How Does OnlyFans Show Up on Bank Statements?

woman receiving bank statement

As an OnlyFans creator, I understand the importance of keeping your OnlyFans deposits private on your bank statement.

There are two main concerns I’ve heard from girls in the community:

  • They don’t want others (like friends, family, or partners) to know that they are OnlyFans at all.
  • Even if you are public with your work, you may not want to reveal exactly how much you’re making.

In this blog post, I will share my personal experience regarding how OnlyFans payments appear on bank statements and how to keep your financial transactions private.

How Does OnlyFans Appear on Bank Statements?

Based on my personal experience, the payment from OnlyFans appeared as “Fenix Intl” on my bank statement.

OnlyFans use this name for all off-platform communications, including any mail they may send you, as a discreet way of keeping your transactions private.

I’ve heard from some creators that OnlyFans payments used to appear as “OnlyFans” or “OF” on their bank statements – but for as long as I’ve sued the platform (over 4 years), the payments have always appeared as “Fenix Intl”.

I’ve never had any bank or company raise the alarm about Fenix deposits – it’s not like gambling payments that can be an issue for credit checks, for example.

While you may have heard that banks may have concerns over subs using OnlyFans, that’s not the case for creator withdrawals – you’re making money, not spending it.

In terms of personal privacy, this pseudonym will be enough to protect you in 99% of cases. The person viewing your bank statements would have to be intimately familiar with OnlyFans to know that Fenix Intl is related to OF.

However, a quick Google search for Fenix from someone nosey enough will have you busted!

So if you want to remove all chances of your deposits being identified – what can you do?

How to Keep Your Payments Even More Private

One way of getting around this minor risk is by using alternative payment methods outside of the OF platform.

Some girls I know prefer to use payment apps like Venmo or CashApp to receive payments, as these transactions are not visible on bank statements. 

However, I don’t recommend it. OnlyFan wants to get their sweet commission on payments made through their platform and can ban your account if they perceive you to be trying to work around it.

Overall, I recommend just going through the typical process. You’re very unlikely to have any questions about a payment from Fenix unless the numbers are getting super high. By which point, you should probably come clean to those close to you.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, after all!

FAQ – OnlyFans Bank Statement

Wrap Up

Remember – however you receive payments, there is always a risk of someone tracing it back and finding out where it came from. If someone tries to tell you there is a completely risk-free way to receive OnlyFans deposits without it showing on your bank statement, they are straight-up lying!

Ultimately, each creator must decide for themselves if they’re happy receiving “Fenix” deposits. For me, it’s not a problem – and I think the same will be true for the vast majority of girls!


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