on a platform and I felt reluctant. But I have heard great things about feet finder and, because 50% of my content is foot fetish, I really wanted to be on a platform where my target audience is. 

Also, when I found out WHY feet finder charges a monthly fee, it was because the platform blew up so much that they had more content creators VS customers, so there was an imbalance. By charging a monthly fee, this deters those who aren’t serious about selling their foot pics. 

They charge $4.99 per month or $14.99 per month. I opted for the $14.99 because your profile will be placed above basic seller accounts and mine is pretty high up. 

2.  Complete your profile

Once your account is set up, you can upload your profile picture and fill in your bio. There is also a gallery section. Anyone can view this. It’s a chance for buyers to see what you look like. 

Keep it clean as you are not allowed to post any nudity on feet finder 🤭. 

3. Set your subscription price 

You can charge a monthly subscription price for fans to view your content. Remember when setting this up your fans will instantly gain access to all of your content. 

I’m not a huge fan of this, to be honest. It allows guys to join, take all the content and then unsubscribe. So I am only uploading some of my content, my older videos. And I will be charging a fair price of $30-$50 per month.

If you choose not to set a subscription price, then fans will purchase your content individually.

4. Add your content

You can add your content by clicking buyers, then my content. You can upload videos or pictures and set your price. 

Feet finder does not allow nudity at the moment and you cannot upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes. 

Even though the platform is pretty basic, the upload time on videos is incredibly fast.

How To Sell Feet Pics on Loyalfans  

Loyalfans VS Onlyfans

LoyalFans has a big fetish/femdom audience, which makes it a good choice for foot content. And it’s packed with so many features to make money.

I’m going to walk you through each step so you can get established on Loyalfans quickly. 

1. Set up your account

The obvious first step is to set up your LoyalFans account, which is an easy process. Don’t forget to use your new stage name for your display name and only use your real name on the ID and admin side of things.

Ensure you click to set up a creator account and not a fan account.

2. Get verified on Loyalfans

Once you’ve set up your account, it’s now time to get verified. Which is a far easier process compared to Onlyfans. LoyalFans are pretty quick at verifying new models.

You will need a clear picture of a government-issued ID (front and bank) and a clear picture of you holding that government-issued ID. 

Once you have uploaded this, LoyalFans should verify you within 24-48 hours.

3. Fill in your profile 

Now it’s time to get your profile finished to attract new fans 🤗

Click the little icon in the top right of the page, then click profile. 

From here you can start by uploading your profile picture and header picture. 

In this space, you can also write your bio, with the help of my Onlyfans bio ideas articles.

4. Set your welcome message & DM price 

On LoyalFans, you can charge your fans to DM you. I just wish Onlyfans would implement this feature. 

If you click the messages section, here you can set your price to DM and your welcome message. 

The great thing is you can set up a different welcome message for subscribers, followers and non-followers. 

So, for followers or non-followers, you can create a message that encourages them to subscribe, with a promise of a free picture or video once they subscribe. 

And for subscribers, you put a free picture or video in your welcome message.

5. Set your subscription price 

To set your subscription price, simply click the profile tab and at the top, you will notice a little toggle that you can click to accept subscriptions. Click the toggle and set your subscription price. You can charge anywhere between $1-$50 per month for your subscription.

6. Upload your content 

New subscribers don’t want to arrive to an empty page, so let’s get this profile looking more full. 

The fantastic thing about LoyalFans is that you can choose who sees your content, you can upload content that only subscribers can see or posts that followers can see too. 

LoyalFans also has a video store, so guys can easily browse and purchase your videos. To upload videos to your video store, simply click your icon in the top right and then video store.


I hope this article has helped you decide the best places to sell your foot content.
Not all platforms will work out for every model, so don’t be disappointed if a site doesn’t work out for you. You can always try another platform. You do need 2-3 platforms to bring in a good consistent income.


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