How to Set Up Your OnlyFans Account (Start Your Page Right!)

If you’re currently struggling to come up with the juicy details and tech know-how to setting up your OnlyFans, or if you’re just looking to improve what you already have, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

With the OnlyFans boom taking place over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of aiding countless budding talent with the initial start-up of ensuring they put their best foot first (Sometimes literally!).

Building Your OnlyFans Profile

Setting up your OnlyFans page is an exciting step towards sharing your unique and steamy content and connecting with your fans

By carefully considering whether to offer a free or paid page, setting up subscription prices, utilizing bundles and discounts, and potentially restricting select countries, you can create an engaging and profitable platform that caters to your audience’s needs, all while rewarding you for your hard work!

Keep in mind that as your page grows and evolves, you can always adjust these settings to better align with your goals and the feedback you receive, coupled with your newfound experience.

Choosing the Right Username / Display Name

When it comes to creating your profile, one of the first things you’ll want to do is set your Username and Display name to reflect your niches. Choose a name that represents your style and the type of content you’ll be sharing!

Whether it’s your stage name or a clever play on words, make it catchy and memorable, something that your fans will be able to instantly think of you with! This will help potential subscribers identify what you’re all about right from the start, and help keep your fans from forgetting to come back.

Entice With the Right Profile / Banner Photos

Next, make sure to use an eye-catching profile photo and banner image.

Your profile photo is the first thing people will see when they come across your page, so choose an image that showcases your personality and piques interest. It could be a professional headshot, a playful selfie, or even a saucey image related to your niche!

Your banner image, on the other hand, provides an opportunity to make a visual statement about your brand. Consider using high-quality visuals that align with your content and create a visually appealing aesthetic that instantly lets your fans know what you’re about.

You can check our full guide to nailing your profile/banner images for OnlyFans by following the link.

Nail Your Bio

Writing a captivating OnlyFans bio description is another crucial aspect of setting up your profile. Your bio is like a virtual introduction to your world, so take the time to craft a flirty and descriptive one that gives potential subscribers a taste of what they can expect from your content.

Share a bit about yourself, what you enjoy, and the type of content you specialize in. Remember to strike a balance between being descriptive and sexy, as you want to entice readers to hit that subscribe button and join your community!

Get Ready to Greet Your Fans

When someone subscribes to your OnlyFans page, they’ll appreciate receiving a personalized welcome message from you, as it’ll help solidify that feeling of engagement. It’s a chance to express your gratitude and set the tone for the type of interaction they can expect from you.

Consider including a friendly greeting, thanking them for their support, and letting them know what they can look forward to as well as a few flirty invitations to your other content. This personal touch will make your fans feel valued and eager to engage with you and your content as a whole!

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It’s Important to Get the Basics Right

Remember, setting up your OnlyFans page is all about creating a sexy and inviting online space that reflects your sexuality and connects with your audience. By paying attention to your profile, photos, bio, and welcome message, you’ll be well on your way to building a loyal fan base who appreciates your content and keeps coming back for more!

Now, with all of that said and taken care of, let’s guide you through the first steps of getting you and your account set up with verification!

How to Verify Your OnlyFans Account

Verifying your OnlyFans account is an essential step to ensure your safety and security while using the platform, as well as earning money from your content. Here’s a rundown on how you get yourself going:

Log in

Start by logging into your OnlyFans account using your credentials. Once you’re in, navigate to your account settings.

Go to Verification

Look for the verification section within your account settings. It’s usually located under the “Security” or “Profile” tab. Click on it to begin the verification process.

Upload Required Documents

OnlyFans typically requires two forms of identification for verification. This could include a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and a clear photo of yourself holding the ID next to your face. Ensure the images are of high quality and all details are visible.

Submit and Wait

Once you’ve uploaded the necessary documents, hit the submit button. Now, all you have to do is wait for OnlyFans to review and process your verification request. It may take a few days, so don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately.


You’ll receive a notification from OnlyFans regarding the status of your verification. If approved, congratulations! You’ll gain access to additional features and benefits on the platform.

Remember, the key is to provide accurate and genuine information during the verification process. It helps maintain a safe and trustworthy community on OnlyFans, and helps speed along the process, as they won’t have to come back to you for additional details. Good luck, and enjoy your experience on the platform!

The Key Decisions After You’re Verified

Free Page vs Paid Page – Which is Right for You?

When setting up your OnlyFans page, you have the option to choose between a free page or a paid page. This decision ultimately depends on your goals and the type of content you plan to share.

A free page can be a great way to attract a larger audience and build initial interest in your content. It allows potential subscribers to get a taste of what you offer before committing to a paid subscription, as well as build your fanbase with people that can trickle into other areas of your brand.

