36% of OnlyFans Creators Report Facing Judgment and Stigma From Friends and Family

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In the world of online content creation, there’s more than just creativity and commitment needed to thrive – particularly in platforms like OnlyFans.

According to our OnlyFans survey statistics (involving over 7000 creators), about 36% of respondents have experienced judgment or stigmatization due to their work.

We asked them for their stories and the strategies they use to rise above the noise and keep developing their businesses with pride.

Here are their Stories

1. “I know it’s not said specifically to my face but a lot of assumptions have been made about what I do.”

The silent judgment, the whispers behind their back – these are the invisible daggers that creators often face.

It’s a silent battle they’re fighting but one they’re gradually winning by not letting the rumors affect their passion.

2. “One side of my family does not support it. However, I only focus on the half that does.”

Judgment from family can cut deep. However, creators have found a way to rise above it by choosing to focus their energies on those who provide them with support and encouragement.

It’s a poignant testament to the power of positivity and selective focus in overcoming adversity.

3. “They do not approve, so unfortunately, I do not have a relationship with them at the moment but I will always love them. It’s just time to take care of myself.”

When the judgment becomes unbearable, some creators have made the challenging decision to distance themselves from judgmental friends or family.

It’s a sacrifice they make, choosing their emotional well-being over maintaining strained relationships.

4. “I don’t really care I just cut them off. My family is fine, it’s more friends.”

Some creators have faced the unfortunate reality of losing friends due to their career choice.

However, their resilient spirit has helped them to not just cope with such losses, but to cut off negativity to keep their passion and creativity alive.

5. “I do not discuss this with family anymore, they are very judgmental and not understanding.”

In response to judgment, some creators have decided to keep their careers a private matter.

Their experiences have shaped the way they approach their relationships, opting for silence over misunderstanding and judgment.

6. “I just ignore it. They aren’t feeding my pockets.”

In the face of criticism and judgment, some creators have found solace in focusing on their financial independence and creative fulfillment. Their stance serves as a reminder that it’s their career, their rules.

7. “I just keep my business as my private business if I know they are going to have anything negative to say. The people that matter are okay with it.”

Keeping their OnlyFans work a secret has been the preferred strategy for some creators to avoid judgment. They emphasize that the opinions of those who truly matter don’t carry the sting of judgment.

8. “If people do not like what I do they don’t have to be a part of it.”

Establishing clear boundaries has been essential for many creators. They understand that they can’t please everyone and refuse to let judgment hinder their progress.

9. “I gave up on talking to people that were against my job.”

For some creators, the decision to stop explaining or justifying their profession has been liberating.

Their experiences underline the importance of acceptance and understanding in any profession, especially in non-traditional fields like content creation.

10. “I am a secret OF agent so hidden identity so no issues for me yet.”

Embracing anonymity has helped some creators avoid issues associated with judgment and stigmatization altogether.

Their stories remind us that creativity can flourish anywhere, even under the cloak of a secret identity.

11. “I just move on and let them view me how they would like. I love myself enough to not care about their opinions for me at the end of the day.”

Self-love and acceptance are powerful tools in the face of judgment, as some creators have discovered. Their ability to shrug off negative opinions and continue to embrace their passion is truly inspiring.

We Have to Rise Above Hate

These stories reflect the experiences of thousands of OnlyFans creators, who despite facing judgment and stigmatization, have continued to thrive.

They embody resilience, creativity, and an unyielding dedication to their goals.

Their stories are a testament to the power of resilience and self-belief.

After all, as they prove, “Haters gonna hate!” But creators, they’re going to keep creating.


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