How I Get Paid Daily With Boleyn Models

Getting paid Boleyn models

Found yourself lost in the maze of camming platforms, wondering how Boleyn Models stacks up against the rest?

In this Boleyn Models review, we’ll be diving deep into:

  • What Boleyn Models is and why it’s the go-to for modern, ambitious models.
  • The unique features that set it apart, including the game-changing daily payouts.
  • The ins and outs of their fee structure, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • And, most importantly, real-life experiences and reliability checks

Let’s dive in and discover, queen! ✨

    What is Boleyn Models?

    Boleyn Models is the go-to for any model who wants to be paid the same day. Started in 2013 by a former cam model, Katy Boleyn, they are a well-respected site within the adult industry, trusted by over 11,000 registered models. 

    One standout feature of Boleyn Models is its ability to generate pay stubs. This can be invaluable for models when they need to provide proof of income for things like renting an apartment or financing a car.

    How does Boleyn Models work?

    Once you’re signed up to any of the platforms listed below, you can then sign up to Boleyn Models, who will transfer your platform account over to their platform.

    You will need to supply Boleyn Models with your login details for each platform so they can access your earning details. 

    Whatever you earn on these platforms will show up on your Boleyn Models dashboard each day.

    Once your earnings hit the minimum required (as shown below, this is dependent on which payment method you choose to get paid into) you will then automatically be paid daily.

    • Direct deposit – $60
    • Bitsafe – $50
    • Paxum – $40
    • Cosmo – $20

    The fantastic thing about Boleyn Models is that it is open to models worldwide. 

    Each day, Monday – Friday, at 1pm central time, your earnings for each day will be calculated from each site you have connected to and your balance will appear on your dashboard and your payment will be initiated to you within a matter of hours. 

    And at weekends or bank holidays, the cut-off time will be 7am.

    To make the most out of Boleyn Models and the platforms it partners with, consistency is key. Regular camming can significantly boost your earnings, and with Boleyn Models’ daily payout system, you’ll see the fruits of your labor almost immediately.

    What sites are Boleyn models partnered with?

    Below are the 11 platforms that Boleyn Models are partnered with that will allow you to receive daily pay. 

    Once you have signed up to the platform of choice below, you will then be able to connect this to your Boleyn models account.

    Boleyn Models also offers opportunities on other cam sites like MFC, Live Jasmine, and a few fetish-specific platforms. This wide variety ensures that every model can find a platform that aligns with their preferences and strengths.

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    What are the fees involved?

    There is a small percentage fee of between 7-10% taken from your earnings to cover the service of being paid daily. 

    The percentage that you pay is dependent on which platform it is that you have on your Boleyn Models account.

    The full fee structure can be found on the Boleyn Models site here.

    Are Boleyn Models reliable?

    Often, they are more reliable than the platforms are, which is why I joined Boleyn Models in the first place. I was having ongoing issues with a few platforms that were not paying me on time and it was really messing with my finances.

    So, I joined Boleyn Models in 2017 and, since then, I have been paid daily for a few of the platforms I’m using. Boleyn Models have been great at paying me on time, they also have been incredibly helpful whenever I’ve had a general issue within the industry as a whole.

    Because it’s run by former adult content creators, they are very down-to-earth and friendly women to relate to.

    Another aspect that sets Boleyn Models apart is their exceptional customer service. If you ever run into any issues or have questions, their support team is quick to respond, usually within 48 hours. This prompt and helpful service ensures that models can focus on their work without any unnecessary disruptions.

    Benefits of getting paid daily 

    • When getting paid daily, it encourages you to earn more.
    • No need to wait for minimum payouts on platforms 
    • Great for financial emergencies 
    • Great for privacy


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