OnlyFans Cover Photos Guide – Ideas, Dimensions & More

OnlyFans Cover Photo Ideas

I’m convinced that most beginners are missing out on a bunch of subscribers just because their OnlyFans cover photo looks unprofessional.

As the saying goes, “a picture paints 1,000 words”.

Think of your cover photo as a reflection of yourself and your services.

If it looks like it was thrown together in a rush without any care, that’s the message you’re sending about the content guys can expect.

Another thing girls miss is that they don’t make it clear what they offer.

How can someone buy from you if they don’t even know what you’re selling?

If you think the above could apply to you, check out our new guide to putting together the perfect OnlyFans cover photo.

What is a Cover Photo?

A cover photo is essentially a banner over your profile that is visible to all OnlyFans users. Along with your profile picture, it is your absolute first impression to potential fans and can essentially make or break your success on Onlyfans.

It’s there in order to provide a taste of what comes with your subscription, therefore you should pay extra attention when creating your cover photo.

Why is Having a Great Cover Photo Important?

A cover photo on Onlyfans can grab potential fans’ attention and convey a brand or personal identity. It’s best used as a little window for potential fans to peek into and get an idea of what your profile is all about.

A poor-quality or messy cover photo can negatively impact the perception of the profile, in turn, running away potential fans.

What Can Make or Break a Cover Photo?

There are certain elements that should be kept in mind when choosing your cover photo:

Be Clear About Your Niche

Make sure that your cover photo clearly portrays your personal brand/niche, don’t make your audience play the guessing game!

For example, if your niche is “foot fetish” then your feet should be the main subject of the photo. If your profile focuses on BDSM, you could show some whips and leather instead ;).

Quality Control

When selecting a cover photo for your profile, it is important to choose a high-quality image with a clear subject and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

This photo serves as a reflection of your profile, so it’s important to pay attention to the details. I’ve seen so many women post sexy photos on social media but didn’t realize that their background was messy and it ruined the whole photo.


Customizing your profile’s cover photo with your name or a unique saying, along with an aesthetically pleasing filter or sticker, can make your profile stand out and be memorable. This can be done using sites like Canva, Kapwing, or Snappa. However, it is important to be careful not to overdo it.

Pair Your Pictures

To ensure consistency, your cover photo should match your profile picture in terms of outfit and makeup. This helps potential subscribers know what to expect, upon subscription, from your look.

Community Guidelines, Dimensions, and Formatting

When designing your cover photo keep in mind that nudity, unverified persons, and anything depicting or showing an illegal activity goes against OnlyFans community guidelines so before you publish your cover photo familiarize yourself with the terms of use for all users.

OnlyFans’ cover photo dimensions can be tricky, as they change with different browsers, menu locations, and devices. The recommended dimensions are 1168×204 pixels, with “safe zones” to ensure important information is not cut out.

  • Mobile/narrow browsers: When designing a cover photo for mobile or narrow browsers, it’s important to avoid placing vital elements of the photo, such as your face, text, or subject, on the right and left sides as they will be cropped out.
  • Profile Picture: Avoid placing important information in the left third of your profile picture as it takes up a majority of the frame when displayed to fans.
  • Name Overlays: To combat the overlays on OnlyFans’ feed and Suggestion Feed, use bright colors and outline text in your cover photo. The overlays darken areas of the photo, making it important to use bright colors to maintain visibility.
  • Menus and Lists: To ensure the important aspects of your cover photo are displayed properly, place them close to the middle and away from the top, bottom, and left side of the display area. This is because some featured menus and lists may not be wide enough to fit the proper cover photo dimensions.

TLDR: When designing a cover photo, it is recommended to avoid placing key components near the edges and instead aim for the middle. This is because visibility may vary depending on the device, browser, and menu location.

Onlyfans cover photo dimensions guide

Cover Photo Ideas & Examples

Here are some ideas for a unique and eye-catching cover photo:

  • A collage made using sites like Canva, Kapwing, or even your smartphone.
  • A photo set that shows off your niche and has a short saying on it.
  • A horizontal photo of yourself with the most important part in the middle (I use this style cover photo and my booty is right in the middle because that’s what my OF focuses on)
  • Creatively incorporate text or graphics
Onlyfans cover photo example 1

An example of using a collage that I made using Canva for a cover photo (notice I made my legs and feet not only the largest image in the collage, but it’s also in the middle to showcase my niche)

Onlyfans cover photo example 2

This is my actual Onlyfans cover photo and profile picture, notice that my booty is in the middle, so it never gets cut out, and also notice that I am wearing the same outfit in both photos.

Onlyfans cover photo example 3

Here’s an example of a cover photo incorporating graphics and stickers, although the niche isn’t quite obvious, you can tell that the personal brand is trendy/e-girl. I also incorporated graphics and text into the profile picture.

Choosing the Right Profile Picture

Choosing the right profile picture is crucial for potential fans to get a clear understanding of your profile. It should be high quality, attractive, and show your face. The photo should clearly display what your profile is all about (If your niche is femdom, choose a picture that goes with that niche), look professional, and have a direct correlation to your cover photo and bio.


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