How I Make $2000 Per Month With Feet Pics on OnlyFans (2024)

selling feet pics

If you’re wondering how to make money from your feet, then you’ve come to the right place. I have been making $2000+ consistently each month by selling feet pics on Onlyfans.

I’ve worked in the adult industry for many years and foot fetish was my second biggest money earner and Onlyfans is one of my main platforms.

In this article, I’m going to teach you everything I know as foot fetish model, so you can start earning right away.

We’ll cover preparing your feet for OnlyFans, understanding the difference between foot domination fans and vanilla foot fetish fans, to maximizing your income through my proven strategies.

How To Sell Feet Pictures on Onlyfans

The first step is to open your Onlyfans account and get verified. Then you will need to open a Reddit and Twitter account to promote your feet pics. Once you’ve done this, you will need to set up your Onlyfans Tip menu and add your services.

Selling feet pictures on Onlyfans isn’t as easy as it sounds and it’s not as easy as many models can make it sound. 

The guys that are into their foot fetish are very particular and they really enjoy uniqueness where it can be offered. 

Which makes sense, the reality is that these guys can easily hop onto Reddit or Twitter right now and see a wealth of foot pictures to jerk off to. 

So you have to give them a good reason to want to pay to see your feet.

How To Prepare Your Feet For Onlyfans

Step 1 
It’s time to prepare your feet, as much as there is actually a fetish for dirty feet, the majority of foot fetish guys are into clean pretty feet. 

So this is a great excuse to go and get a pedicure or do your own DIY pedicure at home. Make sure they are all soft and that your toenails are painted or gel is applied. 

Having your toenails painted is pretty crucial, it’s very rare that I’ve met a foot fetish guy who likes non painted toenails. 

Step 2 
So now your toes are in tip-top condition 😜 it’s time to think about taking some foot pictures. 

With so many endless opportunities like ankle chains, toe rings, shoes and socks. It’s best to start with just feet pictures to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Take a big selection of pictures in different foot poses, if you have a high arch then make sure you capture this. 

Take some pictures of your soles and some close-ups too, you can choose to show your face in some of the pictures or remain anonymous.

Step 3 
Now you have your first batch of gorgeous foot pictures, it’s time to get them onto your Onlyfans page. 

Don’t just upload them all for everyone to see. 

Keep your very best pictures aside to send them to guys who are paying you in DM chat and post some to your timeline and then use some for your Reddit and Twitter marketing. 

Ideally, you will have a selection of at least 5-10 different foot picture sets to start with, compromising of different toenail colors, heels, socks, foot jewelry etc. 

Just a selection of different themes so that you can entertain a wide variety of guys, as they aren’t all into the same things.

Step 4
Now that you’ve made a good start on your Onlyfans, before you sit down for a little rest. 

You’ll need to create an Onlyfans Tip menu. So you can let your foot fetish fans know what you charge for customs, videos and sexting. We created a fantastic guide here, on how to set up an Onlyfans tip menu.

Foot Domination Fans VS Vanilla Foot Fetish Fans

If you are not familiar with the term vanilla, this is used to refer to customers who are not into fetish, Femdom or BDSM content.

Vanilla guys are into general sex, without the kinks. Within the foot fetish scene, there are two types of foot fetish lovers. 

You have the guys who love to be dominated by your feet and crave that bossy domme vibe and guys who love just being teased and dirty talking with your feet as the subject. 

Most foot fetish models pick one or the other to cater to as it’s two completely different vibes. 

So it’s best to choose which type of guy you want to attract before starting. Foot domination guys tend to pay more money but there is a wider range of vanilla foot guys to cater to.

Onlyfans Feet Income

You can make up to $2000 per month by selling your feet pictures on Onlyfans. By promoting your Onlyfans on social media and building a fan base, you can build a stable income.

The money you make from selling your feet pictures on Onlyfans is fully dependent on many factors. 

But the main factor is how much work you put into it and how consistent you are. 

It’s certainly not the case that you’ll pop up a few pictures and guys are going to come and flood you with dollars, it’s real hard work like any other job. 

Competition in this industry is fierce and foot fetish guys aren’t the easiest of guys to get money from.

It’s common to have slow beginnings. Consistency, dedication, and understanding your audience are key. Celebrate small milestones, like your first subscriber or your first tip.

Selling Feet Videos on Onlyfans

It’s not just feet pictures that can make you money on Onlyfans, feet videos are also a really lucrative way of earning money on Onlyfans. 

I actually think guys are more into buying foot fetish videos than pictures

You don’t even need any fancy filming equipment to do this, just your iPhone and some good lighting and you can film a very good quality video. 

You can film videos of you putting lotion or oil onto your feet and massaging it in or teasing guys with your toes and demanding that they kiss them. 

The sky really is the limit! 

You can also accept custom video orders and I highly recommend you do offer this service, foot fetish guys are my biggest custom video orders out of any fetish. 

As I previously mentioned, these guys are very particular about what they like within their foot fantasies, so they love to order a custom that includes their deepest fantasies – which will allow you to command higher prices!

If you are selling both feet videos and feet pictures on Onlyfans, you can expect to make between $1000-$3000 per month, again this is dependent on how much work you put into your content and marketing.

If you are including custom videos for that, then your income could reach as high as $5000 per month. 

Setting the right price for your content is crucial. Initially, you might be tempted to set a higher price, but it’s essential to research and understand the market.

A simple guide price for foot fetish videos is to charge $1 per minute or $2 a minute if it includes nudity or findom.

