How much to charge for feet pics – [Make $3000 Per month]

Figuring out how much to charge for your feet pics can be a tricky task. You don’t want to sell yourself short. 

I’ve been selling foot pics online for the last 5 years and I’ve tried and tested many price points over the years. And I finally found the pricing sweet spot for my content. 

Grab a pen and paper and let’s get into it!

My Top Pick for Selling Feet Pics

I earn around $1000 per month just through FeetFinder - but I’ve heard stories of girls earning up to $90,000 per year on the platform.

FeetFinder has over 2 million active users - it's a great traffic source to get new eyeballs on your content.

Their "no nudity" policy is perfect for girls who want to keep a distance from NSFW content.

My average feet album sells for around $20, which can quickly stack up to a lot of $$$.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures

What you can charge for foot pictures is dependent on what’s in the content of the picture. An average price to charge for feet pictures is $3. 

Selling feet pictures online is pretty oversaturated so it’s important to keep your prices competitive. 

  • Standard non explicit foot picture $3
  • Feet picture with nudity $5 
  • Custom foot pictures (upto 10) $25 
  • Foot picture with fan sign $15 

I recommend that you keep your explicit foot pictures either behind a paywall or charge for them in DM chat. You should always reserve your best content for paid sexting sessions. 

For fan page prices I recommend charging $4.99 per month or set up a free Onlyfans account. Because there are so many people selling foot pics, you need to remain competitive. You’ll attract more foot fetish guys by having a free Onlyfans page.

How Much To Charge For Foot Videos 

Now you’ve established the prices of your pictures, now it’s time to decide what you charge for your foot videos. 

Selling foot videos is what brings in the most income, especially custom videos. Foot fetish guys love ordering customs and they pay very well. 

Average prices for video foot content

  • Standard non custom video $1 per minute 
  • Explicit non custom video $1.5 per minute 
  • Custom foot video non explicit $5 per minute 
  • Custom foot video explicit $8 per minute 

For custom foot videos you can also offer extras where you can charge more. You can charge extra for letting guys choose your toenail color, extra for saying their name within the clip, extras for specific outfit requests or specific script requests.

Here is what I charge for extras 

  • Choose my pedicure color $10
  • Saying the guys name $50
  • Outfit request $20 
  • Specific script $20 
  • Fast turnaround 1 day $30

How Much To Charge For Worn Socks 

how much to charge for worn socks
how much to charge for worn socks

Selling worn socks is a popular way to make money. I’ve sold plenty of dirty socks over the years and it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made. 

Foot fetish guys are into white trainer socks in particular and frilly white socks too. You can charge $50 or more for your worn socks. Often foot fetish guys like socks that have been worn for multiple days or at the gym. 

You can seal them in a zip lock bag to keep the scent in. Ensure you don’t leave traces of your address in the process of selling your used socks. It’s important that you keep your private information anonymous.

How To Sell Feet Pics

Selling your feet pics is pretty straight forward and it’s easy to get started. Below I have outlined a step-by-step process for you to follow.

1. Decide on a stage name

In the adult industry, nobody uses their real name. All models pick a fake double-barrel name to go by, to protect yourself. 

To pick a stage name, simply visit a name picker website and pick your two favourite names, it’s as easy as that!

2. Open your platforms

Now you need platforms to sell your foot pictures on. Some models just open a Twitter account and just use that but I advise against this. This isn’t how you can make big money. 

I recommend Onlyfans, LoyalFans, Iwantclips and FeetFinder for selling feet pics, foot fetish videos and custom clips.

I use all four platforms to make money and this is how I manage to reach $3k per month from my foot content. These four platforms have the biggest foot fetish audience.

You will need some form of a government-issued ID to become verified on each platform and Onlyfans require you to set up a Twitter account for your NSFW content.

I always recommend any model has at least 2-3 platforms to use. I will deep dive into my chosen platforms later in the article.


3. Set up your social media

The next step is to set up your Twitter account. Onlyfans require all models to connect their Twitter account to their Onlyfans account. 

Never use your personal Twitter, set up a new one with your stage name so potential customers can easily find you.

You can also use your Twitter platform to promote your foot services and keep your regulars up to date with your new content.


4. Take a selection of pictures 

Once your feet are looking pretty 😍 

It’s time to take a selection of pictures to put on your platforms and social media. 

Take some pictures in different poses, some with shoes and barefoot. 

If you have any accessories like ankle chains or toe rings, then take some pics wearing those. Accessories go down a treat 😉


Cute Feet Username Ideas

Before you do anything, your first step is to pick your stage name. This is the name you will use for all your NSFW profiles and content. 

All models use a stage name rather than their real name for safety reasons. Although most of the guys are harmless, you never truly know who you’re speaking to online. So I urge you to never share your real name or detailed location with anyone in the adult industry. 

The only time you should share your real name is when you’re signing up to a reputable platform and they require your ID. 

To pick a stage name, you can simply go on Google and search “Women’s names” and pick your two favourite names. I recommend that you use a double barrel name like “Lucy Carter” rather than just “Lucy”. This will help customers to remember your name.

Why Do Guys Want Feet Pics?

why do guys want feet pics
why do guys want feet pics

Why do guys like ass? Tits? 

Your feet are just another part of your body. 

We’re so accustomed to not liking feet and seeing them as dirty or gross. Which I guess they could be 🤭

However, feet can also be really pretty. Well, women’s feet, I can’t quite say the same for men’s feet 😂

You’d be surprised to know that guys have a fetish for almost every body part of a woman. I’ve known guys with an elbow fetish, a back fetish and even a hand fetish. 

Believe me, you’ll soon realize that foot fetish is normal compared to the other weird fetishes guys have.

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Best Hashtags for Selling Feet Pics 

When using platforms like Twitter or Instagram, you should make use of hashtags to help potential subscribers find you. 

Here is a list of popular foot fetish hashtags:


Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics 


  • You can make great money, without getting naked. 
  • Your feet will always be looking a million dollars. 
  • You can work from home and pick your own hours. 
  • Essentially you’re building your own business. 
  • It’s a pretty easy career path, where part-time hours will bring a full-time income.


  • It is the adult industry and your pictures will be online forever.
  • It can prevent you from participating in careers like teaching and health care.
  • It’s an oversaturated niche, so you have to become dedicated and better than the rest in order to succeed.
  • If you ever have any issues with your feet, you’ll lose your source of income.



Selling foot pictures has been a really enjoyable career path. I never anticipated to do so well, but I did stick it out and focused on content creation. Which is why I suggest to never give up.

I do have my foot pictures and videos spread out on many platforms, and I get sales on almost all of them. Having multiple platforms is key to success.


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