On the other hand, a paid page offers exclusive content and a more intimate experience for your dedicated fans, and generates more of an income with the fanbase you’re able to pull in.

It’s important to consider your content’s value and the level of engagement you’re aiming for when making this choice, as well as your long-term goals.

For a middle ground, you could consider offering a free trial on OnlyFans to hopefully convert those guys into paying subs – I’ve had some good success with that method!

Subscriptions, Discounts, and Bundles

Once you’ve decided on the type of page, it’s time to set up your subscription prices! This is where you determine the cost for your fans to access your exclusive content.

Consider the value you provide and the market demand for your niche when deciding how much to charge on Onlyfans. You can offer different subscription tiers at varying price points, which can give options to your fans with different budgets.

Experimenting with pricing can be important in finding the sweet spot that attracts subscribers while ensuring you’re comfortably compensated for your efforts.

To add more value and entice potential subscribers, you can actually use bundles and discounts! Bundles allow you to package lots of pieces of content or services together at a discounted price.

For example, you can offer a monthly subscription with additional access to exclusive videos or photosets! Discounts, on the other hand, can be applied to specific time periods or special occasions that are relevant to you.

These strategies not only reward your loyal fans but also encourage new subscribers to join by offering more and showing off an attractive deal!

Country Restrictions

You can also choose to restrict your content to select countries, OnlyFans provides the option to limit access based on geographical location and your preferences. This can be quite useful if you want to comply with local laws, or if you prefer to target specific markets.

By setting country restrictions, you have control over who can view and subscribe to your content. It’s important to research and understand any legal requirements or regulations related to adult content in different countries before implementing these restrictions, as it can get quite complicated.

Remember to communicate openly with your fans about any limitations, so they understand the reasons behind it and can make informed decisions without feeling singled out.

Should You Show Follower Count?

With everything finally set up and ready to go, it’s really important to know that In the early stages of your OnlyFans page, it may be beneficial to actually hide your follower count.

While every creator starts somewhere, having a low follower count initially can sometimes give the impression of being an unreliable amateur. By hiding your follower count, you can focus on producing quality content and building your fan base without the pressure of external judgments!

As you gain more subscribers and confidence, you can later choose to re-display your follower count to showcase your growing popularity and credibility.

Payment on OnlyFans

When it comes to payment on OnlyFans, it’s actually a rather straightforward process! OnlyFans provides multiple payment options to ensure convenience and security for both creators and subscribers.

To add your payment information, simply navigate to the designated section on your profile settings. You can then link your bank account, credit card, or other supported payment methods that you may have.

It’s also important to provide accurate information to ensure smooth transactions and timely payouts. OnlyFans takes privacy and security seriously, so you can feel confident in the protection of your financial details.

Your W9 Tax Form

As a creator on OnlyFans, you may wonder whether or not you need to fill out the W9 tax form. 

The answer actually depends on your individual circumstances and the regulations of your country. In the United States, for example, OnlyFans requires creators to complete the W9 tax form if they earn over a certain threshold.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a tax professional or refer to the tax regulations in your jurisdiction to understand your obligations and fulfill them accordingly, rather than deal with potential issues down the line.

Anonymity on OnlyFans

For those who prefer to maintain anonymity or not show their face on OnlyFans, it is absolutely possible.

OnlyFans provides creators with the option to be anonymous, or even use a stage name!

You can choose not to show your face in your content or use creative methods to conceal your identity while still delivering the same engaging and enticing material as others.

Many successful creators on OnlyFans have built their brand and following without revealing their face, focusing instead on their unique content, steamy visuals, and the connection they form with their subscribers through interactions.

Verification on OnlyFans is of course a vital step to ensure the authenticity and safety of the platform. However, for “No face” creators who wish to remain anonymous, the verification process works slightly differently.

Instead of the traditional photo ID verification, “No face” creators can opt for alternative methods of verification. These may include submitting specific documents or providing alternative forms of identification that maintain their anonymity while meeting the platform’s requirements. 

OnlyFans takes privacy seriously and strives to accommodate creators’ preferences while maintaining the integrity of the platform.

That’s Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up an OnlyFans Account

Setting up your OnlyFans page should be a process that aligns with your comfort level and goals as a creator.

Whether you choose to hide your follower count, add your payment information securely, navigate tax obligations, maintain anonymity, or go through the verification process as a “No face” creator, OnlyFans is a fantastic hug that provides options and support to help you create an experience that suits your needs!

Remember, the platform is designed to empower creators and foster connections with your fans, so enjoy the journey and embrace the opportunities it offers.

Now you should have everything wrapped up and your profile should be ready for you to start posting your first content, so get out there and start developing your very own business!


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