What is a Dick Rating – How to Write One and How Much to Charge

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Dick ratings are one of the most popular services you can sell as an adult content creator. They can be a real money maker, because:

  • They’re easy to make. A simple text review can get $10 – while a video lasting a few minutes can make $30 or more.
  • You don’t have to come up with content ideas. You’re just reacting to what is in front of you.

I’ve had months where I’ve made over $2000 just from dick ratings. A dick rating can also be the start of a relationship with a client. Think of it as an intro to get them crazy about you, and then you sell extra videos and messaging over the next few months.

Dick Rating Templates & Guide

6 full-length rating templates:

2 x Average Rating

2 x Cock Worship

2 x Small Penis Humiliation

PLUS a guide to understanding your customers, personalising your ratings – and pricing strategy.

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What is a Dick Rating?

A dick rating is here a man will send you some pictures or videos of his cock, and you respond with your thoughts and feelings.

Now, your reaction is going to depend on your persona and on your client’s preferences.

The three main types of dick rating are:

Honest Dick Rating 

Your client wants your genuine thoughts and feelings on their package. You’re responding how you would in real life, or as close as you feel comfortable.

When men ask for an honest review, it helps if you can add just a little bit extra to give them an ego boost. If they have a big dick, you can play it up a little to compliment the size, or if they have a smaller one, you can compliment the veins or head. Just make sure you give them a little something that they can feel proud of every time. 

You don’t need to overhype them, but be creative. Men know their own dicks. If you say it’s big, but in reality it’s not, you’re going to come off as a phony.

Cock Worship Dick Rating 

These guys want praise. This is where you have to let your nympho side run a little wild, and talk about their cock like it’s the best one you’ve ever seen – and how desperate you are to get hold of it.

You’re going to want to act like you’ve literally never seen anything like it – like you want to dive through the screen and grab your customer. If this doesn’t come so naturally to you, check out some cock worship videos on porn sites to get an idea of some phrases you can throw in.

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Dick Rating

These guys want to be degraded. Your job is to laugh at their cock, embarrass them, and call them pathetic. You’re basically a bully.

Luckily, the guys who enjoy SPH are usually into Findom (financial domination), so if you do a good job you can extract a lot more cash from them.

Also, these guys tend to be foot fans in my experience, so you can charge them a little extra to include your feet in a video review too.

How to Make a Good Dick Rating

For a successful dick rating, the first half should cover your response to the details of your customer’s dick. Try and describe their specific dick in detail rather than making generic comments on cocks in general. You should evaluate aspects like:

  • Length
  • Girth
  • Grooming
  • Curve
  • The ratio of size (head vs shaft vs balls)
  • Veins
  • Any unique features (a birthmark, for example)

You should give the dick an overall rating out of ten, and you can rate these individual aspects too.

Whenever I rate a dick honestly I never give out a number 10. When you do that, guys think you’re just saying what they want to hear to get more business out of them.

Even if I loved what a guy was working with, I’d still only give him a 9.5 – otherwise he won’t trust the rating.

The second half of a dick rating can move more into your desires and what you would do to their dick if you had the chance.

Obviously the tone here will differ depending on the genre of dick rating you’re doing, but the point is the same – try and really paint a picture for your client about and experience you and them may have.

Use evocative language that makes them imagine how it would be to get down with you. Get creative with it.

The reason men are choosing a dick rating over just watching porn is because they want a personal experience. So make sure you address them by name to make it nice and specific. 

The rating should feel like it wouldn’t make sense if any other man received it. It’s these details that will convince them to keep coming back and paying, rather than watching free videos.

So to recap – the dick rating formula is:

A detailed description of their specific penis + what I’d do to it if I had the chance + unique personalization to make them feel “special” = perfect cock review

Dick Rating Templates & Guide

6 full-length rating templates:

2 x Average Rating

2 x Cock Worship

2 x Small Penis Humiliation

PLUS a guide to understanding your customers, personalising your ratings – and pricing strategy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How Much Can You Charge for a Dick Rating?

How much you can charge per dick rating will depend on the medium you choose to deliver them in. You can choose either written, audio or video – with the price becoming more expensive:


Deliver a few paragraphs of written text describing the dick and your reaction to it. These ratings are the quickest and easiest to do (you could literally do them anywhere), but they also make the least. 