Look into other creators’ accounts, especially those offering similar content. If you’re just starting, consider offering promotional prices or discounts to attract an initial subscriber base. As your content quality and subscriber count grow, you can adjust your pricing accordingly.

Feet Picture/Video Ideas

You’ve picked a great niche in terms of ideas, foot fetish is never short of an idea. 

Below is a list of some of the most popular foot fetish “sub-niches” that you can cover on your Onlyfans page. 

The more of these that you cover the bigger the fan base you can grow on your Onlyfans because you’re catering for a much wider audience.

Here is a list of different niche ideas for foot fetish content-

  • Foot Jobs
  • Kissing & licking your own toes
  • Boot fetish 
  • Toe rings & ankle chains 
  • Oiling/Lotion feet
  • Crushing food with your feet 
  • Stinky or sweaty feet 
  • Highly arched feet 
  • Sock fetish
  • Shoe fetish
  • Flip flops fetish 
  • Foot domination / foot worship 
  • Giantess (little man crushing)
  • Smoking with your feet on show  
  • Nylon feet fetish

The list is endless, there are plenty more sub-niches but these are the most common ones that I come across. Over time you can gradually cover the ones that you enjoy the most.

In my experience, foot fetish enthusiasts often appreciate dynamic content, such as videos of lotion application or toe wiggling!

Sell Worn Socks on Onlyfans

There’s a small portion of guys who like to purchase worn socks and shoes on Onlyfans. You can usually sell worn socks for $30-$70 depending on how long you’ve worn them.

You won’t find these requests often and guys can be a little sensitive about sharing their address. It’s usually long term foot fetish fans that are more likely to buy your used socks. 

Guys like socks stinky and sweaty and they usually prefer white socks.

Tips for Making Money Selling Feet Pics

why do guys want feet pics

1. Don’t entertain cheap foot guys

Don’t entertain cheap foot guys, as I previously mentioned I don’t often get cheap foot guys because I simply don’t entertain them.

My foot fetish services are for guys who are into foot domination in particular and they know they won’t get my attention without paying for it. 

So if a guy is showing an unwillingness to pay then just block him, there will be plenty of paying guys to take his space.

2. Don’t give away feet pictures until you have been paid

Never giveaway content or cam shows unless you’ve been paid on Onlyfans first. 

Some guys will ask you to give them a show first and then promise to pay ever, they never will pay and it’s just a way for them to get a free show.

3. Ask your fans why they are into feet

Building a rapport with your subscribers can lead to better engagement and loyalty. It’s always a good idea to ask your paying fans why they are into feet and what it is about feet they love so much. 

In the notes section on Onlyfans, keep notes about the kind of things they like about feet. 

This will help when you next speak to them and it can often give you good ideas for picture and video content to create. There’s no better person to get feedback from, than your own paying customers.

4. Highlight unique foot features you have 

Make use of any unique features you have. Highly arched feet and very small petite feet are two things that foot fetish guys really go crazy for. 

It’s something that they seek out when trying to find models with nice feet. So if you have either of these features or something else that stands out, make sure you use that as a unique selling point and include it within your hashtags.

5. Have pretty backgrounds in your feet pictures

Is to make sure your backgrounds are nice and tidy within your content. 

I often see models on Reddit trying to make a quick buck off their feet by taking a quick picture of their feet with chipped toenails and a really messy background. 

These models often aren’t making any money for doing this, I encourage you to take pride in your pictures and have a nice background when taking your pictures, if you’re serious about making good money from selling your feet pictures.

6. Be prepared to work hard to make money selling feet pictures

This isn’t a get rich quick thing, this takes patience and hard work. 

So many models come along and they expect to be making thousands with very little effort and it just isn’t like that. 

It’s not the hardest job in the world but it truly does take at least 3-6 months of solid content creation and consistency to really start seeing a great income. 

Once you’re a year into this and you’ve built a solid fan base then it does get easier and the money is bigger and more consistent, but be prepared to put in the leg work to get there.

7. Cater to other fetishes to earn more money

After some time it’s a good idea to take a look at other fetishes that you can combine with your foot fetish content. 

You’ll find most guys are into more than one fetish. 

For example, some guys love feet and findom combined, cuckolded by feet, giantess crushes you with feet or smoking while teasing with feet. 

Where you can combine the two, those types of videos are often the best selling videos within my collection. The more creative and unique the better, this is also the content that you can sell for even more money.

8. Beware of scammers!

While selling feet pics can be lucrative, it’s essential to be cautious of potential scammers.

One common scam involves buyers requesting personalized photos upfront, promising payment afterward. For instance, a buyer might ask for your name written on your feet.

Always ensure payment is received before delivering any content. Trust your instincts, and if something feels off, it probably is.

8. Embrace your beauty

Loving and appreciating your own feet can make a difference in how you present them to potential buyers.

If you believe your feet are beautiful and can make you money, that confidence will shine through in your content.

Where To Sell Feet Pics

If you are making all this content for your Onlyfans I strongly recommend that you also share this content across other platforms to make more money

Not every guy has an Onlyfans account and by putting your content on as many platforms as possible, you are opening up to new customers and a bigger income. 

I have hand-selected the best platforms for selling foot fetish content, based on the many years I’ve been a foot fetish model.

Site% Payout


Selling feet pictures is really enjoyable but it’s highly competitive. Most models want a slice of the pie, so you have to be willing to work hard and try unique pictures and ways to earn money.


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