13.7% of OnlyFans Creators Report Feeling Unsafe on the Platform

woman feeling unsafe

In our recent survey of over 7000 OnlyFans creators, a concerning 13.7% reported having experiences with subscribers that made them feel unsafe.

One of the significant concerns is regarding safety and privacy, especially when interactions with subscribers start to cross boundaries.

Here are some of their eye-opening experiences:

1. “One found me on my social media.”

Privacy invasion extends beyond OnlyFans. Some creators have faced unnerving situations where subscribers have managed to find their personal social media accounts.

Such instances highlight the importance of maintaining separate professional and personal accounts to safeguard privacy.

2. “A lot of people I went to high school with try to expose my information.”

For some creators, the threat comes from unexpected sources, including people from their past.

It’s a sobering reminder of how vital it is to take necessary precautions to protect one’s identity and personal information online.

3. “I have had a guy who wanted to meet up and was extremely persistent… He wouldn’t take no for an answer until I blocked him.”

At times, creators have had to deal with pushy subscribers who insist on meeting in person.

In these instances, creators have shown the strength and resolve to maintain firm boundaries, using tools such as blocking to enforce them when necessary.

4. “I had to block a customer that found out my real name and the area where I lived.”

Privacy breaches can turn threatening when subscribers learn a creator’s real identity or location.

Blocking is often the first line of defense in these situations, underlining the importance of safety features on platforms like OnlyFans.

5. “He subscribed to my page, started to tip big, after tipping he started to ask me for meetups… he started to send out messages on my personal social media platforms with weird threats.”

Some creators have shared unsettling experiences of subscribers who’ve started to cross boundaries after tipping generously.

It’s a stark reminder that creators have to remain vigilant and prioritize their safety over potential earnings.

6. “I’ve had some pretty graphic rape threats that made me pretty uncomfortable…”

Threats can escalate to disturbing levels, creating a hostile and unsafe environment for creators.

These experiences highlight the urgency for more robust safety measures and stronger repercussions for such behaviors.

7. “Users telling me they love me and can’t wait to fly and see me to f* me etc…”

Overstepping boundaries isn’t always violent or directly threatening – but it can still cause real trauma.

Creators often deal with inappropriate declarations and non-consensual fantasies, demonstrating the need for a more comprehensive understanding of consent in digital spaces.

Wrap up

All these experiences show the other side of being an OnlyFans creator – a side that isn’t often brought to light. It underlines the need for safety, respect, and understanding in digital spaces.

For me, these stories should be a call to action, encouraging platforms like OnlyFans to fortify their safety measures and for subscribers to treat creators with the respect and dignity they deserve.


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