I tend to charge around $10 for this type of review. Even if they’re not a huge money maker right away, they open the door for a relationship with a new client.

For example, you can deliver the rating and then follow up a week later telling them about a new video you’ve published on your OnlyFans that you think they’d like.


With this rating, you record a few minutes of you talking about their dick. You can make more money than written ratings with audio because men tend to find them sexier. They like to hear you actually say their name, for example.

They work best if you use a sexy, ASMR tone and throw in a couple of light moans to capture your customers’ imagination.

This is the type of rating I use the least, because if I’m taking the time to sit down and record an audio review in private I might as well just record a video and charge a little more.

Still, this is a perfect choice for faceless accounts that are a little more camera-shy than me.


This is where you’ll make the big bucks. A short video of a few minutes long can fetch $50. You can also tier this delivery and charge more depending on your level of nudity in the video. For example:

  • Video rating – $25
  • Topless rating – $35
  • Rating with feet – $40
  • Full nude rating – $50

Guys are visual creatures, so I find video the best way to make a first impression and lure them into becoming a follower on OnlyFans or LoyalFans. 

How Much Can You Make With Dick Ratings?

How much you make with dick ratings per month is going to depend on how many clients you can get. This is where having a following on social media comes in handy.

Content-TypePriceIncome Per Month (20 Ratings)Income Per Month (40 Ratings)
Dick Rating Earning Potential

If you have around 1000 active followers on social media, you should be able to make $300 – $400 without a problem by advertising dick ratings in your posts and bio.

If you want to make more, you can also DM your followers asking if they’d be interested. Some people simply won’t see your posts in their busy feeds, so it’s worth reaching out directly. If you persist with your outreach, it’s possible to double your earnings from dick ratings this way.

How to Find Dick Rating Customers

If you don’t have any social media followers, you’ll have to seek out your customers. Plenty of men on Twitter and Reddit will publicize the fact that they’re looking for dick ratings with hashtags like:

  • #dickrating
  • #cockrating
  • #dickrates
  • #cockrates
  • #dickreview
  • #cockreview

Your job is to find these posts and DM them offering your service. It helps to drop the guy a follow to get noticed, and write a reply to the post telling them that you’ve sent a DM.

What you’ll notice is that each post will have 5 – 6 girls offering the same thing, so it pays to be quick and respond to recent posts to have the best chance of securing the business.

Why Do Men Like to Get a Dick Rating, Anyway?

Nowadays, men are absolutely overwhelmed with adult videos they can watch online. Most of the guys in these videos have perfect dicks that the average guy simply can’t compare with.

So, a little reassurance goes a long way. They want to feel like they are desirable to beautiful women – it’s our job to make them feel sexy. 

Also, as sex workers, we’ve seen a lot of dicks, So from the guys’ perspective, we’re well-placed to give a good opinion. It means more coming from us because we are experts.

Guys don’t hear this sort of stuff enough, so a little goes a long, long way. 

Unless, of course, they’re into SPH. These guys are coming at sex from a different angle. They like to feel dominated and degraded – it scratches a different sexual itch for them.

They know that their small cock is hardly a woman’s dream, so they’re owning it as a unique thing that is special about them.

I think that you tell a guy you’ve never seen a cock so small and pathetic, what they’re hearing is “she’s never seen a cock like mine”. Even if it disgusts her, it at least intrigues her and is noteworthy. In my own way, I’m special

Make Sure You Charge for Dick Ratings in Advance

Make sure you only send your rating after a sub pays you. When I was starting out, I would sometimes respond with content right away – only to get ghosted when it was time to pay.

After men have got off to your content, they basically have no reason to pay you. You have to use their horniess to your advantage, and get them to open their wallets while they are still under your spell.


Hopefully, you can see that dick ratings offer a great work/dollars ratio. These things are super easy to produce. Once you’ve done your first few, you’ll be able to crank them out super easily – and hopefully add a couple of thousand to your monthly income in the process.

Dick Rating Templates & Guide

6 full-length rating templates:

2 x Average Rating

2 x Cock Worship

2 x Small Penis Humiliation

PLUS a guide to understanding your customers, personalising your ratings – and pricing strategy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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