How I Promote Onlyfans on Tinder (3-5 Subscribers a Day)

Tinder is a great promotional tool if you’re starting out on OnlyFans and you don’t have an audience on social media.

I used Tinder Gold to grow my account when I was starting out, and once I got my method dialed in it was driving 3 – 5 new subscribers per day for me.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll end up getting your Tinder profile banned pretty quickly – so you need to take care

If used properly, Tinder will push you in front of thousands of thirsty guys. By marketing to these guys directly, you can funnel them to your social media and eventually get them to subscribe to your OnlyFans.

All of this stuff works on other dating apps like Bumble and Hinge, too. In fact, it can even be a little easier over there.

How to Promote OnlyFans on Tinder

The key to using Tinder to generate high-quality Only Fans leads is for it to feel as natural as possible. This has two main effects:

  • The guys you’re matching to feel like you’re genuinely interested in them – not that you just want their $$$. This makes them more likely to become subscribers.
  • You’re less likely to get your Tinder account banned or shadowbanned if you use it in a way that mimics how a typical user would use it.

The general idea looks something like this:

Match with people → Small conversation → Move over to Instagram → Funnel to OnlyFans

You could use Snapchat instead, but I find Instagram is more effective because it’s easier to build both credibility and desire with a selection of photos for you guys to browse.

Setting up Your Tinder Account for OnlyFans Leads

First and foremost, set up your profile with as many natural-looking photos as possible. These pictures should be the sort you would use on a regular, personal Tinder account – they should not be too racy or look like the sort of picks you would sell through OnlyFans.

Firstly, because anything too explicit will get your Tinder account banned, and secondly because you want the guys to feel like they are getting to know a hot girl interested in them rather than an OnlyFans model trying to sell to them.


I recommend at least 4 cute pictures. In my experience, there’s a direct correlation between the number of swipes you’ll receive and how many pictures you have on your profile. And the more swipes, the more subs you get.

Preference Filters

You’re going to want to adjust your age preferences to 22 – 60. I find this bracket works best because guys under 22 are unlikely to have the spare cash to spend on an OnlyFans subscription, and guys over 60 tend not to be as easy to move through a funnel from Tinder → Social Media → OnlyFans.

If you get a younger match, say it’s great because loads of old creeps have been messaging you. If it’s an older guy, say you’re sick of talking to immature losers. Sell the dream.

Leave all of the other preferences (religion, political beliefs, etc) as wide as possible to maximize the number of guys you’re going to be put in front of. You can still set your personal beliefs, though – this will all help your account look more legitimate.

“Blue Check” Verification

I also recommend verifying your account so you get the fancy blue check mark. I think the Tinder algorithm pushed verified accounts more; I got more activity when I verified mine, and I know friends who feel the same.

Craft Curiosity in your Bio

Your bio should be short and sweet, with a flirty angle that grabs attention and evokes curiosity.

Remember – guys flipping through Tinder are horny. You need to stoke that fire a little with something that invites him to reach out.

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into doing this well – check out my full guide to writing a bio that actually works to learn more.

Do NOT include your OnlyFans link, or any mention of OnlyFans, in your bio. It’s a surefire way to get your Tinder account banned very quickly (more on that later).

Your Bio should also include your Instagram handle. We want to get these guys off the platform as quickly as possible. 

Speaking of which…

Link Your Instagram

You should definitely link your Instagram account to your Tinder profile. This does two things.

  • Makes you look like a real person.
  • Gives your guys more of a flavor of what you look like, encouraging them to send a message.

Think of your Instagram as social proof.  If you don’t want to use your personal account, that’s fine, but make sure you build your new account up a little first.

You don’t want to be sending people over to an Instagram with a couple of pictures and no followers – it’s suspicious. It needs to look like the average Instagram account you or your friends might have.

The number of posts you have is going to dramatically influence your conversion rate, so spend some time making sure your account looks legit.

Do I Need Tinder Gold to Promote OnlyFans?

If you have $0, then you can use the free version of Tinder and still have success. But if possible, I strongly recommend using Tinder Gold.

This is because Tinder Gold allows you to set your location.

This is really useful because it allows you to target higher-income cities, which means the guys you’re swiping are more likely to have spare money to spend on OnlyFans girls.

Generally, the best cities to target are the ones with the biggest populations. Cities like New York and LA if you’re from the US, London if you’re in the UK, and Paris if you’re French. Etc etc.

Tinder is going to drive far fewer leads than going viral on TikTok or Twitter, but the quality of the leads is far higher. All these guys have qualified themselves as horny, attracted to you, and with enough cash to live in a top-tier city.

How to Promote OnlyFans on Tinder

Okay, so now your Tinder account is all setup and optimized to begin driving leads. What next?

The Tinder algorithm will push you out, you’ll get likes. These likes will turn into messages.

You’re going to get some weird, funny messages.

Your goal is to push each person who messages over from Tinder to OnlyFans, via Instagram. I know girls who use Snapchat for this, but I prefer Instagram as it lets guys browse my pictures and get to feel like they know me a little more personally.

IMPORTANT: Absolutely do NOT try and pitch guys your OnlyFans on Tinder. You’ll get reported, your account will be banned, and you’ll have to create your account all over again.

Messaging Guys on Tinder

When guys message you, keep the conversation going for 3 – 4 messages so they get a little excited that you’re replying.

Once you’ve got them warmed up, you send them a quick message saying something like:

“I get tons of guys messaging on Tinder, you seem cool, add me on Instagram and we can talk more there”

“I’m never on Tinder, add me on Instagram and I’ll probably reply quicker”.

So now, you should have a bunch of guys following you on Instagram who think they have a shot with you. Great.

Moving Guys from Instagram to OnlyFans

This next step is going to sound a bit weird, but trust me – it works.

When these guys add you on Instagram, don’t message them first. This creates a dynamic where they’re the ones chasing you, and they become more desperate for your attention.

Just post some sexy pics on your story, so they can see you’re active and they’re getting turned on.

This is going to send the guy crazy, and he’ll very likely send you a direct message.

I have a full guide to converting Instagram DMs into OnlyFans subscriptions. It’s too much to cover here, so check out my other post.

Remember, the vast majority of your money should be made through upsells once people are subscribed, rather than just subscriptions themselves. So even though gaining 3 – 5 might feel small, it actually represents a lot of cash when monetized correctly.

How to Avoid a Tinder Ban When Promoting Your OnlyFans

If you’re going to use Tinder to market your OnlyFans, you should go into it expecting your account to eventually get banned. 

Out of the thousands of guys you hope to funnel to your Instagram page, at least one is bound to snitch on you – even if you’re not technically doing anything wrong.

That said, there are steps you can take to keep your account going as long as possible, and they all revolve around the key principle of keeping things your profile and behavior on Tinder looking as natural and normal as possible.

Don’t Swipe Too Much

For example, you don’t want to start a Tinder Gold account and immediately start sending thousands of swipes in a couple of hours.

You’ll want to start with around 20 swipes a day, and then you can work your way up to around 80-100 a day over the course of a week or two. That’s the sweet spot I’ve found for maximum swipes without worrying about getting shadowbanned.

It’s also handy to not just swipe every guy you see because you want to be funneling the right type of guy to your profile. Take a second to look at their profile. Do they look like an OnlyFans customer? If not, skip past them and save your swipe for a more suitable candidate.

Don’t Run Multiple Accounts

Don’t try and game the system by having multiple Tinder accounts at the same time. Over the past few years, Tinder has got very good at detecting this – even if you use different pictures for each account.

They compare your linked social media accounts, phone number, email, and even your billing address across Gold accounts – and they won’t hesitate to shut down BOTH of your accounts without warning if something seems suspicious.

Forget Automated Tools

PLEASE steer clear of auto-swiper technology. It really doesn’t take much effort to swipe through 50 – 100 profiles per day, and this sort of programmatic activity is exactly the sort of signal that will get your Tinder account banned.

Besides – it’s one of the easiest activities to outsource if you’re maxing out your time – but if you’re anything like me, you could cut back on Netflix and do some swiping instead.

What to Do if You Get Banned on Tinder

If/when your Tinder account does get banned, all is not lost.

Because Tinder outreach is 1-to-1 and doesn’t rely on having an audience, a new account is roughly as effective on day 1 as it ever will be.

The only thing you’ve lost is a bit of time in setting up a new account to burn through again.

In fact, new accounts can sometimes experience a boost to get new users hooked on a platform. So even if you don’t get banned, it may be worth starting a new Tinder account every few months if you’re experiencing stagnation.

Can You Use Bumble to Get Followers on OnlyFans?

All of the principles described above apply to similar dating apps like Bumble, but there are a couple of differences.

Running a Tinder and Bumble account at the same time is absolutely fine because a regular user might naturally do that when they’re trying to find love.

On Bumble, when there’s a match, the woman has to initiate –  the guy literally can’t message until you do.

So if you choose to use Bumble, you have to be on top of your inbox and make sure you message your matches – whereas, on Tinder, you can sort of wait for thirsty guys to come to you.

Also, Bumble subscriptions cost more than Tinder. While Tinder upgrades start at $7.99 per month, Bumble Premium costs a whopping $39.99 per month.

That sort of price shows you that the audience is willing to spend more money to make a connection which may work in your favor.

I’ve heard anecdotally that there’s less banning and shadowbanning for content creators on Bumble, presumably because it’s less saturated than Tinder and there’s been less need to “clamp down” on girls like us.

I still prefer Tinder, though. I think that compared to Bumble, the Tinder vibe is a bit more frisky, and lends itself to the naughtier energy you want to capitalize on. After all, Bumble offers dating alongside “just friends” and “networking” features.

Plus, Tinder is the dominant app in terms of users. There are loads more guys on there to choose from.


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